Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Blood Dragon God

Watching the Quan Zhen Sect so easily wipe out Apocalypse, Little Stick and Stab Addict were left speechless.

"F**k you're kidding me right? This is Apocalypse's elite team that's personally led by Nine Solitary Spears! Boss' friends reallyare on another level" Little Stick sighed in admiration.

"Exactly! Did you see the guy with the pole just now? He threw the f**king boss away! Your pole is practically a rotten piece of wood compared to his!" Stab Addict gasped.

The scene of Wang Yu lifting up a boss and throwing it was much too stimulating for most people to take in. Without sufficient preparation, most wouldn't be able to believe what they just saw.

"Yea no shit man! Did you see his face? He looks almost exactly like our boss! I'm telling you they're definitely brothers in real life! And this guy should only be a bit weaker than our boss!"

"I feel he's stronger than our boss though" Stab Addict honestly replied.

"But the boss is the one that pays us"

Inside the respawn point of Heavenly Dragon City.

"F**K!!!! We got tricked by those Quan Zhen Sect idiots again and they even stole our boss!!! There's no way I'm going to let this slide! We're going back to kill them now!" Nine Solitary Spears seethed.

"Er boss We can't just charge back like this" Brother Light weakly coughed.

Wang Yu's might was all too clear in Brother Light's mind. What's more, he had the entire Quan Zhen Sect with his now. If they just ran back without any preparation then they would be throwing away another 10% of their experience points for nothing!

"That's right! The Quan Zhen Sect are beyond despicable! And they're with a few Peerless Heaven players now. There's definitely some sort of trap waiting for us if we go back!" Scheming Beggar spoke up as well.

"Peerless Heaven? They're nothing more than a bunch of gold diggers. So what if they have more players? In the end they'll still get killed by all of us!" Nine Solitary Spears countered.

"Although that's true, at this stage of the game where everyone is still low levelled and the specialities of each job haven't been unlocked, manpower is one of the most important factors in a guild's strength. Furthermore did you see the Pugilist called Iron Bull? From what I've heard he's Evil Rampage's older brother and is much stronger than him as well!" Scheming Beggar explained.


After hearing Scheming Beggar's words Nine Solitary Spears couldn't help but shudder. Since the day he entered Heavenly Dragon City, there was never a shortage of guilds that Evil Rampage had suppressed. Furthermore, these guilds had never dared to defy him again previously because of how skilled he was!

Nine Solitary Spears had once personally bore witness to one of Evil Rampage's fights and knew that it wasn't a problem for him to fight ten or twenty players alone! And now there was another player who was supposedly even stronger than Evil Rampage? What was he supposed to do now?

"So that's it? We're just going to let this go just like that?" Nine Solitary Spears dejectedly muttered.

"Hpmh! How can we just let it slide like this? Since they like fighting bosses so much then we'll just give them another! But this one will be from West Gate..."

"West Gate? You're going to bait the boss from the Blood Dragon Heights?" Nine Solitary Spears asked.

"That's right! I refuse to believe that they can beat that demon!"

"Excellent! This plan of yours is truly underhanded! I love it!" Nine Solitary Spears madly laughed.

West Gate was an Archer in Apocalypse and his full name was Western Abyssal Gate. Although his abilities were extremely mediocre, he did have one attribute that was miles above other players - his Dexterity.

Archers already had the highest Dexterity pout of all the jobs in <> and this madman dumped all of his attribute points into Dexterity! What's more, he had previously commented a hidden quest which rewarded him with a pair of top grade shoes. With all of these, Western Abyssal Gate became the fastest player in the entire Heavenly Dragon City!

When Apocalypse was fighting the Nian Boss a while ago, if it wasn't for him distracting it from afar, the other players wouldn't have had such an easy time. If Spring Halo hadn't locked him in place and prevented him from luring the Nian Boss away, the Apocalypse players wouldn't have been wiped out so easily!

"My Dexterity isn't high enough" Western Abyssal Gate weakly spat out. Hearing that Nine Solitary Spears wanted him to lure that boss, he immediately lost all his confidence.

Seeing this, Scheming Beggar took out a scroll and said: "Agility Of The Shadows. We got it cheating a dungeon yesterday. It doubles your speed for 10 minutes. That's enough time for you to lure it to those bastards right?"

"Enough, enough!" Western Abyssal Gate quickly grabbed the scroll and beamed.

"After you complete the mission I have 20 gold waiting for you! So you better put in your best effort!" Nine Solitary Spears added.

"Thanks boss!"

In the Blood Dragon Plains, the two Peerless Heaven players watching the Quan Zhen Sect chase the Nian Boss around and blasting it with firecrackers were completely dumbfounded.

When others were fighting the boss weren't they chased around like dogs? Yet these crazy bastards were just toying with it Such a scene was really too domineering!

Following behind the Quan Zhen Sect, they saw how the Nian was slowly forced into a dead end and then blasted to death slowly.

"So that's what the firecrackers and fireworks were meant for! If we knew this earlier than we wouldn't have spent so much time yesterday"

"Wait you guys killed thus boss without firecrackers yesterday?" The Quan Zhen Sect gasped. They were all familiar with the defenses of the Nian Boss and knew that players might not have even been able to deal 10 damage to it!

"Well, yea I mean our guild is pretty large! But it only gave us 100 points It's not much better than a Baby Nian!" Little Stick replied.

"Haiz the luxuries of a large guild"

As long as the over ten thousand players in Peerless Heaven all used their skills, even then Nian Boss would have been slain in a few rounds. In this day and age without AOE skills, even a boss would be helpless against such an army.

Amongst the items that it dropped this time was something that seemed to be a component.

This component was called "Occult Crystal" and couldn't be broken, refined or used in a potion in the end, Fearless decided to throw it to Wang Yu using his [Low Grade Engineering] as an excuse. Since every item was supposed to have a use, Wang Yu would have been able to find a use for it one day too!

And just like that, Wang Yu lost a chance to vie for an item he actually wanted.

After distributing the drops, they were about to leave when they heard a loud draconic roar.

As the roar echoed, a player ran past the Quan Zhen Sect in a blur and revealed a very lean figure following behind him.

Although the fight was humanoid, it had a large pair of horns on its head, blood red eyes and golden scales instead of skin. In its right have, the figure held a rifle.

As it closed the distance with the player running away, the figure pulled out its gum when it was about thirty meters away and killed the player in one shot.

Seeing this the everyone instantly froze on the spot.

Thirty meters instant kill? Where the hell did this monster come from?

When Little Stick and Stab Addict saw the monster their legs instantly turned to jelly...

"B Blo Blood Dragon God?!?!?!"