Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 41

40 The Big Nigh

The next morning Elle slept in. She had woken up a few times but each time she rolled over and went back to bed.

It was finally Friday, the event would take place that evening and Elle knew she would go crazy if she got up early, so instead she slept until her grumbling stomach drove her out of bed.

As Elle went downstairs to get something to eat she relished the peace and quite. Everyone else had already left the house, so this morning she had the entire place to herself.

Elle ate a light brunch; she didn't dare eat anything too heavy. She was still concerned about the fit of the dress after last night. Once she finished eating Elle headed back upstairs to take a shower.

Elle treated herself to a nice hot bath. She even added in lavender bath salts in an effort to help herself relax. It seemed to work. Once she was done Elle dried her hair and dressed herself in an oversized turtleneck sweater and a comfy pair of tights.

By this time, it was only just past two in the afternoon. Adam had arranged for a car to come pick her up and take her to the venue to get ready, but that wouldn't be until four.

Elle tried to pass her time many ways. She read at first, but after reading the same page five times and still not registering any of the words she gave up on that. Next she tried browsing through her social media, but all anyone was talking about was MK's event tonight. She tossed her phone aside with some frustration. Finally, she took out her laptop and starting watching a variety show. This seemed to do the trick. Elle didn't give the show her full attention, but occasionally a topic would catch her attention. She even managed to laugh a few times. Before she knew it it was already four o'clock, and her phone started ringing.

It was an unknown number. Elle went to the window and saw a town car parked outside. She quickly took the call.


"Hello miss. I'm here to pick you up."

"I'll be right down." Elle quickly grabbed her coat and headed downstairs. On her way out she passed the housekeeper and informed her she would be returning home late.

The car brought her to the venue. As they arrived millions of flowers were being delivered and carried into the hall. An assistant rushed over and escorted Elle from the car to a dressing room.

In her mind Elle had imagined that she would be getting ready with the other model's, but the room she had was hers exclusively.

It wasn't a very big room, but it was plenty of space for a single person to get ready in. There was a vanity in one corner of the room, racks of clothing, spare shoes, and plenty of mirrors.

"Someone will come in soon; you can take a seat for now." The assistant told her before leaving.

Elle looked around the room. The only place for her to sit was at the vanity, so she sat there and waited. It wasn't long before a girl came in. She looked quite young and shy as she approached Elle.

"I'm here to paint your nails miss." She said. Even her voice was mousey.

Elle quite liked her, but the girl was evidently determined to work in silence. She didn't say another word as she painted Elle's nails in a shimmering white colour. Once she was finished she left again quickly. Elle supposed everyone else was quite busy with preparations, so she felt sympathetic as she watched the girl pack up her things and hurry away.

While she waited for the next step in her perpetrations Elle sat perfectly still. She didn't dare move, worried that she might ruin her nails before they dried.

A few minutes passed before three new women entered the room, this time to do her hair and makeup. They had Elle change into a white robe first, so that she wouldn't get anything on her clothes. Then they pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail and set to work on her face.

Elle tried to follow along as they worked, but there were too many different products, and she didn't know what half of them were for. Elle quickly grew bored of trying to follow along so she leaned back in her seat and let the ladies poke and prod at her face till they were satisfied.

Next was her hair. First they brushed through it and added some product to it until it was silky smooth. Then they partitioned her hair into different sections, twisting and turning it, even braiding some parts, before intricately weaving it all together into an elegant low bun.

Once everything was perfect, with not even a strand was out of place, the entire thing was sprayed with a liberal coat of hairspray. Finally, tiny crystal pins were put into her hair. They were so small and clear that Elle felt they gave the appearance of dew drops in her hair.

Elle was also given a set of earrings to put in: they were diamond studs with pear-shaped diamonds hanging from them. They were made using the same grey-blue diamonds that the necklace was made of.

When Elle finally looked at herself in the mirror she didn't recognize the girl on the other side. But this time instead of feeling uneasy she felt excited. This girl was a spitting image of herself; the same eyes, the same nose, the same hair. Only this girl's features were all polished in a way Elle's had never been. This girl could share a stage with a model without being out shined.

The three ladies excused themselves, and Elle was alone again. She sat at the vanity, secretly admiring herself, until Will entered the room with her dress.

Will was the first person that night to indulge in conversation. He greeted Elle warmly as he passed her the dress and a pair of heels.

There was a partition in the room for Elle to change behind. This was the moment she was most nervous for. Elle prayed as stepped into the dress and pulled it up. Thankfully it slid onto her without any difficulties. Elle let out a sigh of relief as she realized last night's dinner had no effect on the appearance of her stomach in the dress.

Will looked pleased as she stepped out from behind the partition. It not only fit her perfectly, but it suited her well. The high waist had a slimming effect, and the satin skirt flowed out beautifully. Will had adjusted the train of the dress during the fittings so instead of dragging along the floor it draped it gracefully.

Elle was looking at her reflection in one of the large floor to ceiling mirrors as Will was explaining that someone would be by shortly to give her her mask and the necklace. As he was explaining Elle heard the door open.

"Speak of the devil." Will remarked as Adam entered the room.