Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 47

46 The Most Capable Man In The World

David had been speaking to a few important guests when he noticed Emma approaching Elle. Of course Elle had no idea who Emma was, so she watched her approach unsuspectingly. But David, who had been in all the meetings and knew that Emma was turned down for the opportunity, watched warily.

Sure enough Emma began provoking Elle. David looked around and realized no one else had noticed anything was wrong yet. David quickly excused himself from his conversation and began discretely making his way towards Elle, trying to be careful not to draw any unwanted attention.

He was still weaving his way through the crowd when he saw Emma lift her glass. David's stomach dropped as he realized what her intentions were. Adam would be sure to give everyone hell tomorrow if such a mistake were to happen. Especially to this girl whom he obviously had taken a liking too. David's face paled as he watched; he was still too far, there was nothing he could do. But Elle stopped the glass.

David watched with surprise as Elle not only avoided the calamity but even smoothed the situation over. Even though she was interacting with people her actions were graceful and true to the image MK wanted her to portray.

Once David was sure Elle was in no danger he spoke to a security guard and had them discretely escort Emma out of the venue. Emma was desperate not to try to salvage the situation and so she complied.

Once that was taken care of David check in on Elle. He signaled to her and led her into a quite corner in the venue where no one would notice them.

"Are you okay?" He asked once he was sure no one was looking their way.

Keeping true to her act Elle didn't say a word. She simply gave David a thankful smile and a reassuring nod of her head.

"Are you sure?" David asked. Elle insisted she was. "If there are any more issues come find me right away."

David watched Elle rejoin the party with a knot in his stomach. The only thing left to do was inform Adam of what had transpired. David felt bad for on the model's behalf. But then again she should have known better then try to make a scene at MK's event.

David found Adam speaking to his parents. He approached them and whispered something in his boss's ear.

"Excuse me for a moment." Adam said to his parents with a frown before leading David backstage.

There David told Adam all the details of what had transpired. Adam kept a straight face through the entire briefing, only his eyes reflected his feelings as they darkened at the mention of the shattered glass.

Adam listened intently. He had expected some problems to occur tonight, but he hadn't expected someone to dare act of their own accord from within the company. Finally, David was finished, he looked to his boss for instruction.

"I don't want to see that models face again." Adam said coldly.

David understood the implied meaning. "Yes, sir." He was about to step away to take care of the situation, when Adam said something further.

"Give Director Shaw a warning too. I don't think I need to tell you how to deal with people who don't learn their lesson."

"Yes, sir." David said more firmly.

David set off to follow his instructions, and Adam re-entered the venue. Instead of returning to his parent's side immediately he walked around the venue till he spotted Elle.

He was worried the she would be feeling distressed, but she seemed undisturbed by the events that had transpired. Elle was looking at the flowers hanging about her with a child-like joy. Adam felt at easy when he saw her clear eyes, he knew he could trust the emotion reflected in them. Once he was satisfied that she was okay he returned to his parent's side.

"Is something wrong?" His father asked gravely.

"Not at all." Adam said.

His father gave him a suspecting look.

"I told you I would be successful. The model is here, and everything is running smoothly. Are you satisfied now Father?" Adam asked with a smirk.

His father grunted his approval while his mother praised him.

"I knew there would be no woman on Earth who could refuse my son." She teased.


Hours passed and eventually it was time for the event to come to a close. Elle was thankful when the MC finally announced the closing.

It was great fun to have been able to get all dressed up. Elle was surprised that she enjoyed it so much, but she felt like a princess, and the decorations were so beautiful. She especially loved the hanging Wisteria flowers. It truly was like being in a fairytale. Her only complaint was that after hours of walking around her poor feet were tired and sore.

The MC announced that Adam would give a few closing remarks. Elle watched attentively as Adam took the stage. He looked especially handsome tonight. He wore a black tuxedo that showed off his well-built stature. Adam took long, effortless, strides onto the stage. His defined features and porcelain skin under the bright lights exuded elegance.

But what was more captivating then his charming looks were his abilities. Elle watched with admiration as he held the attention of every person in the room as he spoke. Adam was only giving a few closing remarks and yet no one dared do anything but listen while he spoke. In that moment Elle truly believed he was the most capable man in the world.

Adam quickly finished speaking and returned the microphone to the MC who thanked everyone for coming. All too soon the event was over.