Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 46

45 A Turn Of Events

Elle felt as if she was witnessing everything in slow motion. She saw the agitated look in Emma's eyes, and then the she saw the glass lift towards her. Horrified Elle realized what was going to happen; this woman was going to spill her drink on her.

If even a drop of alcohol fell on the satin dress it would be ruined. Elle wasn't about to let that happen so easily. She reacted quickly, reaching forward she grabbed Emma's wrist. The glass was knocked out of Emma's grasp. As it tipped backwards the content of the glass were spilled on Emma herself.

The glass then fell to the floor, shattering into dozens of tiny pieces. The guests around them hadn't noticed Emma's earlier provocations, but the crisp sound of glass shattering against the floor drew their attention.

Elle glanced down at her dress with dread, but thankfully none of the champagne had splashed onto her. The dress was still as perfect as when she put it on. Emma's dress, on the other hand, had not faired so well.

The top of her dress was soaked with alcohol. Emma could feel the cold and sticky alcohol slowly soaking into the bodice of her dress, staining it.

While Emma assessed the damage to her dress Elle looked around and saw everyone staring at them. Elle felt her stomach drop. She wasn't supposed to interact with anyone; MK hadn't wanted their models to speak to anyone because they wanted the models to give off the feeling of a higher level of luxury. They were supposed unreachable entities, who couldn't even be spoken to. But now Elle watched everyone stare at her as she grasped Emma's wrist and broken glass lay around them both.

Elle saw the looks in everyone's eyes and knew she needed to salvage the situation quickly. She assumed a soft smile on her face and gently pulled Emma away from the broken glass. Elle then tapped the shoulder of a passing server and pointed at the broken glass on the floor.

"I'll get someone to clean it up right away miss."

Elle nodded in thanks. She then looked back at Emma who was staring at her with confusion. Elle pointed at Emma's dress with a sad look on her face. Emma stared back blankly.

"Miss I think she means to ask about your dress. Do you have something to cover up with? Or perhaps a different dress to change into?" The server asked in Elle's place.

Around them the crowd started to murmur.

"Look at that girl. Not only does she look gorgeous, she even acts so sweetly. She isn't supposed to talk to the guest, but she still took the time to help."

"Yes your right. It's nice to see a model who isn't so pretentious." Another said.

"Hey isn't that other girl the model Emma? I heard she was turned down for a chance to model for MK tonight. Yet she showed up and got drunk and made a scene." One person said with a snicker.

Of course, even though they were speaking amongst each other Emma and Elle could still clearly hear what they were saying. Suzy, who was standing to the side also heard it all.

Emma heard the remarks and then looked to Elle who was still smiling innocently, but had a mocking look in her eyes. All Emma's confusion vanished.

She realized Elle had purposely made herself look like an angel. Instead of everyone thinking badly of her for interacting with the guests when she wasn't supposed to everyone now thought of her as a saint for being so kind and considerate.

Emma clenched her jaw in frustration and looked to Suzy, her eyes pleading for Suzy to come save her from this mess.

Suzy saw the look of desperation and unwittingly tightened her grip on the wine glass in her hand. She realized she had misjudged Emma; this girl wouldn't be any use to her at all. So instead of answering Emma's silent call for help Suzy took a step back and walked away from the mess.

Emma watched with a coldness in her eyes. Elle gently placed her hand on Emma's shoulder and pointed to her dress again.

"It's fine." Emma said through gritted teeth. Of course she wanted to tell Elle off, or call her out for her fake kindness, but to do so would be to risk her own reputation. She had done enough of that tonight. So instead she pretended to assure Elle. "I have another dress I can change into."

Elle gave her a sweet smile, bowed her head, and then walked off. Everyone was silently praising her. Even David, who had seen the whole thing unfurl.