Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 81

80 In Order To Meet Him

Adam quickly returned to MK. Elle followed close behind him as they entered the towering building. Despite Adam's reassurance, she had been worried about what others might think if they saw them walking together, but just as Adam said, almost no one was there. The only person they passed was the receptionist who bowed respectfully as Adam walked past.

Well, they saw one more person. David was waiting for them just outside Adam's office. His eyebrows raised ever so slightly at the sight of Elle shyly walking behind Adam. David immediately understood the nature of the relationship between the two. If it was just the fact that they were together he could only suspect that they were dating, but he saw the necklace hanging around Elle's neck and he knew.

David suddenly understood many of his bosses recent unexpected actions. The reason he was so strict and involved with the production of the necklace, the reason he left the annual party early, surely it was all for her.

"I've prepared the reports sir." David said, handing Adam a file.

Adam opened the door to his office. It had been a while since Elle had last been there; She forgot how beautiful it was. Natural light flooded in through the glass wall. Elle approached the glass, her stomach felt queasy as she saw how high up they were. It was unnerving and thrilling at the same time.

"Bring in some tea." Adam instructed David, who happily obliged. Elle thanked him as she received the steaming cup. Once he was satisfied that she was comfortable, Adam took a seat at his desk and quickly set to work.

At first Elle was satisfied just enjoying the view from his office, after a while she entertained herself by watching Adam work. He typed quickly, faster then most, with a stern expression on his face. His brow was ever-so-slightly furrowed from the force of his concentration.

Elle thought he seemed especially handsome when he was focused and hard at work. She enjoyed it for some time, but soon Elle's attention shifted to two giant bookcases which were stocked with books. She walked over to examine it closer. Elle ran her finger along their spines as she walked the length of the shelves. Most of the books were business related, but as she walked a certain book caught her attention. It was a special edition of Homer's Odyssey.

Elle looked back towards Adam who was still engrossed in his computer's screen; surely he wouldn't mind her borrowing it. She plucked the book off the shelf, sat down on one of the leather sofa's, and began reading.

Elle couldn't recall when she fell asleep, but some time later she was waking up. She lazily rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she looked around. It was only just past five in the evening but the sun was already low in the sky, the room was only dimly lit by the little sunlight that remained. Adam was in the exact same position as he was a few hours ago, the silent room was filled by the sound of clicking keys as he typed away at his computer.

Elle looked down and realized someone had removed her shoes and covered her with a soft woolen blanket. Of course his consideration would go this far; not only had he got her a blanket and let her sleep in peace, but he even worked in the dim light instead of turning on the bright, florescent, office lights.

She slowly got up off the couch, still wrapped in the blanket, and padded across the floor towards Adam's desk. She came up behind him and gently put one hand on his shoulder.

"You're still working?"

Adam stopped typing and stretched his arms out, letting out a sigh as he did. "There are just a few more loose ends to type up." He said, turning his chair to face her. One of his hands gently rested against her lower back.

"Did you sleep well?" He asked softly.

"Sorry." She mumbled. "I didn't mean to."

"That's fine." Adam said, slowly pulling her into his lap. "I'm sorry too. I'm sure this wasn't your idea of an ideal date."

Elle smiled. "I think it's been quite nice."

"I'm almost finished, just give me a few more minutes, I'll take you somewhere once I'm done. I want to at least end the day well." Elle sat comfortably in his arms as he finished his work she looked out at the purple and pink sky.

Just fifteen minutes later Adam had finished and was driving them out of the city. Elle curiously wondered where they were going. A few more minutes passed and the two ended up at a viewing platform on a hilltop. They could see the entire city from there. Thousands of lights glowed in the distance.

Elle pulled her coat tighter around her as a cool evening breeze blew. "What a beautiful view." She murmured.

"It is." Adam said, not taking his eyes off her. Elle met his eyes, and she could see his love reflected in them.

Elle reflected on her life up until this moment and as she did she felt as if she finally had the answer to an unspoken question. Now she knew. She had to endure all her heartbreaks and embrace all those nights filled with endless tears in order to meet him.

"What is it?" Adam asked, realizing that she had been staring at him.

"I'm really happy." Elle whispered, before leaning to kiss him. To her it really was a perfect day.