Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 5

4 No Rest For The Weary

Elle woke up early the next morning, as she drew back the curtains and saw the rainy sky she felt regretful. She had to go to the company today, but this weather just made her want to stay in bed and read.

Her family owned one of the most popular perfume companies: Tae. Once Elle had finished university she began working in an entry level position at Tae. Slowly she worked her way up to a director of the marketing department. She was once excited by her work, but nowadays it seemed like everything else a chore.

Nevertheless, Elle showered, dressed herself in a fitted black pants suit, and then went down for breakfast. Usually everyone in the house went about their day without much interaction, but as Elle headed towards the kitchen she could hear her father and his family happily chatting away with each other.

She suddenly had no appetite. Her face fell and she decided to quickly leave before anyone noticed her. Unfortunately, as she quickly walked towards the front door her father spotted her.

"Elle" He called out.

"Yes?" she called back.

"Are you going to the company now?"


"Are you driving yourself?"


"You don't want anything to eat?"


"Alright, I'll see you later then."

Elle didn't bother to reply to him, and simply left the house. She got in her car and sat in silence for a moment before starting the car.

At the company everyone greeted her as she walked by. "Good morning Director Shaw."

"Good morning." She replied with a smile.

As soon as she got into her office a manager came to see her.

"Miss these are all the proposals for the upcoming product launch."

"Alright. Leave them there I'll take a look at them."

Elle sighed as she flipped through them. The proposals weren't bad, but they weren't anything new or exciting. There were 20 people in the marketing department, could not one of them come up with a unique idea? As Elle went through the proposals she grew more and more frustrated. Little did she know, that in another office the handsome man she met last night was doing the same.