Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 92

91 Favourite Place In All The World

As Elle headed out she first contacted David. Adam had given her his contact information some time ago in case something urgent came up. Elle had never used it before, but tonight it came in handy. Once she finished speaking to him Elle made a trip to her favourite ramen store. It was a little out of the way but she had time to kill anyway.

Just over an hour ad passed since their phone call when the shareholder meeting finally let up. Adam glanced at the time, still feeling regretful that he hadn't been able to keep their date for tonight.

"Are you heading back to your office now, sir?" David asked.

"I am. There are still a few things to take care of. You can leave first." Adam said, dismissing him for the night.

"I'll leave it to you then." David replied with a knowing smile.

Adam walked back to his office alone, he opened to door but stood, froze with surprise, in the doorway. Inside a beautiful girl was lounging on the sofa with two steaming bowls of ramen sitting on the coffee table in front of her.

"I hope you haven't eaten yet." She said sweetly when she saw him come in.

"How did you get inside?" Adam asked with his eyebrows furrowed.

"I'm the girlfriend of the most powerful man in the country." Elle teased as she crossed the room to him. "It isn't that difficult to enter a single office."

Looking at her sly smile Adam felt all of his exhaustion melt away. As he looked at her fondly he also noticed she was wearing the dress that she had recently bought. The short skirt and the silky fabric highlighted her slim build. The dusty pink also brought out the warmth in her complexion.

"Does it look nice?" Elle asked, doing a little twirl. Adam gave no reply, he just kept looking at her with those dark eyes. "Say something." She murmured shyly.

"You have no idea how fast my heart beats when I see you." He said finally.

Why was this man so good at making her fall in love? Elle wondered. He wasn't a person of many words, even when he was with her, but when he did speak he would always say things that moved her heart.

"Come eat." She said, taking his hand in hers and gently leading him back to the lounge area. "I was worried it might get soggy if you took too long but the timing worked out well."

Both of them were hungry after their busy day and quickly ate while talking to the other about their work. After they had finished eating Elle cleaned up while Adam pulled out a stack of paperwork he still had to go through.

They both sat together but each was focused on their own thing. Once she had finished clearing the empty bowls Elle looked over and noticed that the book she had been reading the last time she came to Adam's office was still on the side table, sitting exactly where she left it. A scrap piece of paper marked where she had left off. So while Adam continued to work Elle decided to continue to read.

They both sat in a comfortable silence, absorbed in their own tasks. After a while Elle's legs began to feel stiff from sitting for too long so she cast the book aside.

Adam didn't look up from his work as she slowly crossed the room to look out of the big glass windows. Elle felt that she could never grow tired of the view from there, no matter how many times she looked out at it.

Since it was a cold night the glass had fogged up, but Elle could still make out the muddled view of the city below them. The streetlights glowed dimly and cars could be seen driving back and forth in the busy streets. Elle's delicate fingers reached out to touch the cold glass, drawing a smiley face in the condensation.

"Are you upset we couldn't go out?" Adam asked suddenly. Elle turned around to see him looking over at her. "You must have been looking forward to it. I think your favourite place in the world has become that park."

Adam said it lightly but Elle could tell he was serious despite his tone. He tried to cover it with a joke but she could tell he felt guilty that he had to cancel on her. He was probably feeling even worse that it was on this night out of all nights.

Elle stepped away from the glass and went over to sit beside him; lacing her arm through his and resting her head on his strong shoulder. "You're wrong." She said gently. "My favourite place in all the world is next to you."

Adam swallowed hard, trying to calm his beating heart. "Then come here." He said finally, opening his arms. Elle happily obliged. With him so close to her she could smell the scent of his cologne, and see the spark of mischief in his eyes. The two stayed together for some time, Adam's work was long forgotten, and only the whisper of their lips was left to break the silence.

Only when her lips began to feel sore did they finally part, however, Adam's hand held onto hers for the rest of the night. Even as he drove her home his hand sat in Elle's lap for her to play with it. She smiled as she intertwined their fingers and studied the lines in his palms.

At one point during the ride Elle stole a glance at Adam. The dim light of the evening highlighted his cheekbones and his strong jawline, but what Elle found most attractive was the proud look he had when he was focused. She held on to his hand firmly, silently thanking all of MK's shareholders for such a wonderful night.