Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 71

70 The More The Merrier

Elle pushed her flustered feelings aside and worked quickly to try to straighten out her appearance. She touched up her makeup in the bathroom mirror and brushed her fingers through her long straight hair. Once she was satisfied she ventured back out into the corridor.

Elle assumed Adam hadn't seen her and guessed that they might bump into each other again some time throughout the night since they were both at the same club but, to her surprise, she opened the door of the women's restroom to find Adam leaning against the wall in front of her.

"There you are." He said as he saw her emerge. "I was beginning to worry what others would think, watching me stand outside the women's restroom for so long."

Elle was stunned into silence. "What are you doing outside the women's restroom?" She asked finally.

"You seemed to be avoiding me."

"I didn't realize you were here." Elle lied confidently.

"Is that so?" Adam asked with a smirk. "I'm relieved. You ducked into the corner so swiftly; I thought you were avoiding me for sure."

Elle flushed. "Not at all." She mumbled.

The conversation trailed off and a silence settled between the two.

"You're not wearing the necklace." Adam commented eventually. "Did you not like it?"

"Ah," Elle's hand reflexively went to her neck. "It's not that. I just thought it might be problematic for you if I wear it out before it officially launches."

Elle noticed a change in Adam's expression as she explained herself. Was that relief she saw in his eyes?

"I don't mind if you trouble me." He murmured. "In the future wear it when you want to. You don't have to worry about the implications."

"Okay." Elle said timidly, looking down to hide the smile on her face.

The conversation between them continued for a little longer, both of them made polite small talk before returning to their respective group of friends. To avoid suspicion Elle walked a few steps in front of Adam. As she made her way back to the room she was lost in thought.

Elle couldn't decide if she was cursed or blessed to keep bumping into Adam like this. How many times had they coincidentally met now?

Elle turned the corner first, with Adam close behind. As she approached the room her friends were in she saw that a few of them were standing outside the door talking amongst themselves.

Anna practically squealed with excitement as she saw Adam turn the corner. The conversation fell as all the girls turned their attention to Adam. Elle rejoined her friends acting oblivious to Adam's presence.

"I can't believe it!" Anna exclaimed. "This is the second time I've seen him in one week."

"If you're not careful he's going to think you're stalking him." Abby teased.

"It must be fate." Anna said dreamily, pointedly ignoring Abby's comment.

Her friends all scoffed but Elle paled. They met coincidentally, he wouldn't mistakenly think she was stalking him right?

"You know what they say," Anna continued, "Once is an accident, twice is coincidence, but three times is destiny."

"Who says that?" Milly ridiculed.

Elle coughed and looked down at her hands, secretly counting on her fingers the number of times Adam and her had run into each other purely by chance.

"You guys don't believe in me now, don't be angry when I don't invite you to the wedding." Anna rebuffed.

"He doesn't even know you exist." Abby said while rolling her eyes.

"Not yet." Anna corrected. She then boldly approached the group of men while her friends watched in disbelief.

The guys looked up as they saw her approach. Adam's eyes, however, looked past her and straight to Elle who stood shocked along with the rest of her friends. Elle met Adam's eye for a second before quickly looking away, but even as she looked down at her shoes Elle could feel his burning gaze on her.

As it turned out, Anna actually knew the third friend whom Elle had not recognized. Anna greeted him and they talked for a moment before she innocently suggesting that the two groups of friends should merge their parties into one.

Adam's friends knew his temperament well. They also knew how much he hated overreaching women, so the friend immediately began gently turning her down. Will watched with indifference before suddenly recognizing Elle standing amongst the group of friends. Will turned back to look at Adam, who was still looking at Elle. A wicked smile turned up the corner of his lips as he quickly intervened.

"It's fine, you should come join us." Will said to Anna. The friend gave him a wary look but Will reassured him. "The more the merrier." He insisted.

Anna turned around and quickly gestured that her friends should join her while Will turned around and gave Adam a cheeky wink.