Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Open Goal

[Sunset Shift] (Active): Teleport to a fixed point in a 5 meter radius. 60 second cooldown.

"..." Looking at Wang Yu's equipment, Old Zhang was stunned into silence yet again.

Most, if not all Independent Mode bosses in the game were part of the highest rank quests. The Blood Dragon God, for example, was one of the bosses a player needed to slay for an S rank quest!

S rank quests were publicised as impossible to compete. However these quests weren't really impossible, otherwise, there wouldn't be any point in creating them.

What this meant was that as long as the player found the right strategy, they would be able to cheat the quest. Among the designers, this was known as the breakthrough.

For example the breakthrough lied in the large tree in the area. Only a complete demon like Wang Yu could ignore the breakthrough and kill the boss with pure brute force.

The breakthrough for the Blood Dragon God lied in distance!

If players could get within three metres of the Blood Dragon God then it would keep its rifle and engage in close combat!

Of course to prevent players from simply rushing towards the Blood Dragon God, it was programmed to retreat the moment a player was less than five metres away from it. With its speed, as long it was willing then no one would have been able to get close to it. Even the fastest Archer wouldn't be able to come close and not every Assassin was like Frost Blade with an item that could enhance the effectiveness of [Stealth] could do so.

[Sunset Shift] was a slightly weaker teleport skill and was an item skill as well so the Blood Dragon God had no way of knowing how to react to it.

However despite all this Old Zhang still scoffed: "Hpmh! Does he really think that the Blood Dragon God is so easy to fight in close combat? How childish!"

The Blood Dragon God was a Pugilist as well as an Archer so its close combat prowess were no joke either. For a Pugilist that wasn't even level 20 to try and fight the Blood Dragon God was nothing more than a joke!

While they were still talking, Wang Yu had already rolled just outside the five metre zone around the Blood Dragon God.

With a bright flash, Wang Yu appeared right in front of the Blood Dragon God.

Without even reacting, the Blood Dragon God emotionlessly slung its rifle around its waist and punched towards Wang Yu's chest.

The moment Wang Yu landed he immediately twisted his body and shot a [Rippling Wave] at the ground to propel himself backwards and avoid the attack and land before the Blood Dragon God.

The moment the Blood Dragon God's attack missed, it immediately stopped in its tracks and lunged backwards at Wang Yu.

"Ai It's really an NPC!" Wang Yu sighed.

What was a perfect counter to these game designers was nothing more than an open goal for Wang Yu!

In Chinese martial arts, there was a saying "never kick above the waist". Yet now the Blood Dragon God had already kicked towards Wang Yu's chest.

In the face of this attack, Wang Yu unhurriedly formed a claw with his hand and grabbed it's ankle and pushed it above his head. Following this, Wang Yu activated [Thunder God's Stomp], wreathing his leg in lightning and kicked towards the Blood Dragon God's groin!


Seeing this the spectating GMs were at a loss for words. This player was really too vicious


A blood red number appeared above its head. This kick had not only hit a vital spot but was also a critical hit!

With a pained roar, the Blood Dragon God crashed onto the ground. When it stood back up it's originally cold and expressionless face was now seething with rage.

"And here I was still worried that you wouldn't be vulnerable there" Wang Yu smirked.

Hearing Wang Yu's words, the Blood Dragon God's exhortation darkened even further as though it had been insulted.


With a cold snort the Blood Dragon God was just about to retreat when Wang Yu immediately launched himself forward with [Crushing Blow]. It took him so much effort to close in so how could he let it escape so easily?

Just as Wang Yu was about to hit it, the Blood Dragon God bent forward and tried to grab Wang Yu. With a light chuckle, Wang Yu cancelled his skill and dodged the grab.

When the Blood Dragon God attacked, it had been used the Pugilist skill [Flying Knee] and only had one leg on the ground. When Wang Yu dodged it, he immediately followed it up with a low sweep to the Blood Dragon God's supporting leg, causing it to lose balance. Just as it was about to fall, it immediately used [Lateral Kick] to try and strike Wang Yu's head.


To Wang Yu, this [Lateral Kick] was an open goal as well so he seldom used it in the way that it was designed.

Seeing the Blood Dragon God use this skill almost caused Wang Yu to burst into laughter. However he quickly suppressed it and used his own [Flying Knee] to strike and grab its ankle before violently stomping down on its groin again.


Watching Wang Yu's brutal treatment of the Blood Dragon God, the GMs couldn't help but shudder and think: "Does this crazy bastard want to turn the boss into a eunuch or something?"


Being kicked in the groin twice in a row made the Blood Dragon God completely explode with rage. As it roared, a golden light enveloped its body and it jumped a great distance away from Wang Yu and pulled out two pistols.

"The f**k? Why's it two pistols now??" Wang Yu gasped as he saw the Blood Dragon God's new weapons.

Facing him with one gun was already incredibly difficult and now he had two?

With another roar, the Blood Dragon God's pistols emitted a golden glow as it began to fire a barrage of bullets at Wang Yu.

"This kind of useless broken pistols has a semi-automatic firing mode? This really isn't logical at all!" Wang Yu grumbled as he struggled to dodge. Due to the massive amount of bullets, a few had ended up hitting him, causing his health to rapidly fall.

[Bullet Storm]: Fire fifty bullets in 3 seconds, bullets have an explosive effect.

Seeing that the Blood Dragon God had used this skill, the GMs coughs final let out a sigh of relief.

Seeing their personally created boss defeated by a low level player like that was like watching the daughter they carefully raised being married off to a homeless beggar!

"No! He's not dead yet!" Little Zhao suddenly shouted.

"How can that be? If he can really dodge all fifty bullets then there's really something wrong with the system!" Old Zhang declared in disbelief.

"He didn't dodge them all, but he has the Heavenly Silk Armour" Little Zhao mumbled absentmindedly.

"F**k! How does one player have so many good items?" Old Zhang angrily slammed the table.

Old Zhang was one of the head designers of the gave and naturally knew that the Heavenly Silk Armour had a passive skill called [Spirit Guard] that provided invincibility for 2 seconds. With this skill, the Blood Dragon God's fifty bullets might as well not even have been shot!


Seeing Wang Yu emerge from the smoke unscathed, the Blood Dragon God's expression was the same as Old Zhang's.

"I almost got blasted to death by you!" Wang Yu energetically laughed.

By the time Wang Yu finished talking, [Sunset Shift] had finished cooling down as well and Wang Yu teleported next to the Blood Dragon God again.

Although the Blood Dragon God's fighting abilities weren't bad, it's main job was still an Archer so all its skills were mainly focused on the bow. In the eyes of a master like Wang Yu, it was nothing more than a fumbling child.

In the entire <>, the Informant was the NPC with the greatest martial skill and even he couldn't keep up with Wang Yu! So how could a half-baked lizard hope to battle him?

Wang Yu used his fists, elbows, knees and shoulders to repeatedly strike the Blood Dragon God. Combining his own skills with the in-game skills, Wang Yu was able to continue his combo indefinitely, beating the Blood Dragon God until it didn't have any ability to resist.

Watching the Blood Dragon God's health continuously fall, the GMs were tongue-tied by Wang Yu's perfect fighting abilities.

"F**k me! It's like he's the boss in this fight!"