Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 58

57 He Loved Her

Elle returned to her work, around one in the afternoon everyone else in the department finally came in to work. They were all still wearing the big grins they had worn on Friday night.

Although there was a ton of work to be done they were all in great spirits, Elle included. Everyone managed to work diligently for two or three hours before the president distracted them. It was almost closing time when Elle's father walked into the department and headed straight to Elle's office. The marketing team whispered excitedly amongst themselves. What was he here for? Was he here to congratulate them?

Elle hadn't noticed the commotion outside and was still focused on her work when she heard the knock at her door.

"Come in." She called out without bothering to look up. She recognized the three quick taps of her father's knock.

Elle felt her heartbeat pick up as she wondered the same thing as everyone outside her office. She hadn't spoken to her father over the weekend, was he here to congratulate her now?

But Elle's excitement quickly vanished, her stomach dropped as she watched her father enter the room with Jacob following closely behind. But Elle hid her disappointment behind a perfect smile.

"What can I do for you, sir?" She asked politely.

"I'm just showing Jacob around the company today. I've decided to have him join the sales department in the new year." Her father announced.

Elle kept the smile on her face but her hand tightened into a fist under the table. The sales department was one of the biggest departments in the company, they were responsible for all of Tae's store locations. It was also the department with the most opportunities for promotion.

Elle could see what her dad was doing clearly, he intended to drop Jacob in the sales department so that he could climb in rank quickly. Within the year he would probably be promoted to a manager status, another year to senior management. Soon enough he would be a department head as well.

Of course Elle had progressed quickly in the marketing department as well, but it was much harder to gain that title. She managed to rise up quickly because her work spoke for itself.

Elle had known this was coming, after all she had overheard their conversation that day. She knew her father would bring Jacob into the company, and yet she hadn't been ready for it. Work was her only place of solitude, the only place where she didn't have to walk on eggshells, wondering if she would have to see them.

"Welcome to the company." Elle said with as much fake enthusiasm as she could muster.

"Take care of him in the new year." Her father instructed.

"Yes sir."

Her father left soon after and Jacob followed, not saying a word the entire time. As they watched the president leave, Elle's team members came running to her door.

"What was the president here for? Did he applaud us for our good numbers?"

Elle hesitated for a moment as she looked at all their happy faces. "Yes," she lied. "Something like that."

Elle wanted to believe that she was only upset because she was about to lose her quiet paradise, but she knew there was more to it then that.

Once again, she had worked so hard for her position in the company, and yet Jacob was about to get a free pass. Just like he got a free pass into her family. Elle felt a familiar loneliness creep into her heart.

On an impulse she pulled out her phone and sent Adam a text message.

"I change my mind." She wrote. "I want to see you after all. Can you drive me home?"

"I'll be there in ten minutes."

"That's okay, take your time." Elle sent, feeling guilty that she was interrupting his work.

"Its fine. I'll be there in ten."

Elle packed up and bid her team a good night. She went downstairs and waited in the warmth of the lobby until she saw Adam's car pull up in front of the building.

"What's wrong?" Adam asked as he got out of the car to meet her.

Elle quickly looked around. "You shouldn't get out. It'll be bad if you're seen with me. Especially with the rumours already going around."

"Never mind that." Adam said. As he approached her he saw the red tinge in Elle's eyes. "Have you been crying?" He asked softly.

Elle hadn't cried yet that day. In fact, she hadn't cried in a long time. But when Elle heard his soft and low voice it was as if a dam had suddenly broken. Her tears began to fall endlessly.

Adam pulled her into his embrace, wrapping his arms tightly around her. In the safety of his strong arms Elle cried to her hearts content. She buried her face into his warm chest, which muffled the sound of her soft sobs.

Elle didn't know how long they were out there for. Adam didn't say a word, he just held her tightly and slowly stroked her back until she finally calmed down. The tears stopped and Adam gently helped her into the car.

After driving for a few minutes Elle finally broke the silence.

"I'm sorry I cried." She whispered, afraid that if she spoke any louder her voice would crack.

"You don't need to be sorry for that." Adam said reassuringly. His kindness only pulled at Elle's raw heart.

Eventually they pulled into her neighbourhood, and Adam unwillingly dropped her off at home. He had no idea what had happened, but he could guess who had made her cry.

"Are you sure you don't want me to take you somewhere else?" He asked as he parked outside her house.

"I'm sure. I'm okay now."

Adam gave her a look that told her he was unconvinced.

"It's true, everything's okay now." Elle assured him. Adam had no choice but to watch her get out of the car and return home.

As he watched her walk away Adam couldn't get the image of her crying out of his mind. He could feel her trembling as he held her in his arms. She felt so small and fragile. Adam looked back towards the house, just in time to catch a glimpse of Elle before she disappeared behind the door.

Adam had a sudden realization; he didn't even want to see this girl cry again, he didn't want anything to ever hurt her, and it could only be because he loved her.