Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered Chapter 145

Chapter 145: She Had Used Her Right Hand

Qiao Sheng froze in his stance, looked up, and asked, "Young Master Xu?"

Xu Yaoguang didn't answer and just looked down at the phone.

He stared at Yang Fei's Weibo for a while and then clicked directly on the comments.

His eyes swept past the hot comments and the first comment he saw was

"Am I the only one waiting for the big boss to give us the news of who qr is?"

"Is there really someone in the world with a hand speed faster than Sun God's?"

The Weibo post that Yang Fei posted attracted the attention of many people in and outside of the industry. Everyone was looking for who qr was.

Nobody believed that Yang Fei supported an unimportant person.

In this information age, the network was formidable and the netizens were also magical.

However, they had to face defeat after encountering the account "qr". They couldn't find a single piece of information about this person