Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 67

66 A Perfect Night 3

Adam felt exhausted, he had spent more than two hours socializing with his parents guests. Finally Adam was certain that he had spoken to everyone at the party. He was confident that no one would notice him missing if he were to sneak out for a few minutes.

Adam quickly went upstairs to retrieve his keys, informed the housekeeper that he was stepping out for a moment, then quietly made his escape. As if he was a teenager again Adam snuck out of the house and into his car. Once he was in the safety of his car he pulled out his phone and sent a message to Elle.

"I'm fifteen minutes away from your home." He wrote. "Do you think I can steal a moment of your time?"

Elle's reply came quickly. "My father is hosting a party right now, I can come out and meet you in the driveway."

Adam slipped a small box into his coat pocket, the same box he had brought home from MK's manufacturing facility, before starting the engine of his car.

Elle slipped a similar sized box into her own dress pocket before heading downstairs. She waited anxiously as the time ticked by. Each minute seemed to last an eternity. Eventually she could bare to wait no more. It was close enough to fifteen minutes, Elle figured she would go out to the driveway first. Under the cover of so many cars no one was bound to notice him, but Elle still didn't want to risk the chance that someone at the party would recognize Adam. After all, most of them were all in the same industry.

So Elle carefully created her exit plan. If she left through the front doors she would pass almost everyone in the house, and at least one person was bound to be curious as to where she was going. Instead Elle snuck into the parlour at the back of the house where glass double doors led out into the backyard.

Elle took big hops as she wadded through the snow towards the front of the house. Fortunately Elle was wearing a pair of heeled ankle boots, which somewhat protected her from the cold chill, but in her excitement she had left her jacket behind. Perhaps it was due to the drinks, or perhaps it was because of her anticipation and worry, but Elle didn't seem to feel the cold at all as she waited outside in nothing but her thin chiffon dress.

Adam didn't keep her waiting long. Only a minute or two passed before Elle spotted the familiar black car pull into the long driveway.

Adam quickly rolled down the window. "You must be freezing." He said with worry in his voice. "Get inside."

"I'm fine. It's a shame to be stuck inside, it's beautiful night." Elle reassured him.

Adam tried to insist that she get into the warmth of his car, or that she at least take his coat, but Elle refused. Adam reluctantly climbed out of his car to join her in the crisp air of the cold December night.