Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 76

75 Ill Prove I

Time seemed to have stopped for Elle and that moment felt as if it would last forever. Adam continued to drive but after a few moments the silence began to worry him. He glanced over at Elle, a smile crept onto his face in response to the silly look of shock on her's.

"You don't need to give me a reply right away." He said softly, trying to be sensitive to her presumably muddled feelings.

Elle wanted to give him a reply, any reply, but she had seemingly lost the ability to speak. She just continued to stare blankly. Had Adam Hayes just asked her out or had the past three months all been part of some vivid dream? Elle had deliberated a lot over the past two weeks, but she hadn't once imagined this outcome.

Her brain was struggling to process what had just happened. Instead of trying to make sense of the situation Elle decided to take Adam up on his offer. It wasn't a decision she should make hastily after all. As her thoughts continued to swarm her mind Elle happened to glance down and catch the glint of a familiar pair of cufflinks poking out of Adam's suit jacket. A very simple thought broke through the mess of Elle's mind.

"You're wearing the cufflinks I bought." She said with a hint of disbelief in her voice.

Adam looked down at his wrists. "They're for good health right? It seemed like a good way to start off the new year."

"You're wearing the necklace too." He noted, quickly glancing at her. "You look beautiful tonight." He added.

"That's cheating." Elle mumbled lamely. She turned to look out the window to hide the look of embarrassment on her face.

Of course she didn't know that Adam was actually going easy on her. He didn't want to frighten her away, but the phrase 'you look beautiful tonight' barely began to cover the feelings he had. The truth was he didn't just find her beautiful; that night he thought that she must be the most beautiful woman on the planet. When he first saw her walking out of the hotel he fell in love with her again.

Adam had a million things he wanted to say. He wanted to apologize for not meeting her properly since new year's eve. He wanted to tell her how enamoured with her he was. He wanted her to know that she had enchanted him from the moment he first met her. But consideration stopped him from saying anything. Adam knew she had been upset earlier and she already seemed to be overwhelmed, so instead he drove her back home in silence.

Neither of the two said a word and before Elle knew it they were already pulling into her driveway. To her relief it was empty, which meant her father hadn't come back home yet. She shyly bid Adam a good night and then got out of the car. She was about halfway to her front door when Adam lowered the window and called out to her.

"It's okay if you don't believe in me now." He said boldly. "Whether it takes one year or ten years, I'll prove that I love you."

Elle felt a blush creep up her cheeks. She didn't know what to say so she quickly nodded and ran into her home, where she would be safe from any sudden confessions of love.

Adam lingered in the driveway for a few moments before driving back to his condo. His phone, which was switched off, was quietly filling up with missed calls and messages from his angry father and his worried assistant but that didn't matter. Adam often smiled when he was with Elle but he hardly ever smiled otherwise. He was bound to get an earful from his father tomorrow, but that night, as he drove back, the corners of his lips were pulled up in a rare smile.