Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 87

86 Cheers To Tha

Friday finally arrived. Jacob, who had been eagerly waiting for today, powered through his work that day. Michael had invited him to have dinner and drinks with a few of the younger employees that night. Jacob didn't dislike his colleagues, but after spending the past month doing nothing but socialize with the older employees so he was excited to get the chance to hang out with colleagues his own age. He also got the feeling that some of the older employees disliked the fact that he was the boss's son. No one said anything to his face, obviously, but he would catch them whispering sometimes.

The hours passed slowly, but finally, the end of the work day arrived. Jacob didn't want to seem to eager so he waited for a few minutes to pass before taking a cab to the bar that everyone had arranged to meet at. As expected, almost everyone had already arrived by the time he got there. Many of them seemed to have already started drinking as well.

"Jacob!" Michael greeted excitedly when he spotted him in the crowded place. He ushered him over to their table and made all the introductions. There were a total of ten guys there, including Jacob, and two more who arrive after to make a large group of twelve.

Jacob had originally lived in a smaller city, a few hours away from where he lived now. He had happily followed his mother to their new home, but it meant leaving his old life, and friends, behind him. He still occasionally contacted a few of them but he had missed having get-togethers like this.

Two hours of drinking and eating and more drinking passed. Jacob was enjoying himself, it had been a long time since he had felt this relaxed. In fact, everyone seemed to be having a grand time.

"So Jacob," One of the men started, "I heard you're the boss's son. That means you live with Elle right?"

Jacob's face scrunched up. "I do." He said curtly.

"Isn't that tempting?" The man said, slightly slurring his words.

"Why would it be?" Jacob countered.

"Because she's beautiful."

"And talented." Another chimed in.

"Is she?" Jacob asked, trying to hide his irritation. Michael noticed his tension and patted his shoulder.

"Alright, that's enough guys." He said, leading Jacob back to the bar counter and away from the rest of the guys.

"Was the inspection successful?" Michael asked while they waited for their drinks.

"It was." Jacob replied proudly. His first solo inspection had gone without a hitch.

"That's great." Michael said as he received their drinks. "Cheers to that."

Jacob's earlier annoyance quickly vanished as he and the rest of the boys continued to enjoy themselves well into the night.

It was almost midnight when Adam dropped Elle off. They had gone for dinner again that night where Elle had teased that she would gain too much weight from dating him since they ended up eating out together two or three times a week. Adam had taken her out for a late night stroll after, neither of them noticed the hours pass, so they were late getting back.

As they arrived Elle looked out the car window, surprised to see Jacob standing with his back to them at the front door.

"I better go." Elle said to Adam. She quickly leaned over to give him a kiss on his cheek and bid him a good night. As she approached the front door Elle realized that Jacob was struggling to get the key into the lock, mumbling under his breath as he missed and then missed again.

"Are you drunk?" Elle asked incredulously.

Jacob looked up, surprised by her sudden appearance for a moment, then a huge grin spread on his face. "I am." He said matter-of-factly.

Elle rolled her eyes and then took the keys from him, easily opening the door before shoving them back into his hands. "You better go to your room before anyone sees you." She warned. Her father would surely be livid to see him stumble home this drunk.

Jacob gave her a salute. "Yes, ma'am." He teased.

Elle had never seen him like this before. Part of her wondered if she should help him to bed, she was worried he wouldn't be able to make it up the stairs. The other half of her was petty, telling herself that he was safe enough now that he was inside and that she ought to leave him to fend for himself. The later half won when Jacob made a noise as if he might throw up.

Elle quickly went up the stairs to her own room. She waited only long enough to make sure Adam got home safely before showering and getting into bed. Jacob did manage to make it up the stairs and into his own room where he swiftly fell asleep on top of the covers and still in his work clothes.