Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Escape

Bounty Quests were one of the types of quests that players could undertake in <>. They were usually issued by players and officiated by the system. As long as the player had completed the quest, the money would immediately be sent to their inventory.

From the decision that they had made, it was apparent that the four holy ballers were not just a bunch of stupid young masters. The Crimson Helm guild didn't have more than 500 players, no matter how many times they were killed, this would not amount to more than a few thousand gold.

The players from the Crimson Helm guild weren't idiots either. They would naturally go into hiding now that a bounty had been placed over their heads.

With just a simple hint from Wang Yu, Master Loft and Master Breezy had spent less than 10% of the money to get rid of their toughest competition...

No one else would have been able to come out with such a well thought out solution...

10 gold...

In this period of time where gold was extremely scarce, any player who even had 1 gold was considered a top tier player. If it hadn't been for the betting that the Sanguine Alliance had previously organised, the players from the Quan Zhen Sect probably wouldn't have more than a few gold on them.

For regular players, 10 gold was a huge sum of money...

Not to mention the fact that there was no limit to how many times they could complete the quest. Every time they killed a player from the Crimson Helm guild they would receive 1 gold... This was infinitely more enticing than obtaining 200 Vatican City merit points.

In the blink of an eye, the hungry gazes of the crowd had shifted from Wang Yu to Limitless Pavllions and the rest of the Crimson Helm guild.

"Everyone! Charge!" Wang Yu shouted as he bolted towards Limitless Pavillions. Before Limitless Pavillions even knew what was going on, Wang Yu had already grabbed him and flung him into the midst of the crowd.

The players were like a school of fishes in a feeding frenzy, swarming towards their prey...

Limitless Pavllions could be considered a top class expert, a guild master... yet he died a dogs death at the hands of the frenzied crowd.

Wang Yu immediately sent a private message to Yang Nuo, telling her to run.

Without the slightest delay, Yang Nuo turned around and fled. She had taken advantage of the chaotic battle to run into one of the alleyways in the streets.

"Stop her!" Master Breezy hollered when he saw the movements of Wang Yu and Yang Nuo, commanding his men to take action.

The Imperial Root guild, which had remained completely still throughout the previous fiasco, immediately sprung into action when they heard Master Breezy's command.

"Hold on a minute!" Wang Yu laughed as he brandished his pole.

"What's the meaning of this?"

Master Breezy and Master Lofty broke into a fit of laughter when they saw Wang Yu's actions... a mere Pugilist wanted to stop them? With just a pole?

Wang Yu faintly smiled: "If you have any problems why don't you bring them up to me?"

"F*ck him up!" Master Breezy coldly muttered, launching an icicle towards Wang Yu's face while Master Lofty raised his sword and used [Charge].

How could their underlings possibly sit still even after their bosses had taken action? A rain of skills rapidly flew towards Wang Yu.

Wang Yu swung his pole, knocking away all the incoming arrows and spells, raising his other had to block the [Charge] of the Warriors. Causing his health to plummet.

Wang Yu borrowed the force of the [Charge], flying backwards as he used the pole to launch himself into the fray.

Whilst in mid-air, Wang Yu located Master Lofty as he casted [Thunder God's Stomp] forcibly landing as Master Lofty burst into a ray of white light.

Wang Yu quickly casted [Rippling Wave], launching himself into the air once more.

Master Breezy, a Magician, was currently standing in the back lines chanting a spell when he suddenly saw a black shadow close in on his face... Master Breezy had been instantly killed by Wang Yu's pole.

Wang Yu promptly made the decision to retreat after killing these two young masters, using his pole to propel him onto the top of a wall. He lept off the wall as he activated [Sunset Shift] to get onto a rooftop.

The players from Imperial Root were utterly confused. As a city designed for humans, the walls of Vatican City were at least ten metres high, but Wang Yu had managed to so effortlessly scale it...

Ten metres... Even this was beyond the attack range of an Archer...

The players could only dumbly stare as they watched Wang Yu leap from building to building, making his grand escape.

Wang Yu heaved a sigh of relief as he angrily sent a message to Fearless: "You f*ck face, where are my reinforcements?"

"How do you have the time to chat with me when your reinforcements have yet to arrive?" Fearless replied.

"That's cause of a martial god! I managed to turn two guilds against each other and started a war! I only escaped because of my wit!" Wang Yu proudly replied.

Even though Wang Yu and Fearless were about on par with regards to tactics, Fearless had over a hundred schemes under his belt. It was rather impressive that Wang Yu had managed to escape from such a sticky situation by himself.

"Heh, those players that you duped are your reinforcements!" Fearless coldly laughed.

"F*ck!" It was only then that Wang Yu realised that he had been tricked by Fearless again.

"You should probably focus on running. You won't get a second chance once they realise what you're doing!" Fearless reminded.

Wang Yu closed the guild chat and sent Yang Nuo a message: "Have you managed to escape?"

"I'm almost at the teleportation formation!" Yang Nuo replied

"Good, wait for me, I'm almost there!"

Wang Yu closed the chat as he opened the map, increasing his speed towards Yang Nuo's location.

There were many inter-connected alleyways in Vatican City. But since she had a map, Yang Nuo was easily able to escape her pursuers. The teleportation formation was right before her eyes when a large black figure suddenly landed in front of her. Yang Nuo quickly raised her bow, preparing to fight back

Only when she had taken a clear look at the person in front of her did she lower her bow.

In the entire Vatican City, there was probably only one play that couldmake such an entrance: Wang Yu.

"F*ck! How did you reach so quickly?" Yang Nuo gasped.

"Hehe! This brother here can fly!" Wang Yu pointed to the roof. He had made a beeline towards Yang Nuo's location, running on the rooftops and evading the pesky alleyways.

"Showoff!" Yang Nuo muttered as she rolled her eyes.

Wang Yu drily coughed in the face of Yang Nuo's disdain, stretching out his hand as he spoke: "Who cares if I'm a showoff or not. The quest is complete, return me the bow!"

"And if I don't return it?"

"I still have the Scared Devil Stone!" Wang Yu replied.

"Shameless!" Yang Nuo squealed in frustration...

"You're overpraising me! I really can't compare to some of my friends..." Wang Yu faintly smiled. Compare to the other demons in the Quan Zhen Sect, Wang Yu really was a saint...

"Could I just buy it from you?" Yang Nuo really was reluctant to return the bow to Wang Yu. This bow's physical damage was high, it's attack speed was high. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the bow in Yang Nuo's hands was the best bow in <> right now.

"Then first... f*ck!"

A spear shot out behind Wang Yu. interrupting him mid-sentence and forcing him to dodge to the side...

"For the glory of god!"

The spear wielder loudly shouted as he swept forward with the spear. Wang Yu quickly rolled forward taking a good look at the aggressor the same time.

The figure was wearing a suit of silver armour, with a stern but empty expression. He was the city guard!