Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 74

73 A Winter Slump

Winter hit the city with full force in the days following the new year. Every day brought snowfalls, cold winds, and occasionally ice. The new year was already proving to be beautiful yet harsh.

Adam grew busier with each passing day as MK's annual reception drew near. Elle understood but couldn't help feeling disappointed. Two weeks had passed without her being able to see Adam. He would occasionally send her messages, asking about how her day was or telling her to keep warm. Those messages were what kept her going. Elle knew how incredibly busy Adam was during this time of year but he still thought of her enough to send her messages and check up on her. It only made her heart grow fonder.

Elle thought it would be enough to keep her going, but the more time that passed the more Elle questioned the events of the new year's eve party. Had it simply been an impulse? Or perhaps a drunken mistake? Did he have feelings for her at all?

Elle was up late one night, trying, and failing, to not overthink it when she heard the front door open. Elle glanced at the time, it was already past ten at night. She let out a heavy sigh and made her way to the entrance.

"Just getting in?" She called out as she approached the door.

"Yes." Her father replied tiredly, already slumped into a chair in the sitting room.

"Don't sleep here, go up to bed." Elle scolded before helping him out of his jacket.

"Okay." Her father slurred. He dragged himself off the comfy seat and up the stairs, presumably to do as his daughter told him.

Just like Adam, her father was currently bombarded with work as Tae underwent their year end procedures. Tae's annual reception would be held that weekend which only added more work to her father's plate.

Elle watched him climb the stairs with a frown on her face. She hadn't wanted to show him any kindness or consideration but these past two weeks he seemed old and worn out, and Elle couldn't help but find him pitiable. She hadn't seen Jacob or his mother show her father any extra care or consideration either, so Elle reluctantly ended up waiting up for him every night to ensure he made it into bed.

Between Adam and her father Elle didn't know which relationship she found more complicated. She gave up bothering to even try to understand them and simply went to bed herself.

The next morning Elle awoke to a fresh snowfall. Now that the holidays had passed she no longer found the white blanket of snow to be magical or beautiful. Instead it was just a nuisance, a cold and damp reminder of what was to come for the next two or three months. Her phone had a new message from Adam that morning as well.

'It's cold this morning, make sure you bundle up.' He wrote.

Elle was tired of his texts too. Was he her mother? She wondered, but then she immediately felt guilty for her thoughts. Elle blamed her temper on the bad weather, it had her in a winter slump.

She dragged herself to the shower and then dragged herself to work. As she entered the lobby of Tae she rolled her eyes as she encountered another annoyance.

Jacob stood in the lobby happily chatting to the receptionist. He had started coming in to work after the new year.

Elle didn't know how his work was going, nor did she bother to ask about it, bust from what she noticed Jacob seemed to be more eager to have conversations and be social than to sit at his desk and work. Elle could only assume it was because he was trying to make a good impression as her father's son, and was trying to establish as many connections as possible. Elle rolled her eyes and got into the elevator, thankful that, at the very least, their departments were on separate floors.

Elle's day turned around in the afternoon and she was finally given a reason to smile. She received a notification that the dress that she had ordered to wear at Tae's reception had finally arrived. Elle didn't often buy fancy new dresses but when she saw this dress she couldn't resist.

It was a dusty blue coloured short dress with a lace bodice and a soft tulle skirt. The lace work was intricate and the colour was beautiful, but more importantly, Elle knew exactly which accessory would pair with the dress perfectly.

When the weekend finally arrived Elle put on the stunning dress and admired its reflection in the mirror. The lace was like a work of art. Elle had already done her hair and makeup, the only thing left to do was to carefully clasp the little bluebird around her neck.

By this time MK had announced that the necklace would be a new piece in their line but it hadn't officially launched yet. For now Elle was still the only person in the world to have it.

She was still admiring the necklace, and the contrast between the baby blue coloured bird and the dusty blue of her dress, when her father's voice pulled her out of her daze. They were about to leave.

Elle quickly grabbed her coat and went downstairs, hoping that her happiness would be great enough to make her care about the fact that she would have to endure a car ride, and an entire night, with her father's other family members.