Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 34

33 Contract Signing

Elle took her time looking through the contract over the next few days. As the marketing director at Tae she had seen dozens of contracts like this before. Elle looked over every section of it meticulously but could find no faults. She was satisfied, and texted Adam telling him so.

She waited almost half a day for his reply. "When you have time stop by MK." was all he said.

Elle felt a little guilty when she saw the words. He had taken so long to reply, surely it was because he was extremely busy. He was the CEO of MK yet he was seeing to her contract himself.

"You seem very busy." Elle sent hesitantly.

"Its fine. I can make the time." Adam replied quickly, assuming she was just trying to be polite.

"I wonder if meeting on a weekend might be more convenient for you." Elle wrote.

Adam thought about it for a moment. It was true, he had so much work to attend to. Barely anyone would be in over the weekend, they could get things done much faster and without being interrupted, so he agreed.

They both waited patiently until, finally, Saturday arrived.

Elle woke up early that morning. She took a shower and had a warm and filling breakfast. She got dressed in a simple grey sweater dress with black tights and knee high boots. Finally, she sat at her vanity and did her makeup. Elle didn't wear makeup very often, even when she did she went for a simple and natural look.

Today, although she kept true to a natural look, Elle wore a bit more makeup then she normally might. Last time she went to MK Adam had commented that she looked tired. He was only voicing his concern, but Elle was keen to look good in front of Adam today. He had hired her to be a model after all, she should at least put in some effort.

It was about midday when she left her home and headed for MK. Elle was surprised to see how many people were there despite it being the weekend. Then again, since it was almost MK's year end she supposed it was only natural. She approached the receptionist and asked for David as she did the other day, feeling much less nervous this time.

David came downstairs and escorted her back upstairs to Adam's office. Unlike a few days ago, the floor was now vacant.

"I still have a few things to attend to." David instructed as he stepped back into the elevator. "You can enter his office first."

Elle walked much more confidently without a dozen eyes staring at her, and knocked softly at Adam's door. "Come in" a strong voice called out.

Elle entered Adam's office and the two sat down together. Elle pulled out the contract, she had already signed her portion. Adam quickly signed MK's portion of the contract before extending his hand out to her.

"I look forward to working together." He said earnestly.

Elle smiled and put her hand in his. "As do I." She said warmly.