Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 89

88 Comparisons

Elle's department was hard at work, but the sales department hadn't hit their busy season yet. Jacob spent his days working leisurely, enjoying the calmness while it lasted. A few days after they had gone drinking together Michael came to visit Jacob at work. The two went out for lunch together.

"The other night was fun wasn't it?" Michael said, casually starting up the conversation.

"It was. It's been a long time since I last went out drinking." Jacob said with a laugh. "Maybe I overdid it a bit."

"It's nice to let loose once in a while. We usually go out once a month, you should come next time too." Jacob gratefully accepted. "Ah, by the way, forgive the other guys for their comments that night."

"Their comments?" Jacob asked. The drunken conflict was already long forgotten by him.

"They were teasing you about your sister." Michael gently reminded him. "But they were only teasing. Elle is something of a celebrity to us after all, they were just drunk and excited."

Jacob didn't hold a grudge, he barely remembered the incident himself, but Michael's explanation surprised him. "A celebrity?" He asked.

"You didn't know?" Michael asked with his eyebrows raised. "Not only is she the heir to the company, but she even worked her way from the ground up despite being the boss's daughter. She has quite an impressive history. She even tripled the record for pre-sales during the last launch."

Jacob's hands tightened into fists under the table. "Is that so?" He said, casually masking his annoyance. It wasn't that he hated his sister, but rather that he didn't think of her as his sister at all. Instead she was an imaginary goal to reach, he was always listening to everyone around him compare himself to her, it was only natural that he had grown to dislike even the mention of her name.

Michael could read other people's feelings well, and clearly saw the annoyance in Jacob re-emerge. "I have good news for you." He quickly threw in, hoping to ease the tension. "The store managers are all having an important work dinner in a few weeks, I was asked to recommend a few people from the sales department to join us and I put your name in. It's not a huge honour, but it'll be a good chance for you to meet the other managers. If you make a good impression I'm sure your future work with them will go smoothly."

Jacob was stunned, and flattered. Although he and Michael had gotten along well since they first met, they had only just met. It was strange to think that he would recommend Jacob, whom he barely knew. Never the less, it was a favour to Jacob, and he thanked him for it by treating him to lunch that day.

When Jacob returned to his office he was startled to find his father there waiting for him.

"Where have you been?" His father asked, glancing down at his watch.

"I was out for lunch to discuss some business matters." It wasn't a complete lie.

His father let out a sigh. "I'm not trying to push you too hard, I know you're still getting used to things, but you do need to put in a lot of effort too."

"I think I've been doing well up till now." Jacob said in his defense. "The inspection the other day went well too."

His father frowned. "This is what I mean. That shouldn't be enough to satisfy you. You know when Elle first started she started even further down in the company then this. She hid the fact that she was my daughter, and even still people would point her out to me telling me how well she was doing. She put a lot of effort to get the director position so quickly, I expect you to as well."

Jacob had nothing to say to this. He had already heard other employees say similar things in quite whispers. "Yes father." Was all he said.

"I don't mean to rush you. I just want you to succeed."

"If you don't mind, I still have a lot of work to do before the day is over."

His father seemed unpleased by Jacob's response but he left his son to his work all the same. Jacob was having an enjoyable day until lunch happened, now he was left feeling bitter and frustrated. Luckily for him he knew a great cure for bitterness. He gave Abby a quick call, her sweet and energetic voice soon cured him of his annoyance.