Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 80

79 Change Of Plans

After driving for a few minutes they arrived at a surprising location. Adam pulling up in front of a storefront that was still under construction. The entire storefront was covered and a sign read that the store was still under construction. At first Elle thought perhaps Adam had only parked here and that they were actually going to one of the neighbouring buildings, but he helped her out of the car and headed towards the building. To Elle's surprise Adam opened the door and led her past the blocked off exterior.

The inside of the store looked no better, the concrete floor was exposed and the drywall hadn't been painted over yet in what looked like a large empty room.

"Is it really okay to be inside here?" Elle asked apprehensively.

"It doesn't look like much but this is actually going to be Chef Alton's newest restaurant."

Elle looked at Adam with wide eyes. She knew Chef Alton of course, he was a famous celebrity chef who also owned several five-star restaurants throughout the country and even abroad. Adam continued to lead Elle through the building while she looked around with a new found interest.

They reached the kitchen and Elle had to stop herself from making an audible gasp at the site of the famous chef himself. Adam stepped forward and greeted him as if he were an old friend.

"Elle this is Alton, he and I are old acquaintances. We met when I had just started at MK." Adam explained. "Alton this is Elle." He then introduced. Elle greeted the chef politely, in the back of the mind she secretly wondered if there was no connection in this world that Adam had failed to make.

The front of the restaurant was going to be transformed into a lounge area, Elle and Adam were led into a separate area; an already completed dining area. They took a seat before the chef left them, presumably to go cook their meal.

"Once this place officially opens it's sure to be crowded, I thought it might be nice to enjoy the food before anyone else." Adam said.

"Being with you sure has its perks." Elle teased. "I get to experience many things before the general public." She added, reaching one hand up to graze the necklace.

"What are the other perks of dating me?" Adam asked with a smirk. Elle kicked him lightly under the table which only made Adam laughed in response.

The couple enjoyed a nice meal. First they were served a plate of grilled vegetables and cold cuts. That was followed by an entre of fresh pasta. Finally, he brought out a refreshing sorbet topped with fresh berries in a dessert glass. Everything about the meal was simple yet perfect. However, their time at the restaurant was cut short by a sudden call.

Adam looked at his phone with a frown before taking the call. Elle didn't pay much attention and continued enjoying her dessert, but once the call ended Adam looked at her regretfully.

"Something urgent came up, I need to return to the office." He said apologetically.

Elle couldn't deny she wasn't disappointed, but she had already prepared herself for this type of scenario. It was bound to happen more often then not since she was dating someone so high up in the business world. She had already been able to enjoy a lovely meal out with him, she couldn't be greedy.

"That's fine." She said with a smile, quickly finishing off the last bit of her dessert.

Adam seemed hesitant, "It shouldn't take too long, I just need to go clarify some information. If you don't mind you can come with me." He suggested.

"Is it really alright for me to come along?" Elle asked, surprised that he had suggested it.

"Of course. It's a Saturday so not many people will be at the company. Even then, no one would dare spread gossip about the boss."

Elle didn't have any plans for the rest of the day, even if it was just for a few minutes longer she wanted to spend more time with him. She couldn't seem the harm in what he had proposed so she happily accepted.