Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 37

36 The First Snow

They arrived at the facility shortly after. Once they were there Adam led her into a private lounge. It was furnished to look warm and inviting, almost like the sitting room of a house. The only thing that was out of place was the large white vanity placed at one end of the room.

"Have a seat." Adam said while pulling the chair at the vanity out for her.

Elle sat down and waited patiently. A few minutes later a man in a suit, who she assumed was a manager, entered the room with a security guard following close behind. In his hands he held a large jewellery box made of black velvet.

Elle felt her stomach tighten with anticipation as he approached her. He stood beside her and opened the box, revealing the beautiful necklace nestled in velvet within.

"Here you are miss." He said as he presented it to her.

The necklace was beyond her expectations, and took her breath away. It was magnificent and grand without being overbearing. The greyish blue diamonds were like a breath of fresh air. It gave off the feeling of delicate perfection.

"What do you think?" Adam asked while gaging her reaction.

"I think it's beautiful." Elle said breathlessly. "I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

Adam was pleased, even if his face didn't show it.

He reached out and gently turned Elle's face so she was looking straight into the mirror in front of her. Then he carefully took the necklace from where it laid in a bed of velvet and draped it over her neck.

Elle shuddered as she felt the cold metal rest on her neck. Adam's fingers gently brushed against the nap of her neck as he did the clasp. Elle tried not to flush as she watched his reflection in the mirror.

Once he had the clasp on Adam took a step back, and Elle took in her appearance. She had no words as she looked at herself in the mirror. The girl on the other side of the glass looked back at her with doe eyes, and rosy cheeks. She looked young, and pretty. It was just a necklace, but Elle felt that she looked like a completely different person.

"It suits you very well miss." The manager complimented. "The necklace is made of platinum, and has over one hundred and fifty diamonds. It's worth more than "

"No, no, no!" Elle interjected. "Don't tell me." The manager looked at her strangely. "I'll be too afraid to walk around in it if I know how much it's worth." Elle explained faintly, embarrassed at her outburst.

Adam had to hold in his laughter as he watched her try to explain herself.

Elle sat at the vanity admiring the necklace for a little while longer until Adam's voice drew her out of her thoughts.

"We will head back first." He instructed the manager. Adam then carefully took the necklace off and placed it back in its box. Elle's neck felt bare now that the weight of all those jewels were suddenly gone.

She felt excited as she followed Adam back out to the car. There were only a few days left before the event, she was anticipating it greatly.

"I imagine things are busy for you at Tae. You must be tired with all the preparations." Adam commented as they both got in the vehicle.

"I actually have today off work." Elle admitted, feeling guilty from his concern.

"Why were you there this morning?"

"I had some things to quickly take care of." She lied.

"I'll drop you off at home then." Adam said. Elle couldn't tell if he had bought it or not, but he didn't say anything further.

Elle stared out the window as they headed back. They were stopped at a red light when she noticed soft white flakes falling from the sky.

"It's snowing!" She exclaimed. "It's the first snow of the season."

Adam looked up at snow and then to his right at the childlike amazement in her eyes. "You like the snow?" He asked.

"It's cold, and it's a pain, and yet it's so beautiful." She sighed while looking wistfully out the window.

By the time they got to her house the snow was coming down much more heavily.

"Be careful going back in." Adam said. But Elle didn't seem to hear him. She was looking out the window at her house. She seemed reluctant to go in like she had the last time he had dropped her off.

"Is something wrong?" Adam asked.

"It's nothing." Elle said, but the look on his face told her that he wouldn't buy her words so easily this time. "My father remarried, so there are a few extra people in the house now. It's just a little uncomfortable that's all." She explained.

Adam frowned. Wasn't she being foolish? "If it makes you uncomfortable why don't you just move out?" He asked.

"Maybe it's childish, but this is the house I've lived in for twenty-four years. It's my home. I don't want to move out and leave it to them so easily." Elle admitted.

Adam couldn't fault her for that. He didn't pry any further.

"It's cold and you must be tired." He said softly. "Go inside quickly."

"Okay." Elle agreed. "Drive safely."

She said goodbye and then quickly left the car. As she was entering the house she ran into Jacob, who appeared to be on his way out. Thankfully Adam's car was already pulling away, Jacob didn't have a chance to see who was inside.

"Hello sister." He greeted her. "Who was that? A date?"

Elle ignored his questions. "Don't call me that."

Jacob's mouth twitched as he tried to maintain his smile. "What should I call you then?" He asked, obviously trying to hide his irritation.

"I'd prefer if you didn't call me at all." Elle said nonchalantly.

She then walked off, leaving Jacob standing at the entryway with his jaw clenched.