Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 51

50 Secrets

About an hour later Elle opened to door to see Abby standing in the doorway bundled up from head to toe.

"I take it you're not enjoying the autumn weather?" Elle asked with a laugh as Abby came in.

"It's way too cold." Abby grumbled. "Winter hasn't even started yet and I'm already over it."

"Let me warm you up then." Elle said, she suddenly hugged Abby from behind, throwing her full weight onto her friend. The two girls went tumbling forwards. They didn't hit the ground, but only because Jacob happened to be there to break their fall.

Abby began apologizing profusely. "Look what you've done now." She said, smacking Elle on the arm. "How embarrassing."

"You don't need to feel embarrassed in front of him." Elle said passively. "His opinion is of little concern."

"Be careful while you're here. You may pick up a few bad habits in her company." Jacob said to Abby with a wink.

"Come on, let's go." Elle said, taking Abby by the hand and leading her away. Abby followed awkwardly.

They went into the lounge where they began catching up. Elle made no mention of what had happened with MK or with Adam. She felt bad keeping a secret from her best friend, but she didn't want to share what had happened with anyone. For some reason Elle felt it was too intimate and personal to share; it was a private memory for only her to keep.

A few minutes passed but Abby still seemed to be shivering so Elle left to go get some tea and snacks for them to share. While she was gone Abby pulled out her phone and saw that MK had made their press release. When Elle re-entered the room Abby was practically bouncing out of her seat.

"Elle MK had their press release let's watch it together!" She said excitedly.

"Can't you just look at it on your phone?" Elle asked apprehensively.

"It's not the same. The pictures are meant to be seen on a big screen, my tiny phone won't do them justice." Abby pleaded.

Elle suddenly felt nervous, what would happen if Abby recognized her? Or anyone for that matter. But she had no reason to decline, so she hesitantly turned the television on.

The release had just happened, and all the news channels seemed to be covering it. MK had released a simple statement describing their delight at the success of the event which was accompanied by several photos from the event for the public to view.

Thankfully the collection only contained two photos of Elle. One was a side profile, so her face wasn't visible. The other was a front profile, but with the mask and with all the makeup Abby didn't seem to notice that the girl on the screen was the same girl sitting beside her.

"I'm so jealous." Abby said with a sigh. "That girl looks so beautiful; I wish I was her."

Elle, who happened to be taking a sip of tea, started chocking on her drink. Abby looked at her in surprise.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"I'm fine." Elle said. "I justI just suddenly remembered, didn't you ask to borrow a book from me? Let me give it to you now before I forget."

"But they're still talking about MK." Abby said looking back at the television.

"They'll run that story a million times today, you can watch it again later. Come on."

Abby hesitated for a moment but eventually agreed and followed Elle to her room. Elle went to the bookshelf to look for the book while Abby casually wandered around the room. The bouquet immediately caught her eye.

"What is this?!" Abby exclaimed as she examined the flowers. "Who got them for you?"

Elle felt the blood rush to her cheeks, she had completely forgotten about the flowers. Thankfully the card was already hidden away.

"It's nothing, they were just a thank you gift." Elle said. She couldn't exactly say they were from Adam Hayes.

"Is that so?" Abby said. She could tell that Elle had just diverted the question, but Abby let the topic fall.

Abby felt her chest tighten as she realized that, for the first time, her friend was keeping something from her.