Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 82

81 A New Year

Almost a month passed since Jacob had started working at Tae. He had been placed in the sales department which meant his main task was to track the company's sales, both for individual store locations as well as online sales. Things had been going smoothly so far, Jacob was getting along well with his coworkers, but he was slow in his work.

While he hadn't made any mistakes in the month that he had been there, he also hadn't done anything note-worthy. Their father was unimpressed when he inquired about Jacob's progress, but after some thought he decided to give him some more time to show his strengths. He continued to encourage his adopted son.

Even though he was the president of the company and had a lot of work to attend to, their father still took time to visit Jacob at his department once or twice a week. He would even occasionally take his son along with him during business lunches, and introduce him to various connections that way.

Elle knew about it of course. When she first started at the company she had been a few years younger than Jacob was now, and her father hadn't showed her much support. He left her to fend for herself, and she did. Elle quickly made her way up the ranks to the director position she held now. One might think it was unfair for her father to give Jacob so much extra support, some employees even whispered about it behind closed doors, but Elle hardly gave it any thought. It didn't bother her in the slightest, for while her father and Jacob were out at their fancy business lunches she was out for lunch with Adam, and there was no better connection they could make than that.

Abby had just started at her new job as well. Expectations weren't so high for her, but she still faced the same struggles and fears as everyone else; could she do her work well, would she get along with everyone, etc. The one benefit was that she was now living in the same city as her best friend. One day she was feeling particularly stressed so she messaged Elle and invited her out to lunch.

Elle happily agreed, she was also enjoying the benefits of having a close friend return from overseas.

"Sorry I'm late!" Abby apologized as she sat down at the table where Elle had been waiting.

"That's alright, I haven't been waiting long." Elle said. The truth was that she had only just arrived as well, she hadn't even taken her coat off yet. As she did Abby let out a scream.

Elle stared at her with bewilderment, awkwardly looking around to see if any of the other patrons were staring at them. "What is it?" Elle asked in a hushed voice.

"Your necklace!" Abby exclaimed. "How did you get that?!"

Elle looked down and realized she was wearing the limited edition necklace Adam had gifted her. She had been wearing it more and more often now that it had officially launched to the public.

Elle should have realized that Abby, the girl who had been obsessed with MK's launch event, would recognized the necklace immediately.

"I got it as a gift." Elle said, averting her eyes from Abby's sharp glare.

That answer only spurred a million more questions. To her credit, Elle managed to deflect them all.

The girls had an enjoyable lunch, it was a nice break for Abby as well. She was able to escape the pressures of her job as well.

When they were finished lunch Abby drove Elle, who had walked to the restaurant, back to Tae. It was only a short walk back but Abby insisted. She even walked Elle back to her office, only taking a small detour before returning to her own workplace.