Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 70

69 Endless Celebration

The following week passed by quickly and quietly. Neither Elle or Adam noticed as the week raced past them, their time was occupied by paperwork and meetings. The end of the year was a busy season for businesses. In addition, Adam also had MK's annual reception to plan. In the blink of an eye new years eve had arrived.

Both Adam and Elle went to work that morning, but they had a short day, and left early in the afternoon to go enjoy the holiday.

Elle rushed home so that she could have some much desired rest before getting ready for her night out. Abby had invited her to go partying with her that night. It was the first time Abby had spent new years eve in the city in a long while, so she had excitedly booked a private room and invited a bunch of people in her circle. Among them were Anna and Milly, along with a few other mutual friends.

Time passed quickly, Elle had been immersed in a book and lost track of time. As the time of the meeting approach Elle rushed to quickly shower and get dressed. In a rare occurrence Elle had raided her closet and eventually settled on a quite bold outfit.

She wore a short, fitted, black dress that was decorated with a glittering golden sash tied around the waist. It was a flattering dress that showed off her fit physique and accented her pale complexion, but it was far outside her usual subtle and soft style. It was new years eve though and the typical styles were either black or something sparkly covered in sequins. While the fitted black dress didn't adhere to her usual style it suited her well.

Feeling adventurous Elle decided to be more bold in her makeup application as well. As usual she kept it light, but she opted for a dark brown eye shadow that made her big doe-eyes pop, and a dark red lipstick.

Elle was still sitting in front of the vanity when she glanced at the time and realized how late it had gotten. The taxi she requested would be there in any moment. Elle quickly slipped into a pair of gold heels and grabbed her black cotton trench coat before rushing out of the house just as her taxi was pulling up.

On her way to the meet-up Elle realized realized she had forgotten the cotton wrap she had left out for herself. Her dress only had two thin straps, which was fine in the summer, but would leave her freezing in the winter. Elle considered going back for it, but then she thought about how hot the crowded room was bound to be and decided against it.

The taxi dropped Elle off at the nightclub where everyone had planned to meet. It was a high-end club, most of its guests belonged to auspicious and well known families. The lower level of the building served as a bar while the second floor was sectioned off into several private rooms, one of which had been reserved by Abby.

Elle made her way to the room number Abby had sent her. Only about half the girls had arrived so far. They all welcomed Elle warmly and offered her a drink as she took a seat. Elle joined the conversation with a smile, she knew all the girls there through social circles even if she wasn't particularly close to many of them. They all seemed eager to enjoy the night. Elle's smile faltered as she watched all the girls down their glasses in one shot. Elle looked down at her own half-full glass and realized she would need to decide very quickly if she was going to bother keeping up with everyone or not.

Milly saw Elle's glass and encouraged her to finish her drink as well. Abby came to her defence, telling her not to force herself. Elle contemplated for only a second before throwing caution to the wind and downing the glass. It was new years eve after all.

The remaining few girls soon joined them, completing the group. Once they had a full party the atmosphere in the room was lively and full of laughter. After a little over an hour of laughing and drinking Elle excused herself to go to the bathroom. It had been a long time since she had let loose like this, it was a welcome change of pace.

As Elle made her way down the corridor she noticed a group of three men in the hallway talking.

'You've got to be kidding me.' Elle thought to herself as she realized she recognized two of the three.

Adam wore a pair of fitted black dress pants paired with a grey button-up shirt. He had rolled up his sleeves to his elbows, his hair was tousled, and he wore a boyish grin on his face. Elle was taken aback by how handsome he looked. Even in his relaxed state he was oozing with charm. Beside him stood David, whom Elle recognized as the designer who had made her dress.

By chance Adam looked up in her direction, but Elle had already disappeared around the corner. Once she was in the safety of the women's bathroom Elle looked in the mirror at her own dishevelled appearance and prayed that Adam hadn't seen her.