Master Of The End Times Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Qin Feng versus Chen Ming

It was a pair of hind legs from a beast, covered with greyish-black fur that was robustly sharpened. The shape of his legs had changed while his sport shoes were torn apart as they were unable to withstand the enlargement!

Chen Ming's height had also increased tremendously while the muscles on his body had become bulkier.

The height increase continued until he was two meters tall, and now, none of his body parts had the features of a normal human being.

It was as if he had become a werewolf.

Nonetheless, his horrifying aura was very close to an F-tier beast king.

The presence of his intimidating aura would heavily put pressure on any G-tier aptitude user.

"Ugh hoo" Lin Kai could not resist the gigantic force while being stepped on by Chen Ming's foot as he wheezed one final breath before his head drooped limply to the side, all life leaving his body.