Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Occult Crystal

If Wang Yu hadn't already obtained the Fire Dragon's Blood, he wouldn't have understood how difficult this quest truly was. However after seeing the Fire dragon's Blood on the list, he realised that he would have to slay five bosses!

The Blood Dragon God was an Independent Mode Gold grade boss! If Wang Yu hadn't found its breakthrough, then he would definitely have died.

Looking at the quest description, Wang Yu got the feeling that the other four bosses would definitely not be any weaker than the Blood Dragon God

Light and darkness were the two main factions in the game while titans were monsters that rivalled dragons in strength although the killer sounded ordinary, the more ordinary the enemy seemed, the stronger it was. This was a concept that Wang Yu was extremely familiar with.

Originally, Wang Yu had planned on levelling up some more before trying to take on this quest so he would have a greater chance of succeeding. However, the creators had already predicted that the player who accepted this quest would try something like this and directly sealed his experience points.

There really never was a limit to the difficulty of this quest huh

Noticing Wang Yu's downcast expression, the Informant lightly said: "Young man, when the Martial God was still your age he already had the capital to challenge gods! A true martial artist will never back down in the face of adversity! The great Martial God once said 'A martial arts never fears a challenge'!"

A true martial artist never fears a challenge!

The Informant's words instantly ignited Wang Yu's fighting spirit. As a real martial artist himself, Wang Yu had always dreamed of becoming an undefeated god of war. However through the passage of time, Wang Yu's fighting spirit had gradually cooled down. Yet now, because of a few words the Informant had said, Wang Yu's enthusiasm had come surging back. To become a powerhouse, one needed a brave heart!

"Thank you master! But where do I find these items?" Wang Yu resolutely nodded.

"How should I know?" The Informant yawned.

"Aren't you a martial artist too? Shouldn't you have cleared this trial before as well?" Wang Yu asked again.

"I did! But when I found out how powerful the enemies I was supposed to face were, I gave up the quest However since the Martial God needed a successor..." The Informant righteously declared while puffing out his chest.


"Don't look so down! If you complete this quest, you'll be the Martial God's first true successor!" The Informant chuckled.

"Does that come with benefits?"

"Does being the only one in history count?"

"Just pretend that I didn't ask..."

After learning the two level 20 skills, Wang Yu turned around and left the alley.

[Iron Body] (Active) (LV 1): The Fighter uses his well-trained body to slam into the target, causing 150% of physical attack as damage to the enemy while causing knockback and fractures. While using the skill, the player is temporarily invulnerable. Costs 50mp.

[Storm Palm] (Active) (LV 1): Qigong Master compresses a large amount of energy into palm and damages the opponents. All enemies within 5 metres will receive 150% of the user's magical attack as damage. Costs 50mp.

After level 20, the different jobs would start showing their specialities and start gaining stronger skills. [Iron Body] granted brief invulnerability and [Storm Palm] was an AOE skill. These both plainly displayed the main traits of each of their respective jobs.

Watching Wang Yu leave, the Informant put down the jar of alcohol as his eyes became clearer. He couldn't help but sigh and remember the last time that he had seen the Martial God.

"A true martial artist never fears a challenge? Then can I just give up on becoming one..."

"Ai How unlucky can I be It's time for me to leave but I still can even find a worthy successor Forget it, I'll just break the tradition and give it to you for now. You better find me a proper and worthy successor in future you understand?"

"I understand! But do I get any benefits"


Thinking up to this point, the Informant softly sighed: "Don't disappoint me kid..."

When Wang Yu arrived at the guild headquarters, the other had already gathered and were waiting to enter a dungeon. After he found out, Wang Yu dejectedly sighed: "You guys go ahead. I don't feel like it..."

"What's wrong? Did you argue with your wife or something?" Ming Du jokingly asked.

"I accepted a new quest and now my experience is sealed!" Wang Yu grumbled as he sent a screenshot of the quest to the guild chat.

When the others say the picture they couldn't keep themselves from smiling. Spring Halo even laughed: "Hey! This means I can finally catch up with you!"

"F**k!" Seeing these bastards celebrate over his misfortune, Wang Yu got even more depressed.

"Well you can keep on wallowing in sadness then. We're going to clear this dungeon! Remember to come with us later to hunt the Nian Boss again!" The other knew that the only reason Wang Yu went to clear dungeons with them was because of the experience points. Now that Wang Yu could gain any experience points, they knew that there was no way to convince him to come along.

Furthermore, these bastards were more used to others begging them for help. Most importantly, if Wang Yu wasn't around, that was one less person to fight over a drop with!

After they left, the only people left in the guild headquarters were Li Xue and the others.

In the past few days, the four of them had mostly been holed up in the guild headquarters buying materials, crafting medicine, crafting armour and the like. Occasionally, they would go out to hunt for some limestone powder as well but that was a rare occurrence. All in all, their recent days had been incredibly peaceful.

Walking around aimlessly, Wang Yu ended up walking into the forge where he saw Mary currently forging something.

Mary had always been a very stubborn girl. She knew that the only reason the three of them had been able to join the Quan Zhen Sect was because of Li Xue. Although she had always joked about finding a rich man to take care of her, actually having to rely on someone completely left an odd taste in her mouth.

Thus, Mary had been religiously practising her forging since she joined, in hopes that she could prove her worth.

There were no shortcuts if one wanted to train their sub-class. The only way was for the player to repeatedly craft items. Only after crafting a high grade piece would they gain some experience for their class.

It was due to this that players who actually trained their sub-class to the apex were so rare. However for these girls that didn't have a very good sense for battle, training their sub-class was much much easier.

The forge in the guild headquarters didn't require a rent or have a long queue to use it. When Mary got bored or tired, she could easily go out and stretch a little and then continue crafting. Right now, Mary had already possessed [Middle Grade Forging]

Seeing Wang Yu walk in, Mary wiped the sweat from her forehead and greeted: "Hello Mr Landlord! What're you doing here today?"

"Just strolling. What're you making over there?" Wang Yu asked.

"An armour! Once I finish this piece I'll have become a Middle grade Blacksmith!" Mary happily replied.

In <>, the most important skill to craft heavy armours and weapons was [Forging].

"Ohhh!" Wang Yu nodded. In reality, Wang Yu didn't really understand the progression of a sub-class so he naturally didn't know how great a Middle grade Blacksmith was.However after watching Mary diligently melting down various ores and hammering them into shape, Wang Yu took out a glittery crystal of his own and sat down at a workbench.

This was naturally the occult crystal that Wang Yu had received. It also happened to be the only item in his inventory that could be used.

"What's this?" Mary perked up when she saw the beautiful crystal. Being a girl, Mary naturally had a passion for gems. If this crystal was in her hands, it could have been worth an entire city but she wouldn't give it up.

"Occult crystal!" Wang yu replied as he sent her a screenshot of its description.

Reading the description, Mary realised that it was an item that couldn't be used for any sort of crafting. Feeling slightly lost she mumbled: "This thing doesn't have any use..."

"It might be useless to you, but it isn't to me!" Wang Yu replied as he placed the crystal on the table and took out a box of tools.