Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 7

6 A Run In With Good Fortune

At the facility Adam examined the five pieces once more. Four of the pieces were made of diamonds and platinum, giving a frosty appearance that suited the holidays. They were intricate and exquisite pieces, but the fifth, main, piece was in a league of its own.

Set in platinum, the necklace held over 150 greyish blue diamonds. The V-shaped necklace had rows of diamonds that streamed down to the middle of the necklace, with dangling pear-shaped diamonds that grew larger closer to the center, with the largest one perfectly centered. The necklace had a tapered look, which made the diamonds almost look like drops of water.

Adam looked at the pieces for more than a half hour before leaving without having gained anything from his trip. Looking at the clear blue diamonds only reaffirmed his position that the presence of the model should reflect the clarity of the diamonds. But what model's presence wouldn't overpower the necklace?

He supposed he would just have to wait for the marketing department to submit their new list.

Meanwhile, at Tae's main office, Elle had skipped lunch to continue looking through the proposals. She had found two proposals in the batch that really weren't bad, but she couldn't help feel that they weren't good enough. Elle was still debating about whether to approve them or not when she noticed it was almost 2 p.m. Fed up and hungry, she decided to go get some food. Perhaps the fresh air would help her clear her mind.

The business district was always a high traffic area. Although it was already 2 p.m. the streets were still crowded, and shops were still full. Elle decided to drive a bit further away, and sat for lunch in a quiet caf.

As she ate she opened her phone and looked through the comments from last night's novel update. Some of the messages were sweet, many fans commented telling Rina to cheer up. But the majority of the comments were the same as always; asking about Rina's love interest.

Elle sighed and put the phone away. Why does there have to be a love interest anyway? She thought bitterly. Can't Rina just be single forever?

As she browsed on her phone she realized it was getting quite late. Elle quickly finished eating, and paid for her food. As she headed back to her car she heard a soft ping from her phone. She stopped when she saw that it was a text message from her father.

"I'm going to your uncle's house tonight. Let the kitchen staff know if you're going to have dinner at home." He wrote. Elle frowned. Her father was going to her uncle's house and wasn't taking her, but he would probably take his new wife and son.

Elle felt a sharp sting in her heart, and was about to angrily put her phone away, when suddenly she felt a strong body bump into her. As Elle stumbled forward, she felt something hot dampen her shirt.

She turned around and saw Adam Hayes standing behind her, eyes wide, with a now empty cup of coffee in his hands.