Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 45

44 Causing A Scene

Emma and Suzy were still discussing what they could do to better their chances in the future. Emma liked the idea of having Elle's mask come off. It wouldn't cause a huge scene, but MK would still be very upset. It was the CEO's idea after all, if she was proven to be incompetent they would never use Elle again. This would give Emma a better opportunity. But how could they get the mask to fall off naturally?

Of course, while they were busy planning such an intricate scheme, they had no idea that Adam didn't really care about the masks at all. The only reason he had come up with the idea was to make Elle more comfortable. Even if they succeeded it would make no impact on his impression of Elle.

Suzy worked quickly to reassure Emma. "I designed the masks myself," she said, "It's just a ribbon tie, surely it will come undone easily. Just walk past her and tug on the string."

"But how do I make it look accidental?" Emma asked. "It's not like I can just bump into her, it'll be too obvious if I untie the ribbon."

"She's not allowed to speak. Just apologize and walk off. She won't be able to confront you. There are a million people here, as long as she doesn't get a good look at your face no one will ever know."

Eventually they agreed on the plan. Emma approached Elle nervously. She held a glass of champagne in her hand, trying to look natural as she approached her. Thankfully Elle had stopped to take a rest so she was currently standing still.

But as Emma got closer she clenched her jaw in frustration. There was no ribbon. They must have tied the ribbon under her hair Emma realized. Without the tie visible Emma wouldn't be able to undo the mask. Emma was about to bail and head back to Suzy to regroup when Elle turned her head and happen to glance at Emma.

Elle hadn't realized anything was wrong yet. She spotted Emma walking towards her and looked at her, not with suspicion, but with admiration. Emma wore a stunning deep red mermaid gown. Her blonde hair contrasted nicely against the colour, and fell in large loose curls. Elle watched as she glided gently towards her. Emma was, after all, one of the more popular models at the moment.

But this only cause Emma's frustration grew. Elle had already spotted her approaching; it would be too awkward if she suddenly turned back now. Instead she recalled something Suzy had said. This girl wasn't allowed to speak tonight. A new idea formed in Emma's head.

Emma walked up to Elle proudly. "Hello." She greeted.

Elle looked back at her stunned. No one had addressed her that entire night. Everyone knew she wasn't supposed to speak, so Elle was shocked that someone had actually come up to her so blatantly.

"Aren't you going to return my greeting?" Emma asked, annoyance seeping into her voice.

Elle came back to her senses and gave to woman a simply smile before quickly turning away. However, before Elle could escape the encounter Emma grabbed her hand.

"Where are you going? Won't you stay and talk to me a while?" She asked with a wicked smile on her face.

Elle looked back at her with wide eyes. Who was this woman?

"Is this how MK treats their guests? Do you think so highly of yourself that you won't even greet me?" Emma provoked, but Elle still did not reply. She didn't dare.

Elle's silence only cause Emma to grow more agitated. Would this girl really not say anything? Emma continued to provoke Elle, but Elle didn't make so much as a noise. She did try to step away several times, but Emma's strong grip wouldn't let her.

No one around them had noticed the confrontation yet, Elle was eager to keep it that way. She tried her best to calm Emma down, but it was difficult to do so without speaking. Meanwhile it only made Emma's temper grow.

Watching the girl refuse to speak made something snap inside Emma. Suddenly she gave up on the provocation. A wild look overcame her eyes as Emma lifted her arm to spill her drink on the beautiful satin dress that should have been hers.