Martial Arts Master Chapter 520

520 Wildly Wanted

Hearing that the other person called himself "Chen Qitao", the first reaction Lou Cheng had was that he was a damned scammer. in his mind, he had started forming a series of images. For example, I'm Dragon King, Chen Qitao. I have suffered grave injuries and lost my kungfu. I'm stuck in a foreign land and didn't want to contact those I'm familiar with to prevent my enemies from discovering me. I hope you can lend me five thousand dollars for transportation and help me return to Longhu Club. At that time, I might take you in as my disciple and impart to you the unique skills of the Fire Sect or share half of my wealth with you.

As to how the other party got to know his name, oh damn. Which high-class scammer didn't purchase "Big data"?

Controlling his urge to reply "I'm Qian Donglou then", Lou Cheng played it safe and replied with a peaceful tone,

"Why is senior looking for me?"

This voice was really darned familiar and sounds just like the interview with "Dragon King". The tone was very similar too!

On the other end of the phone, the tone didn't change and continued, 

"If you are not returning to Wuyue Club next year, come to Longhu Club instead."

Eh, he's not asking for money? No one should have known about me probably not returning to Wuyue club! He couldn't be the real Dragon King right? Lou Cheng suddenly got agitated and answered definitively without thinking,


Dragon King invited me personally? 

The rather charismatic voice at the other end of the phone paused and stopped mentioning the previous matter. After a while, he continued with and said with a proper pace,

"The core of "Emperor Yan Force" is heavy and not explosive. You have understood it well in this aspect. However you haven't reached the stage of connection between heaven and earth. If you only pursue "Heavy" without considering the practical conditions of your body, you will reach a bottleneck soon. You could attempt more experiments while at the inhuman stage, mixing it various essences of "burn" and others…"

"Mm, mm, alright, can…" Lou Cheng listened on with a blur face and gave replies from time to time.

How did this become a lesson over the phone?

After several minutes, the person who claimed to be Chen Qitao said with a heavy tone,

"That's it."

As he completed his sentence, he hung up and the dial tone sounded. Lou Cheng picked up his phone and was in a daze for a long time.

It seemed to be the real "Dragon King"!

Who would be so free to come and guide me on Emperor Yan Force?

Haha, Dragon King had called to invite me personally. Invite me personally! As a qualified fan, Lou Cheng was both excited and agitated and couldn't wait to announce this over a loudspeaker.

"Cheng, what happened? Who called you?" As he looked rather strange, Zhao Qiang asked with doubts.

It seems to be a call from a senior?

Lou Cheng was waiting to share the news about Dragon King inviting him personally with his roommates. However he suddenly felt that this would be too much of a show-off. Therefore he reservedly smiled, "Nothing. I was just discussing some matters with a senior regarding the professional competition."

"Oh, you should be entering the top professional competition at that time. You would be following Wuyue Club right?" Old Qiu, Qiu Zhigao, asked curiously.

"I haven't made a definite decision yet." Lou Cheng answered with a face of smiles.

At the same time, he picked up his phone and sent a [Fireworks emoji] to Yan Zheke,

"Dragon King just gave me a call!"

Yan Zheke had just woken up. She replied, "[Rubbing Sleepy Eyes expression], the real Dragon King?"

Am I still sleeping?

"Of course the real one! With his understanding of "Emperor Yan Force", I dared to guarantee it! [Clenched Fist expression]"

"He invited you to go to the Longhu Club?" Yan Zheke was brilliant. With just a thought, she had roughly guessed it.

"That's right! [Hands On The Waist, Laughing expression]" answered Lou Cheng. 

After sending this message, he finally calmed down. He continued, "[Scratching Head expression] I think I agreed to it directly before discussing it with you and asking my master for permission…"

This would make me a so-called wretched disciple...

"Haha, agitated Lou Cheng is really cute. [Pat on the Head expression].""I believe you know what my views are. Obviously say yes to him!"

Lou Cheng replied, "[Laughing in Secret expression] The truth is I have encountered a difficult problem previously. If Dragon King invited me and our grandfather asked me to be a guest Elder at Shushan Study, what should I do then…?"

"What will you do? [Looking attentively expression]" asked Yan Zheke.

"I will obviously follow my wife!" Lou Cheng answered without hesitation.

Yan Zheke replied, "[Giggling behind hands expression] The truth is Shushan Study emphasized a lot about being from a reputable sect. They might have held you in high regards but for them to invite you to be a guest Elder, they might not be willing to put their status aside and ask you. It would make it seem like there are no successors in this sect. There're still my brother and senior Qing Song after all."

"Yeah." After sharing with his little fairy girl, Lou Cheng was barely able to recover from his excitement. After chatting with Zhao Qiang, Cai Zongming and the rest for a while, he called his master while he went to the washroom.

"Hehe. Brat, you are finally willing to give your master a call?" Geezer Shi said with a teasing and sarcastic tone.

Lou Cheng chuckled embarrassingly and went straight to the main subject, "Master, Dragon King gave me a call just now and asked me to go to the Longhu Club next year. What do you think about me not returning to Wuyue Club?"

He had purposely hidden the fact that he had already agreed.

"Go! Obviously, you should go! You only had force but no moves from the Fire Sect. Don't you feel restricted by it? When you are at the Longhu club, work hard and catch up on this aspect. If there's an opportunity, go and learn all their unique physical invulnerability skills or restricted godly skills!" Geezer Shi was so excited that his saliva was flying everywhere.

Unique physical invulnerability moves… Restricted godly techniques… Lou Cheng's mouth twitched a little, "Master, do you have to make it so clear…?"

Sounds like you wish to send me there quickly by postage…

My biological master!

Geezer Shi coughed and continued, "Your master is doing this for your own good. Brat, there're not a lot of opportunities for one to get in contact with restricted martial arts. This matter is settled then. With the proud nature of Dragon King, what could you have done otherwise when he had called you personally."

"Alright, alright." Lou Cheng heaved a sigh of relief in secret.

"Cough, there might be a persistent old fool looking for you in the next few days trying to invite you using my name. You just have to reject him directly and don't talk too much to him." Geezer Shi suddenly recalled something. 

Two days ago, he had accidentally revealed his disciple was most likely not returning to the Wuyue Club…

"Who, who's that?" Lou Cheng was confused about what he heard.

Geezer heaved a sigh and continued, "I was ignorant when I was young and came to know this old man. He has been giving me a headache since then. To sum it up, don't give him a chance to continue and make use of what you said."

After saying, he hung up the phone and started looking for some delicious alcohol in his daughter's house. Lou Cheng was left in a daze outside the washroom.

Who would it be? Where would he be from?

These two questions didn't persist for too long. On the first night of vacation, Lou Cheng received a call from the "old fool" his master had talked about.

The guy was smiling enthusiastically, "Little Lou?"

"Yes, may I know who you are?" replied Lou Cheng politely.

"I'm a good friend of your master for a long time. My surname is Wu and is currently devoting all my remaining energy in Haiyuan Club. I believe Jianguo mentioned me to you?" The voice from the other end didn't sound too old. Instead, it sounded a little rich with and shallow.

"He mentioned a little. You must be Wu Molian, Senior Wu right?" Lou Cheng roughly knew who he was after hearing "Haiyuan Club" and "Surname Wu".

Which one pin expert participating in professional competitions wasn't well known outside?

"Yea, it's me the 'Empty Nest Greybeard', " chuckled Wu Molian. "Little Lou are you interested in join our Haiyuan Club? Although we have not reached the top class circle, we are almost there. This old body of mine can still fight for five years more. By that time, "Witch" would have grown and "Cheetah" has basically agreed to join us. Li Xiaoyuan will also come over in the next year or the following year. If you are willing to join us, you would definitely be part of the core that we will focus on nurturing. You could learn all techniques of the club. Your basic salary would also be referenced to the level of physical invulnerability. If you want a house or a car, all you have to do is to say it…"

Keeping in mind the teachings of his master, Lou Cheng interrupted him,

"Senior Wu, I have promised the Longhu Club that if I'm not returning to the Wuyue Club, I'll go to them."

"The Longhu Club? They really struck quickly…" mumbled Wu Molian. "Little Lou, you have to think this through. You will just be one of the reserves in the Longhu Club. However if you are in Haiyuan, you will be the only one. To put it bluntly, their organization is big and has strict rules. Even if you are one of the Heavenly Sons of the Era, you would have to lower your head while going around. Hehe. What kind of terms did they give you?"

"Uhm. I don't know yet…" Lou Cheng answered honestly.

He had totally forgotten about it when he promised them.

As to the fact that he had not signed the contract, one had to keep his words while roaming the martial arts world!

"You don't know about it yet? Haha, Little Lou. This shows that they don't value you. What you need most at your stage now is attention." Wu Molian got excited suddenly.

Lou Cheng immediately replied,

"Dragon King gave me a call."

This should be sufficient importance right?

"Dragon King?" Wu Molian's heart sank suddenly.

"Yeah!" confirmed Lou Cheng.

Phew. Senior Wu shouldn't be continuing bugging me anymore right...

"Haha, Dragon King's strike is indeed fast, ruthless and accurate." sighed Wu Molian. After putting on a smile again, he continued, "Little Lou, you got to really consider this through. Dragon King is too arrogant and isn't easy to get along…"

He continued babbling for close to half an hour before Lou Cheng finally broke away from his persistence. Lou Cheng was mentally and physically fatigued from this incident.

He's really a persistent old man!

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The second of October, Lou Cheng returned to Xiu Shan and helped his parents with moving houses. Carrying a cupboard with a hand, he entered the cargo lift under the attention of a group of dumbfounded spectators.

Mum is really too much. It isn't like we have no money. She couldn't have just hired a company to help us move our stuff? She just had to find a vehicle and make us do all this by ourselves! Lou Cheng was complaining about Qi Fang in his mind as he carried the cupboard into the new house.

At this point, his phone suddenly rang. The screen was flashing and showing "Hipster".

"Haha, hipster. Why did you look for me?" Lou Cheng answered the call happily.

Ann Chaoyang laughed, "I heard that you are most likely not returning to Wuyue CLub next year?"

"It's a probably thing.," answered Lou Cheng without hiding.

"I'm asking on behalf of my master. Our Xinghai Club is ready to empty a slot for you." Ann Chaoyang went straight to the point.

"An invitation from "Queen of Thought"?" Lou Cheng felt cocky for a while before replying sincerely, "I have given my word to Dragon King."

"Dragon King?" Ann Chaoyang was rather surprised. After a short while, he laughed, "In that case, I will not babble on about the terms."

"How have you been in the Xinghai Club recently?" Lou Cheng diverted the subject and asked casually.

"I guess it's still alright? There are people educating me using you, Ren Li and Priest as examples every few days.," replied Ann Chaoyang with a light-hearted tone.

After chatting casually for a while, he hung up the phone. On the cellphone screen, the conversation time and person were shown:

"Three minutes, fifty seconds", "Silly Husky".