Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 49

48 The Morning After

The next morning news of MK's event dominated the media. News reports all discussed how successful the event was, and social media was buzzing with positive comments. Reporters weren't allowed inside the event, so the only information anyone had to go off of were the remarks of MK's guests last night; which were all glowing. Of course, although there was no mention in the news about the incident involving Emma, the damage was done. That morning her agent received dozens of calls cancelling all of Emma's upcoming events.

"What did you do to offend MK?" Her manager asked incredulously. Last night was the prefect chance for Emma to make new contacts and elevate herself, but instead she was blacklisted. How could things have gone so wrong so quickly? All Emma could do was watch as her career died in front of her.

Meanwhile Elle was still in bed, blissfully unaware of the misfortune that had befallen Emma. The entire incident was long forgotten for Elle. Elle had woken up over an hour ago, but she still laid in bed scrolling through different platforms, reading peoples comments about the event.

As she read the smile on her face grew bigger and bigger. Even though it wasn't her event Elle felt more invested in the results of this then she had for any of Tae's events. It pleased her to be part of such a huge event, and pleased her even more that it had gone so well.

Even though the event had only taken place a few hours ago, to Elle it felt like an entire lifetime ago. It was like a far away dream. It was better than a dream. She was still in bed reminiscing when her stomach made a loud noise. It was only then that she realized that she hadn't eaten anything since yesterday's lunch.

Elle felt as light as a feather as she went down to the kitchen to get something to eat. On her way down she passed her father.

"In a good mood?" He asked as he watched her glide past him. It had been a long time since he had seen such pure smile on his daughter's face.

"I suppose." Elle replied as she walked past him.

Since it was a Saturday no one had gone into work. Even at MK the employees got to enjoy their weekend now that the event had successfully passed. Only Adam and a few higher ups were there; they had a quick meeting that morning to review how the event had gone.

Once the briefing was over everyone returned to their offices. Adam sat at his desk scrolling through photographs.

In the afternoon MK would release an official statement about the event along with a few images from last night. Adam was tasked with selecting the images from the wide array of photos MK's professional photographers had taken.

Adam flipped through the photos, scrutinizing them mechanically. It was only when he got to a batch of photos of Elle that he slowed down, smiling, as he went through them. One picture in particular caught his eye.

It was a side profile of Elle looking up at the Wisteria flowers. Adam remembered the moment well. As he looked at the photo je couldn't help but think the photographer had done a good job of capturing the joy in her eyes.

Adam was about to click to the next photo when an idea suddenly came into his mind. Adam saved the photo to his phone and made a quick call.