Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 90

89 Like You A Lo

Soon enough Valentine's day arrived. Abby had eagerly awaited this day. Her relationship with Jacob had gotten more serious over the past few weeks, they hadn't officially asked each other, but somehow they ended up going on more and more dates until it just seemed that they were exclusively dating.

Unfortunately, the holiday fell on a working day, so Abby and Jacob planned to go see a movie before having dinner that night. Even more unfortunate was the weather, which was only getting colder with every passing day. Abby had wanted to wear a cute dress that night, but it was too impractical. In its place she wore a pair of deep red skinny jeans paired with a fuzzy white turtleneck sweater, going for a cozy look instead.

At work Abby powered through the day feeling exceptionally bored as she waited for the end of the day to come. A few of the professors even teased her when they noticed she was frequently looking at the time.

"I'm guessing you have a date tonight?"

"I do." Abby said with a shy smile.

"Ah, it must be nice to be young. My husband never does anything for Valentine's day anymore."

At the end of the working day Jacob arrived to pick her up before going to the theatre. The movie they went to see wasn't a romantic one; neither of them were interested in seeing a sappy romantic comedy, instead they both agreed on a drama that looked interesting. Thankfully it was. During dinner the conversation flowed naturally as they both discussed the movie they had just seen and their favourite parts. Two people who did not know each other that well, and who would sometimes sit in an uncomfortable silence, instead had a lot to talk about. Abby hadn't thought about it before, but it was a nice way to make sure there were no awkward pauses in the conversation during dinner.

"This is the first time I've seen a movie on Valentine's day, I was surprised to see how crowded it was." She commented.

"Have you gone out on many Valentine's dates?" Jacob asked smoothly. Abby flushed. He was basically asking if she dated a lot of people before, she was embarrassed just remembering her dark past of failed relationships.

"Not that many, but a few." She replied, with a dry laugh. "I'm the type whose relationships never last long." Jacob nodded and continued eating. After a moment Abby worked up the courage to shyly ask, "Do you mind if I've dated people before?"

Jacob looked up at her with deep eyes. "I think being someone's first love would be nice, but to be their last would be greater."

Abby looked down to hide the girlish smile on her face. "How sly," She murmured. "for someone who hasn't even confessed their feelings."

"Haven't I said it before?" Jacob asked innocently. "Then let me say it now, I like you. What about you?"

Abby looked at him and with earnest replied, "I sort of, maybe, quite possibly, like you a lot."

After dinner Jacob took her to a specialty cake shop where they both shared a decadent mini chocolate cake. This time Abby insisted she pay, Jacob eventually folded to her strong will. All-in-all it was a wonderful night, but eventually it had to come to an end.

Jacob drove her home, giving her a gentle kiss on the cheek, before returning home himself. Abby went inside where she fell back onto her bed wishing everyone in the world could feel as perfect a happiness as she did.