Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Prediction

"Quickly run away! I'll hold him back!" Wang Yu desperately shouted.

"Can you do it alone?" Spring Halo asked.

"I don't know but I'll hold it for as long as I can!" Wang Yu replied.

"Then hold him off longer!" The others shouted as the turned around and ran.

Suddenly the Blood Dragon God rolled away from Wang Yu and stood up five metres away from him.

When Wang Yu lunged forward and tried to close the gap, the Blood Dragon God jumped back again and fired at Wang Yu.

Wang Yu hurriedly raised his hands and casted [Energy Guard] to block.


Upon impact, Wang Yu's [Energy Shield] was shattered and he was sent flying backwards. With With jump, the Blood Dragon God retreated again while firing.

"Boom, boom, boom, boom!"

Not sensing any movement behind him, Wang Yu quickly turned around and realised that Fearless and the rest had all been slain

This boss really was too vicious Even if it didn't have any aggro there wasn't any need to be so aggressive

At this time, Fearless and the rest quickly sent Wang Yu a message and said: "Quickly run away! We're all dead now anyway!"

"I don't think I can" Wang Yu replied as he dodged one of the Blood Dragon God's bullets and then muted the chat and closed it.

This boss was simply too fast and it even used bullets instead of arrows. Bullets weren't something that Wang Yu was able to freely catch just because he wanted to.

In <>, as long as players were fast and accurate enough it was possible for them to catch arrows in their hands.

Bullets, however, were a completely different matter. As long as a player came into contact with a bullet the system would immediately consider it as a successful shot. Wang Yu had already tested this out with the Vagrant Musketeers.

All that Wang Yu could do now was put in all his effort into dodging.

The speed a gunshot a bullet out was definitely much faster than any arrow could fly. The moment the gunshot was heard the bullet would almost immediately hit the target. For Wang Yu to dodge the bullets, he would need to look at the barrel of the gun and predict where the bullet would fly.

If he just stupidly turned and ran then he wouldn't be able to see the gun and definitely wouldn't be able to dodge. Hence he had no choice but to advance towards the boss.


Another gunshot rang out and Wang Yu quickly dodged towards the Blood Dragon God, leaving only six metres between them.


Wang Yu dodged the servings bullet and closed the distance again, leaving four metres between them.

Instead of firing immediately, the Blood Dragon God froze for a split second before jumping back a metre then raised its gun.


Seeing it's awkward movements Wang Yu suddenly realised something.

Dodging another bullet, Wang Yu moved forward by a metre again and noticed the Blood Dragon God retreating by a metre as well.

"Oh hoh! So it's like this!" Wang Yu chuckled to himself. He only had to wait another 10 seconds for his [Sunset Shift] to finish its cooldown.

Wang Yu continuously dodged the bullets and advanced towards the Blood Dragon God while it continuously retreated while shooting at Wang Yu.

At this time, the game control centre received an alert again.

The employee in charge of monitoring the game, Little Zhao was about to take a break when he suddenly received an alert. Opening the alert, Little Zhao looked at the map and urgently shouted: "F**k me! Old Zhang look at this! The boss that attacked the ninth district's Sky Dragon City had been triggered again!"

"All these goddamn players always causing trouble for themselves! The f**k did they go trigger it again for? Can't they even give us a break for the new year?" The nearby Old Zhang who was eating walked over and grumbled in annoyance.

Looking at the map, Old Zhang muttered: "That can't be right Why's it stuck in the Blood Dragon Plains? He's already been there for quite some time quickly zoom in on it!"

"Yes sir!"

Zooming in on the image, Old Zhang and Little Zhao saw a lone Wang Yu fighting against the Bos Blood Dragon God.

"Are you kidding me? Is this motherf**ker insane?" Old Zhang croaked.

The Blood Dragon God was a level 35 Independent Mode boss!

Little Zhao, on the other hand, pointed at the screen and cried out: "It It it's him again!"

"Again? You recognise this player?" Old Zhang quizzically asked.

"Yes! This is the monster from the seventh district that solo-ed the Silver Wolf King! Everyone from the morning shift has seen him before!" Little Zhao excitedly replied as he recounted the scene of Wang Yu fighting the Silver Wolf King. To him, the memory was a fresh as if he had just watched it yesterday.

"For real? That Silver Wolf King is an Independent Mode boss too" Old Zhang frowned as he put his food down and seriously stared at the screen.

"He dodged it's [Precision Shot]..."

"He dodged it again"

"How can this be? Show me his attributes! I want to know what his Dexterity is!" Old Zhang cried out in disbelief.

Pressing a few buttons, Little Zhao pulled Wang Yu's attributes window on the screen.

Looking at Wang Yu's attributes, Old Zhang froze again. "Level 19 and with his equipment he has less than ninety Dexterity quickly go check on him, I refuse to believe that he's not hacking!"

When the boss was designed, it was programmed such that players would need at least 190 Dexterity before they could hope to dodge its attacks. Even then, it would take a great expert to do so.

Yet now Wang Yu who barely had more than 80 Dexterity was repeatedly dodging its attacks! Although the game would have a few bugs in its early stages, something like this shouldn't be possible without hacking!

Connecting to Wang Yu's account and helmet, Little Zhao did a thorough investigation before reporting: "There's nothing! He definitely hasn't tampered with his account or the game in any way!"

"That's impossible! Then how is he dodging all those bullets?" Old Zhang insisted.

After inspecting the video on screen again, Little Zhao replied: "According to my experience, he's dodging before the bullet is even fired!"

"The f**k is that supposed to mean?" Old Zhang replied in disbelief.

"Have you heard of [Prediction]?"Little Zhao asked.

"Isn't that the passive skill from some old game?" The nearby Little Li joined in the conversation.

As a professional game manager, he was naturally well versed in many popular computer games.

"En that's right! Supposedly real martial arts experts are able to follow the movement of their enemy's eyes and wrist and predict where they're going to shoot! I feel that this man is one of those legendary experts!" Little Zhao excitedly exclaimed.

"Come on man be realistic! What era are we in now? Who even learns that nonsense?"

"That right! No one even watches those kinds of action movies anymore! No one would even learn that shit!"

"Just because you haven't seen it before didn't mean it's not real! China is so big so there's definitely a few hidden monsters like that are lurking around!" Little Zhao adamantly defended himself.

"Why don't you slow the video down and see what he did?" Old Zhang frowned.

"En!" Little Zhao nodded and slowed the video.

At a tenth of the speed, everyone in the game control centre saw that three moment the Blood Dragon God's wrist twitched, Wang Yu had already started to dodge!

It was exactly as Little Zhao had said, this player really was one of those hidden martial arts masters!

With low attributes like these, for Wang Yu to be able to accurately judge where the Blood Dragon God was aiming at based on the movements of his wrist and react to it was simply inhuman!

"Why's it look like he's dodging in a certain way though?" Someone else suddenly asked.

Based on common sense, if one encountered such a boss and couldn't escape then they choose dearth instead of wasting their time!

"I think he's trying to close the gap and get into melee range!' Little Zhao replied.

"Is he really trying to kill the Blood Dragon God???" Everyone gasped again. This was a boss that once laid siege on an entire city alone and this madman wanted to solo it?

"Heh, the Blood Dragon God's speed vastly outstrips his, no matter how much he advances he'll never get into melee range!" Old Zhang laughed.

"Senior, don't you see the shoes he's wearing?" Little Zhao bitterly laughed.