Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 114

Chapter 114: I Don't Even Know You Ok?

After walking for a short distance, the Quan Zhen Sect soon split up to continue training or complete their own quests.

Frost Blade logged off to start spreading the secret in the forums while Wang Yu pitifully walked back to the city.

Fearless and the others had initially wanted to help Wang Yu with his quest. However after they heard that he could only share it with one person and he had to fight four other bosses on the level of the Blood Dragon God they instantly gave up. Instead, they insisted that a true man solved his own problems.

Naturally, Wang Yu didn't blame them for not having any loyalty. He had to face Independent Mode bosses after all Against a boss that knew how to target the weak first no one was confident that they wouldn't be a burden to Wang Yu!

After some consideration, Wang Yu decided to go to Vatican City first since it was the nearest. And only 20 minutes away by flying vessel.

Vatican City really lived up to its name as the capital of the human territory. Compared to it, Twilight city was nothing more than a small country town. The size of the city was one thing, but the most astounding aspect of the city was that it raised monsters for players to train on! The level 15 to 20 monsters were all located within the city itself! The players in these training grounds were all casually chatting away while hunting.

The entrance to the level 15 dungeon the Blood Soaked Church was in the city as well! It was right opposite the Priest training grounds and was filled with people.

"Level 15 Normal tier dungeon. 3 players seeking 2 more. Pugilists can f**k off"

"Level 15 Elite tier dungeon. We have an expert leading us. Looking for one more expert! Pugilists not welcome"

Hearing all the shouts from these players, Wang Yu felt slightly depressed. Pugilists really weren't welcome anywhere huh

Since Wang Yu was looking for the Scared Feather, then it was obvious he was looking for bthe oss of the light element. However this was the problem. Just looking at the element made it obvious that the boss was from the light faction

In <>, Vatican City was the stronghold of the entire light faction! The NPCs in the city were all definitely aligned to the light faction as well. The fact that Wang Yu needed to kill one of them made him slightly uneasy.

After walking around for a few hours, Wang Yu had still yet to find any clues so he decided to search outside the city.

Although Vatican City was a holy city, the large guilds that occupied it weren't any different from those in other cities. The level 25 training grounds outside the city were divided and marked out by the flags of each guild. An ordinary player wouldn't have anywhere to train at all!

Just as Wang Yu was about to bypass this area and look for the quest boss, he suddenly heard a series of shouts behind him.

"Catch her! Don't let get escape!"

"I'll give whoever catches her 100 gold!"

Turning around, Wang Yu saw a petite masked woman running out from the city with a large number of players in hot pursuit.

Among her pursuers, the one leading the charge was a Templar holding a shiny Gold grade mace. The rest of his armour had a blue radiance around it as well, giving him a very noble and heroic air.

The players behind this Templar were very well equipped as well, with each having at least two pieces of Silver tier equipment.

This scene caused Wang Yu to feel incredibly shocked. Most players were only using Iron Tier equipment at the moment and high level players were only using Bronze tier ones. If a player had one or two Silver tier ones then they would already have been considered experts! Even in the Quan Zhen Sect, most of them were still using mostly Bronze tier equipment.

Taking a closer look at the woman, Wang Yu squinted his eyes and mumbled: "Why does this person's figure look so familiar"

Although the woman was desperately running away, she was still able to avoid all the long ranged attacks from the mob. In a virtual reality game like this, there were very few people who could successfully dodge like this. And her abilities would definitely be considered top-notch amongst them.

"What're you looking at? Quickly help me!" The woman hurriedly shouted. For some reason, the moment she saw Wang Yu, her eyes immediately lit up in delight.

"Are you talking to me?" Wang Yu quizzically asked while pointing at himself.

"No shit sherlock! Is there anyone else around you?" The woman replied. With her incredible speed, she had already arrived next to Wang Yu.

Looking around, Wang Yu realised that the players around him had already scattered the moment the woman started running towards them, leaving Wang Yu alone

"Urgh, this voice is rather familiar" Wang Yu grumbled.

Seeing Wang Yu blocking the woman, the Templar's face darkened and he raised his mace and shouted: "Are you her accomplice?"

"..." Wang Yu cocked his head and silently stared at the Templar and thought: "Does he think the mace makes him an emperor or something? Even Sanguine Warflag isn't this self absorbed!"

"Hey! He asked you a question! Are you mute?"

Seeing Wang Yu ignore their leader, a player behind him shot an arrow at Wang Yu.

With a light chuckle Wang Yu grabbed the arrow and blandly replied: "I don't..."

Wang Yu had intended to say that he didn't even know this lady, however she immediately cut him off and shouted: "He's my big brother!"

"Who's your big brother" Wang Yu frowned and he turned and asked. Although the Wang clan was large, he didn't have any female cousins, let alone a little sister!

"You are" The lady smirked and then shouted: "Brother! These meanies are bullying me!"

"You have the wrong guy!" Wang Yu glared before turning around and leaving.

If the woman had simply hid behind Wang Yu or asked for his help, Wang Yu might ready have helped her because of his character. However, since she decided to try and coerce him like this, then Wang Yu definitely wouldn't help.

Although the others in the Quan Zhen Sect were shameless, they wouldn't fabricate a lie out of nothing like this. For her to try to drag down someone she had just meet like this was really too vicious!

Young Master Beijing was no fool. The moment Wang Yu caught the arrow he could tell Wang Yu was a great expert. So the moment he saw Wang Yu leave he secretly celebrated and shouted: "Hmph! He doesn't even know you you vile woman! Quickly surrender the 'sacred object' and follow us back to receive your punishment!"

"Sacred object?" Wang Yu stopped in his tracks when he heard the word sacred. To Wang Yu, anything with the word sacred was a possible clue to him.

Seeing Wang Yu stop, the woman beamed: "I knew you wouldn't abandon me"

"What's this sacred object?" Wang Yu asked.

Hearing Wang Yu's words, her face immediately sank and she whimpered: "Are you going to kill me for it too?"

"Just curious. If you don't let me see it then I'll really just leave you here!" Wang Yu chuckled. Taking Advantage of the situation was still really difficult for Wang Yu.

"Are you really going to leave me alone?" She started to panic.

"Look lady, we don't even know each other. Can you not talk like this?"

"Then at least lend me a weapon!" She desperately begged.

Suddenly, Wang Yu noticed that woman didn't have a weapon in her hands.

"What's your job?"

"Archer!" She hurriedly replied. It was no wonder she was having such a tough time escaping. No matter how skilled an Archer was, without a weapon ,they couldn't even attack!

"Return it to me when you're done!" Wang Yu shouted as he tossed a bow to her.