Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 9

8 Guilty Pleasure

Back in the office Elle changed into a spare dress she had. As she sat down at her desk she noticed she was still smiling. It wasn't her fault right? Any girl would feel like this after such an encounter with, arguably, the most handsome man in the country right?

Elle looked at the proposals on her desk and felt a twinge of guilt in her heart. It was so rare for her to be feeling light hearted. She didn't want to ruin it by looking through those proposals again. Instead she pulled up her novel on her computer.

It was okay to be selfish once in a while. She took advantage of her happy mood to finally give her readers what they wanted.

Although she was in the mood to write something romantic Elle still couldn't decide what sort of character would be best suited to be the love interest. In her novel Rina was a girl who was treated poorly by her parents. After growing up she moved out, started acting, and was now on the verge of becoming a huge star. Rina was a person who didn't trust anyone, and rose to the top relying only on herself. So what type of man could move her heart?

Elle couldn't decide, so instead of worrying about the character she simply wrote about a chance encounter with a mysterious man. Surely that would be enough to placate the readers for now. Elle still had a meeting to attend that afternoon, so after writing for a while wrote for a while she saved her work to continue when she was back home.

The meeting ran quite late; by the time it was over most of the workers had already gone home. Elle decided to head back too. She even hummed to herself happily in the car. However, her cheerfulness was quickly crushed as she arrived home.

Just as she pulled into the driveway she saw her father and his family coming out of the house with smiles.

"Ah." Her father said, somewhat embarrassed, as he watched her get out of the car. He had the audacity to look guilty as he explained. "I'm just going to your uncle's house. I thought you would be tired from work and not want to come along, so I didn't ask."

"That's fine, you're right." Elle snapped. "I don't want to go anywhere with you." She didn't wait to hear her father's response, and she stormed into her room.

Without even bothering to change her clothes Elle got into bed and pulled the covers around her, as if shutting herself away from the world. She pulled out her phone, and opened her novel's draft from earlier today. The light of the screen was piercingly bright in the darkness, but Elle didn't seem to care.

She looked at the happy words on the screen and felt disgusted by them. What was she so happy about earlier anyway? She deleted all her work and wrote instead "I always get carried away by brief moments of happiness. I always seem to forget that such moments are fleeting and few."