Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 84

83 Shopping Spree

Elle thought she could have an enjoyable time by herself, but she quickly found herself bored of reading. She put her book away and decided to write instead, but as more time passed she was just left feeling bored and cold. Elle had told Jacob she would wait in the car, but perhaps she would go in, at least to stay warm.

Luckily for Elle, she didn't have to decide. At that moment she received a text message from Abby.

'I need to buy a new outfit for an important dinner tonight. Do you think you could spare an hour to come help me shop?' Abby asked.

Elle grinned, looking up at the mall they were parked at. 'I'm already here.' Elle said, sending Abby the address of the mall she was at. 'I have a few hours to spare, I'll shop around inside, let me know when you arrive.'

Elle eagerly went inside, sending a text message to Jacob to let him know in case he needed her. She went straight to the closest coffee shop first, getting herself a nice hot cup of tea to warm herself up with. Elle held the cup with both hands, letting it warm her fingers, and she let out a hum of satisfaction as she took her first sip and felt the hot beverage burn its way down her throat, leaving a gratifying warmth in its wake.

While she waited Elle casually strolled around the mall, glancing at the window displays as she did. Abby arrived quickly, barely a half hour later the two girls were greeting each other with a hug.

"I hope I didn't pull you from something important." Abby asked nervously as they made their way to one of Abby's favourite stores.

"It's fine, I was just accompanying Jacob." Elle explained. "He's on his first solo store inspection."

"Is it fine that you left him on his own?"

"It's fine. I don't need to take part I only need to review his results. Today I'm basically just playing the part of a glorified babysitter." Elle said with a roll of her eyes.

Abby laughed. "Then I'm glad I was able to save you from such a boring job."

At the first store they went to Abby picked out three dresses. The first was a woolen sweater dress that Elle thought looked nice, but Abby deemed too casual. The second was a boxy mid-length dress that Elle agreed looked too bland and professional for a dinner. The third was a flouncy red-dress which Elle found quite fun, but Abby put that back too, claiming it wasn't professional enough.

They went to multiple stores, and Elle helped Abby pick out many things. She tried on dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, and pants, but none of them were able to satisfy Abby. Each time she emerged from the dressing rooms she was displeased with her outfits. Be it because they were too formal, not formal enough, not suitable for the weather, or not suitable for her complexion, Abby found a reason to put each outfit back on the rack.

After visiting their third store and failing to find an outfit that Abby was content with Elle let out a tired huff. Abby was usually very lighthearted, shopping with her was supposed to rid Elle of her boredom, not add to it.

"What are you doing tonight that is so important that you can't decide on single piece of clothing?" Elle asked, her annoyance seeped into her voice.

"Sorry," Abby said, looking pitifully at Elle, "I'm being really picky today aren't I?"

Elle's frustration immediately left her. "No, that's alright." She reassured Abby, feeling guilty that she said anything in the first place. "Everyone has an off day from time to time. Why don't we take a break for lunch before continuing?"

"That sounds good." Abby agreed.

A hot meal seemed to do the trick. After enjoying a quick trip to the food court both girls went back out in search of the perfect outfit with a new found energy and determination.