Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 6

5 No Rest For The Wicked

Adam was in a director's meeting regarding their upcoming event. MK was going to release a holiday line of jewellery in November, and hold a grand party for the release. The line included common retail pieces, but also included five very expense show pieces, which would be worn by models during the event. It was already late September, and so close to the event date a model had withdrawn due to an injury.

"When you guys went through the selection process did you not consider keeping a list of potential back ups?" Adam asked strictly. "Do I have to personally request for you to do something so basic?"

All the directors kept their heads down. No one dared say a word.

"How are all the other preparations going?"

"All the main pieces are finished and stored carefully. The design department have inspected the first batch of retail pieces, there are no issues of note." Suzy, the director of the design department, said eagerly.

"Yes, all other preparations are going smoothly and on track." Another director added.

Adam nodded. "I went through the marketing department's suggestions, none of them are the right fit. I want a new list of names by the end of the week."

"Yes sir." The marketing director was leaning far back in his seat, as if he wanted to disappear into it.

"If anyone else has any suggestions for the model they can feel free to voice them. That's all." Adam said, dismissing the team. Everyone rushed out, eager to escape the CEO's temper. Only Suzy stayed back.

"Sir I have a recommendation to make. I'm friends with the model Emma. As I'm sure you know she's very popular right now. It's late notice, but I think she will agree as a favour to me." Suzy said, trying to put herself in a good light.

Adam was the most eligible bachelor in the country. If she could just get him to notice her she could become the first lady of MK. It was a shallow dream, but one almost every socialite had. Suzy really couldn't be blamed for her ambition. But Adam was not such a simple man.

"Why are you telling me?" He asked coldly.

"I just thought" Suzy stuttered, taken aback by his tone.

"If you have a recommendation pass it through the marketing department."

"Yes, of course." She mumbled before quickly leaving the room. As she walked back to her office Suzy sent a text to her friend. "I may have an opportunity for you to model for MK. Are you interested?"

Emma replied instantly. "With MK? Of course I'm interested."

Suzy wore a proud smile as she changed direction and walked towards the marketing department instead.

Meanwhile, back in the meeting room Adam furrowed his brow as he considered the issue.

"David." He called out for his assistant.

"Yes sir?"

"I want to go see the main pieces." The five jewellery pieces were currently stored in a vault at an offsite facility.

"Of course sir. Let me prepare the car."

Adam simply wanted to examine the pieces to get a better idea of what sort of model would be best suited for it. Little did he know that while he was out, he would run into the girl who would soon solve all his problems.