Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 78

77 Surrender

Everyone returned to work the next day. Early that morning Abby, Elle, Adam, and Jacob all made their way to their respective offices, each feeling a different type of worry. Jacob and Abby were both new at their positions and each worried if they would be able to do their job well, but Adam's and Elle's thoughts were full of only each other.

Elle stared at her phone all morning but no messages came. Adam hadn't texted her at all the day before either. He seemed to be properly giving her time and space to make her decision. Around noon Elle decided she couldn't wait on him to contact her any longer and she took the initiative to contact him first.

'Can we meet for dinner tonight?' She asked politely.

Adam's reply came quickly. 'Of course, let me know when you're finished work and I'll come pick you up.'

'If possible I'd like to make a reservation for a private room this time.' Elle added. It was a selfish request to make but she wanted to be more cautious since they had previously been photographed having dinner together. The situation from the last time had quickly blown over but Elle wanted to be careful not to cause trouble for him.

She had originally been worried that her tension and anticipation would make the time go by slowly, and insufferably, but to her surprise the minutes ended up going by too fast. Before she knew it, it was already six in the evening and she was climbing into Adam's car.

Her heart thumped as Elle scrambled trying to gather her thoughts. She had boldly asked him out for dinner but she hadn't even thought about what she would say. Everything was going by too quickly. The drive was short, and then they were making their way into the back of a restaurant where a private room was intimately decorated with flowers and booth seating. Elle ordered something off the menu at random, not daring to look up at Adam who was seated across from her. Eventually their food came and the two hadn't said anything apart from the usual small talk.

"You seem nervous." Adam said as he watched Elle poke at her food.

"Of course I am." Elle mumbled.

"You don't have to be." Adam encouraged her. "You can say what you want."

Elle hesitated for a moment but the question she had been wanting the answer to slowly made it's way out of her. "What do you like about me?" She finally asked.

"Everything." He answered immediately, but Elle seemed unconvinced by that answer. "You're like a breath of fresh air in my life. When I'm with you I feel at ease. Before I knew it I wanted to see you more and more, and when I did I couldn't help myself, I fell in love with you."

Elle was rendered speechless. Was there really no fault with this man? Even his words were eloquent. Adam obviously noticed her hesitation.

"What are you scared of?" He asked gently. Elle bit her lip and looked down at her food. "You don't believe that I love you?" He questioned.

"Why should you?" She finally said. Her voice was barely a whisper. "Even my own father doesn't love me, why should you?" Adam's heart ached for her.

"Besides, I'm not good enough for you." She added.

"You don't have to concern yourself with that. It only matters if you think I'm good enough for you."

"But " She started, however Adam interrupted her.

"Don't push me away anymore." He said as he got up and slid into the booth beside her.

"No." She said stubbornly.

"Don't be stubborn. Just say yes." He murmured, leaning in closer.

Elle gave up. "Okay." She whispered.

Adam closed the small gap between them and pressed his lips to hers. Unlike their first kiss which was gentle yet short and hurried, this one seemed to last forever. He kissed her once, twice. Elle hooked her arms around him, perfectly content for that moment to last forever. Of course it didn't, but her happiness lingered long after the kiss had ended.

That night, as he drove her home, Adam kept one hand on the wheel and the other in Elle's soft grip. He held her hand the entire way back, not saying a word, just wearing a simple smile on his face.

Elle thought he looked especially handsome that night. His eyes were warm, and his expression was one of pure happiness. Even the moonlight seemed to favour him; lighting his face in such a way that it enhanced his strong bone structure. Elle looked at his large hand held in both of hers, and in that moment she knew she had chosen correctly. She had finally found one for herself; a man who was gentle only to her.