Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 36

35 Where We First Me

The next few days passed by in a blur. Between her work at Tae, and MK's preparations, Elle's novel was all but forgotten. There were a few times she had wanted to write an update, but each time she would return home exhausted, and fall asleep without typing a word.

Overall her preparations had been going well. She hadn't seen Adam since the first dress fitting, but she met with Will three times after that for additional fittings. Each time she went the fitting went better then the time before, until everyone was satisfied with the appearance of the dress. Once all the alterations had been made the dress fit her like a glove. The fit of the dress was so perfect that Elle could hardly believe she had once struggled just to squeeze into it.

After the last fitting Will took her to the stylist. She sat in a chair for two hours while the stylist played with her hair and practiced doing her makeup.

It was a week before the event, and the only thing that she hadn't done was see the necklace. Although she hadn't seen it, MK's employees all gossiped about it. The other's often told her how jealous they were that she would get to wear it, and about how beautiful it was.

In addition to the preparations, Elle's work at Tae was going well too. Tae would be releasing a new scent for the holidays. As the marketing director Elle was responsible for the promotional material. She had put a lot of effort into her work this time around, and everything was running smoothly.

For the first time in a long time Elle felt like things was turning around for her. The only complaint she had was the weather, which was getting colder and colder with every passing day.

One morning Elle woke up and the weather was particularly cold, and the sky was grey. Luckily she had the day off work, for she wanted nothing more than to stay in bed all day. Unfortunately for her, a text message from Adam quickly pulled her out of it.

'I've arranged for you to try on the necklace today. I'll come pick you up around noon.' He wrote.

She was off work today but she didn't want Adam to come pick her up from her house. So Elle decided to get dressed and take a taxi to work.

"I thought today was your day off Director." One of the girls said with a frown when she saw Elle heading to her office.

"I just had something I wanted to pick up." Elle said as an excuse.

There was still an hour or two before Adam would show up. Elle sat in her office quietly passing the time by going through her emails. It was a quarter past 12 when Adam texted her again.

'I'm downstairs'

Elle quickly grabbed her things and went outside. She spotted his car easily. Adam stood beside it, the collar of his woolen black trench coat was pulled up against the wind.

He opened the passenger door for her before going around and getting into the driver's seat.

"It's awfully cold today." Elle commented as she watched him blow hot air into his hands.

"It is. Are you warm enough?" He asked eying her skirt.

Elle was wearing a white button up blouse paired with a dark green pencil skirt underneath her coat.

"I'm fine." The sheer tights and knee high boots to helped keep her legs warm.

As usual they drove in silence. Elle was beginning to associate silence with him. She wasn't sure if he didn't like conversing or if he just couldn't be bothered too, but she didn't mind either way.

The silence was broken a few minutes in to the drive as they drove past a caf that Elle recognized.

"Ah!" She exclaimed pointing at the building. "This is where we bumped into each other. You spilled your coffee remember?" She asked excitedly.

Adam chuckled. "Isn't a bit weird for you to be this enthusiastic? You had coffee all over you. Do you remember that memory fondly?"

"Of course I do." Elle said with a smile. She didn't say it out loud, but for her the Mayor's party didn't count; for Elle that memory was of the first time they met.

"I was on my way back from look at the necklace myself back then." Adam commented.

"Is that so?" She said thoughtfully.

It was funny to consider how things had turned out. Who would have imagined that the person Adam had bumped into coincidentally while on the way back from viewing the necklace would now be the model for it? And of course she could never imagine now what was in store for her ahead.