Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 4

3 A Chance Encounter

Adam had been at the party for some time. He had made all the necessary introductions and greetings and had now found himself in a quite spot on a balcony of the house. He was flipping through pictures of models on his phone, trying to find a replacement.

It was indeed a complicated task. He needed someone famous enough that it would create buzz for the event, and yet the model's popularity and presence could not make her outshine the jewellery she wore. But every photo he saw he felt was incompatible. After a few minutes he gave up and put his phone away.

As he did he noticed a girl standing some steps away from him. His eyes narrowed. When did she come out here? Adam wondered. Many woman, especially in social circles, flocked around him. However, his cold demeanour almost always made them too afraid to dare try to get close to him. Yet this girl came and stood quietly beside him without him even noticing.

Elle seemed to notice a gaze on her, and she looked towards him, making eye contact. Only then did she realize that she was standing beside Adam Hayes, the most famous businessman in the country.

She had been following her father around as they greeted various people. One of her father's close friends had asked why his wife hadn't joined them tonight. The comment pricked at Elle's heart, and she quickly excused herself. She was going to go to the bathroom but as she passed the balcony she was drawn by the night sky.

"Ah, sorry if I bothered you." She said, somewhat embarrassed. "I just wanted some fresh air."

Elle had her black hair in a messy ponytail, wore very little makeup, and was in a short blush pink dress. She wore no accessories except for a pair of pearl stud earrings. Even the air around her screamed insignificance. Adam would usually think that such an excuse was a lie, but as he looked at the girl's plain and low-key appearance, and at the faint blush creeping into her cheeks, he couldn't help but feel that her words were honest.

"It's fine." He said simply. The two stood in awkward silence for a moment longer, before Adam left to rejoined the party.

Elle turned to watch him as he walked back into the room. Adam was the most famous businessman, and also the most handsome. Elle had to agree. He was tall and slim, and had a great physique. He wore a light grey suit tonight, which made his dark brown eyes stand out. Those eyes had looked at her with a cold disregard and still Elle thought them beautiful. They seemed to hold a great depth of emotion.

Almost everyone's eyes seemed to follow him around the room. A group of girls giggled and whispered to each other as he passed them. She looked away towards the other side of the room where her father and his son were happily chatting away. He didn't seem to notice that she had been gone for quite some time now.

Elle felt her chest tighten. She was envious of Adam, and of how those girls took notice of him at a single glance. Their love for him was superficial, but it was love nonetheless.

She suddenly took her phone out and made another update to her novel.

"As I try in vain to fall asleep my head is filled with questions. Why does my life hurt so much? Why can't I find a single piece of love? I'm grateful for many things, but is this as good as it ever gets?"

Once she uploaded the short entry Elle put her phone away, and put a fake smile on, before rejoining the party.