Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 63

62 Christmas Morning 1

Elle awoke the next morning feeling excited and cheerful. She wasn't a child anymore but there was still something magical to her about Christmas day. It was a day full of festivity and good cheer, nothing could ruin her good mood today.

Elle was the first to be awake in her home, everyone else seemed to be sleeping in. Elle took the opportunity to enjoy eating breakfast alone. She sat at the table smiling to herself as she looked at the soft yellow fairy lights she had hung all over the home yesterday. There were lights and glitter all over the house, it was a pain to set up and it would probably be even worse to clean up, but it was worth it for this one moment of happiness.

Adam had woken up early as well that morning. He went out for a morning run as usual before washing up and heading over to the family home for breakfast as promised.

"Adam!" His mother greeted excitedly as she rushed to the entrance. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas mother."

Adam's mother quickly pulled him into the dinning room where she had laid out an enormous breakfast.

"Don't you think this is too much food?"Adam's father grumbled as he sat down.

"Don't eat then." His mother snapped as she piled food onto her son's plate.

Adam didn't often feel obligated, but today he did. It was true that he hardly visited his parents. In general he didn't pay much attention to his mother other then to make sure she was in good health. Today Adam had decided to go along with all his mother's whims. Just for this one day he would let her have her way. So he didn't complain as she filled up his plate.

As he ate Adam noticed her looking up at him every minute or so. This would be harder than he thought.

"What is it?" Adam finally asked, without looking up from his plate.

"Nothing." His mother said, quickly looking away. She was obviously up to something but Adam didn't press her any further.

After breakfast Adam accompanied his father to his study where he endured the usually bout of questions about how the company was doing.

"I heard there will be a second round of production for the new jewelry line."

"There will be. Sales will start next week." Adam smirked. "I told you I would give you satisfactory results."

"You did well." His father said as he poured two drinks. He handed one to Adam and took the other for himself.

"I thought you said you would cut down on your drinking." Adam said, taking a sip from his glass.

"I did cut down. It's just for today. Since it's a holiday, and since your project was a huge success."

"Liar." Adam said.

While the two men were upstairs drinking Mrs. Hayes was downstairs double checking that all the preparations were complete. She whistled a happy tune while she walked around making sure everything was perfect.