Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 72

71 A Happy New Year 1

Elle awkwardly followed her friends into the private room Adam and his friends had booked. Drinks were poured and introductions were made but Elle was too distracted by Adam, who was sitting directly beside her on the leather couch, to pay attention to the rest of the group.

Adam, in turn, couldn't help but steal glances at the striking girl sitting next to him. She usually dressed in a comfortable and soft style, he wasn't used to her bold and demanding appearance. He thought she looked beautiful, but Adam couldn't help but frown at her exposed arms.

"Aren't you cold?" Adam asked in a worried whisper.

"Not at all." Elle replied, trying hard to keep her voice even. How could she feel cold when Adam was sitting so close to her that she could feel the warmth radiating off his body?

Of course she couldn't tell him that.

The party was slow at first, but the large group very quickly became comfortable with each other.

Anna had originally been eager when they first merged the parties, "I'm not going to let this opportunity pass." She insisted to her friends. But two hours later she was having such a good time that Adam was forgotten in her quest to enjoy herself.

Indeed, the group of friends all seemed to be enjoying themselves well, maybe too well. Drink after drink was poured. Eventually Elle couldn't bring herself to keep up with them anymore. She was content watching everyone else be full of excitement and good cheer around her. Elle watched them fool around with a grin on her face. Something she had yet to see Adam do that night.

He smiled so often around her, was he in a bad mood tonight? Elle wondered. She was still amongst her thoughts when Will placed a drink in front of her.

"To a good year to come," he toasted, raising his own glass to drink with her.

Elle hesitated for a moment, she didn't intend to drink any more that night but it would be rude for her to refuse Will's drink.

She reached for her glass, but Adam moved faster. He quickly took the cup from in front of her and replaced it with a glass of water.

"She already stopped drinking for the night, I'll drink it for her." He announced. Adam clinked the glass with Will's before downing the contents in a smooth motion.

"Don't force yourself." He then said to Elle softly. She smiled warmly in response. Even if he didn't smile, everything he did screamed tenderness. Elle was more than content with that.

Adam noticed her staring and raised his eyebrow at her.

"I was just wondering how you could possibly drink so much and still be in good shape." Elle mumbled as an excuse.

Adam's eyes seemed to flicker with amusement, but he didn't say anything.

The hours flew by. The room was full of laughter, everyone took turns telling stories and playing games. Before they knew it there were just a few minutes left before it would be the new year.

"It's almost midnight!" One of the girls exclaimed as she realized what time it was.

"It's too bad we're inside, it would be nice to be able to see fireworks at midnight." Another chimed in.

"The city is hosting fireworks by the lake. I bet we could see them from the roof." One of the guys from Adam's group said.

"Fireworks?" Elle's interest was piqued.

"Are we allowed to access the roof?"

"Adam is friends with the owner, I'm sure if he asked we would be allowed." Will said mischievously.

Adam flashed a scowl at Will, but he was helpless to the look of excitement in Elle's eyes at the mention of fireworks.

"Fine." He said indifferently as he got up to go find the owner of the club.

"Hurry up!" One of his friends called after him. "There's not much time left!"

The power of Adam Hayes' connections was strong indeed, just a minute or two later an employee was opening the door to the roof. The group hurriedly rushed out to try to catch the start of the fireworks display.

It was a cloudy night, there were no moon or stars to light the dark roof. Luckily there was no wind either, just a frosty chill in the air. No one seemed to mind however, either because the alcohol or the excitement coursing through them warmed them enough.

Elle could feel Adam standing close to her as the others all walked towards the edge of the building to get a better view. Her eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness, and she could make out Adam's tall figure once more.

The others began counting down excitedly, "10, 9, 8, 7.." they chanted. But Adam had gone quite and was staring at her, Elle was silent under his gaze, unable to look away.

Even in the darkness she could make out his muscular build which seemed to entrap her, and the soft curve of his lips which were currently enticing her. Adam drew closer to her, with every second that passed he inched forward hesitantly, as if testing to see how far she would let him go.

Elle could feel her heart pound against her chest as Adam's presence engulfed her. All she could feel was the warmth of his strong arms, all she could smell was the scent of his cologne. All she could see was him.

Midnight struck and all their friends began cheering around them as the fireworks began to illuminate the sky. For a moment Elle thought Adam would pull away from her, but instead Adam took advantage of the fact that no one was looking their way to pull the girl he loved into his embrace and cover her lips with a gentle kiss.