Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 1130

Chapter 1130 Diverting Attention

There was no need for Wang Yu to worry about the rest of the Quan Zhen Sect.

Before this bunch of fellas met Wang Yu many years ago, they were already wreaking havoc across all the different games. It wasnt as though they hadnt been in worse situations than this. They had more than enough experience when it came down to dealing with people trying to get back at them.

While Twilight City looked auspicious and peaceful as usual, there were plenty of hidden killing mechanisms in the dark.

Nobody knew when but there were quite a few unfamiliar faces that silently appeared on the streets of Twilight City.

Everyone was busy with their own matters and there was constant interaction with new people. Therefore, nobody would notice something like this.

On the roof of one of the churches in Middle Street, the Twelve Celestial Bodies were gathered as they started pointing their middle fingers and cursing the Quan Zhen Sect.

"This bunch of Quan Zhen dogs! Without that Iron Bull, they are really a bunch of cowards. They dont even dare to show their faces? Dont tell me they went offline?"

After so much preparation, it was already frustrating that they only managed to kill three members of the Quan Zhen Sect. After being ambushed once, the Quan Zhen Sect actually disappeared without a trace instead of looking all over the streets for their enemies. The Twelve Celestial Bodies had put all their time and energy into their plan to slaughter the players from the Quan Zhen Sect. This was why they were infuriated when they couldnt even find their opponents.

When Ratty saw how impatient his teammates were getting, he furrowed his brows and said, "You guys are just easily impatient Do you not realise that your current state of mind is putting all of you in a dangerous situation. The reason why they hide is just so that they are able to achieve this effect!"

Tiger replied with a frustrated tone, "And what happens if they choose not to come out? We cannot possibly wait here and do nothing right. We might be free but God of Death and the rest are pretty busy."

Ratty stuck out his chest and said, "It is normal for them to hide and not come out. Their leader is an intelligent man who must have guessed that we have professionals with us. The only reason they choose to hide is so that they can make us impatient in an attempt to get God of Death and the rest to leave. Lets just continue waiting and Im sure they will come out soon."

"Then lets just wait."

After Ratty said that, everyones anxious hearts calmed down slightly.

But at this moment, a message spread across the chat, "There are four ladies on Trading Street who are all from the Quan Zhen Sect."

"Four ladies?"

When the Twelve Celestial Bodies saw this news, they were pleasantly surprised as Chen Long held onto his dagger and said, "Boss is indeed supremely clever in his schemes. These fellas are finally out of their shells! No one is to snatch with me because these ladies are mine!"

"Hold up!"

Just when everyone clenched their fists and were ready to leave, Ratty suddenly called out, "What are you guys rushing for? Havent you been tricked by them before? These few people must be cannon fodders out there to test our firepower!"

After saying that, Ratty asked in the chat, "Those ladies are Archers, right? Are their levels high?"

Before coming, the Twelve Celestial Bodies had already done their research on the Quan Zhen Sect. They were aware that among the female players from the Quan Zhen Sect, only the two Archers were experts.

Very soon, someone replied in the chat, "No These four ladies are all of very low levels."

"You see! They are willing to sacrifice four low-level girls to test our firepower. If we go over now, we will inadvertently alert them. As long as we stay where we are, the next few to appear will be"

When Ratty saw the news from the chat, he couldnt help but flaunt how he managed to expose Fearless plan.

Evidently, Ratty was just like Fearless. He was clearly the type that would be too highbrow to be popular in the squad.

Not only did the Twelve Celestial Bodies ignore him, they even gathered to whisper among themselves.

"Aiya! Didnt expect the b*stards from the Quan Zhen Sect to have such affiliations with so many women."

"Indeed. We managed to ambush two today and including the one previous one and these four There are a total of seven of them."

"Damn it! Were both squads with slightly over ten members but they have seven ladies among them?! Im so jealous!"


The Twelve Celestial Bodies started shaking their heads and sighing.


When Ratty heard them, he clenched his teeth and fists as he wanted to give all of them a good kick in their stomach.

Concurrently in the Quan Zhen Sects office, Ming Du and the others were increasingly anxious as they couldnt sit still in the room.

Vainglory even pointed and scolded Fearless, "Damn it! Old Dog Fearless, not that I want to criticise you but what kind of stupid plan is this. Why are all the men here"


Ling Longmeng and Yang Nuo glared angrily at Vainglory.

Vainglory stopped talking for a moment as he glanced over and added, "And some ladies Aiya Pain, pain, pain."

"Pain your head! You cant even feel anything in the game!" Ling Longmeng casually hauled Vainglory to the ground before continuing his point, "Little Chicky is right. Why are the few of us hiding here while we let the helpless ladies out? Isnt this a little too overboard?"

"Dont worry! What kind of trouble will they even get into?" Fearless smiled.

"How can you be so sure? Those people outside are itching to kill all of us!" Boson commented.

"Alright, stop acting like that." At the crucial moment, Spring Halo stood up to pacify everyone, "Fearless has his reasons for doing things so everyone has to trust him."

"Exactly!" Fearless remained nonchalant as he continued, "Anyway, we wont lose much even if they die."

"F*ck! You piece of trash!"

When Fearless said something like that, everyone flew into a rage as they stood up to surround him. They were all ready to beat him up.

Just when everyone was becoming rowdy, the ladies sent a message into the chat, "Weve walked one round around Trading Street but we didnt see anybody selling materials at an extremely cheap price like Leader Fearless said."

"It seems like Im wrong!" a shameless Fearless replied, "The few of you can head back first. I will purchase the materials myself if I see him again."

"Oh" The ladies replied as they ended the conversation.

When everyone saw that the ladies were fine, they heaved a sigh of relief before cursing at Fearless, "If you ask them to go, they will also listen to you. So why did you have to resort to lying to them about this guy selling materials?! How dare you lie to women? Trash! B*stard!"

"Hehe!" Fearless smiled as he said, "What do you guys know! Im just worried that their acting skills might not be good enough!"


Everyone was not in the mood to deal with a troublemaker like Fearless so after cursing at him, they asked, "So what is our next step?"

Fearless replied, "This is what we are going to do. Old Li, go walk one round around the street."

"And what is the meaning of this?" Ming Du asked out of confusion.

Fearless smiled and said, "Were going to lure the snake out of their hole!"

"Havent the ladies done it already? The enemies do not seem to be around, ah," everyone questioned.

"No!" Fearless shook his head, "The four ladies were of low value so they were naturally not able to lure the enemies out. We have to be the ones out there to do it."

"Then shouldnt you have sent Old Li from the start? Why did you trouble the ladies?" everyone asked again.

Fearless grunted coldly as he replied, "Because the enemies are smart and they know we are smart too. Therefore, we have to divert their attention!"