Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Deterrence

After finally leaving Desolate City, the players soon arrived at the Chevaliers Camp. After killing Dark Scorpion King Manus the group didn't encounter any more enemies.

For the rest of the journey, the players didn't dare to look at Wang Yu with any negative emotions. In any game, might was always right. No one would ever dare to disrespect a monster like Wang Yu.

Just before they arrived at the Chevalier Camp, Wang Yu quickly put on his shawl. Although he wasn't sure whether his Faction merit points would have any effect in Sin City, his -200 light points would definitely cause a scene in a light faction camp like this one.

Having safely arrived at the camp, the players were just about to heave a sigh of relief when they suddenly received a system notification.


Seeing this message, the players couldn't help but feel conflicted.

100 faction merit points and a special reward from the demon king were nothing more than empty words. Another word for special reward was random reward and players all knew that 99% of these rewards were trash. The 100 dark faction merit points weren't very enticing either. The only thing that caught their eye was the instant completion of the job advancement quest.

The level 20 job advancement quest wasn't very difficult in reality. In fact, it was actually incredibly simple. The quest was honestly just unbearably tedious. It was akin to traditional chain quests and had twenty parts to complete!

What's more, each and every stage in the job advancement quest were indifferent cities! All the stages involved trivial tasks like delivering rations or finding a lost pet. Furthermore, if a player failed at any stage, the would need to start over from the beginning. Without two or three days, it wasn't possible to complete the job advancement quest.

The main draw was that being two or three days ahead of others in this game was definitely enough to vastly outstrip the competition.

What made these players hesitate was Wang Yu. Only those who were doing their job advancement would receive this hidden quest. Someone like Wang Yu definitely wouldn't have gotten it. Was it really worth offending a super expert like him over a simple job advancement quest?

The threat that Wang Yu posed was more than sufficient to deter all two hundred plus players. Although he was just one man, the players all had an inexplicable fear of going against him.

"What's wrong? Why's everyone staring at me?"

With Wang Yu's heightened senses he was able to sense that the air about the surrounding players suddenly turned slightly hostile.

Ming Du leisurely sent a screenshot of the system notification to Wang Yu and yawned: "You see this? The system is trying to turn us against each other"

"..." Wang Yu could only stare at the surrounding players and then point at Dawn's First Ray and the others and said: "If my quest was just to protect the four of them then I would hand over the item to you. But I'll be honest with you guys. My quest is to steal it too"

"That's great then! Since it's like this then we just steal the item and hand it over to the dark faction together!" The players excitedly remarked when they heard his words.

"Wellll I'm actually using it for myself I'm not handing it over to the dark faction..."

"Using it for yourself" They silently muttered. No matter what it was, Wang Yu's quest never seemed to align with anyone else.

"Hmph! I think you guys shills just shock with the safer option. It's just a job advancement quest! It might be tedious but it's not that hard. But if everyone here wants to restart then don't blame me for not warning you!" Ming Du scoffed.

With that, Ming Du casually selected the reject option.

Ming Du's intentions were very clear and it snapped all the players back to reality. If they failed here then they would have to start from the beginning again

Although Ming Du's words helped these players come to three senses, their feeling towards him didn't change at all. The way that he had said I'd and his tone was incredibly off-putting and caused the others to feel displeased.

"The f**k are you boasting about? Do you think your Quan Zhen Sect is unbeatable? You think the three hundred of us can't win against two of you?" A Warrior angrily shouted.

It was one thing to oppose them but the Warrior was trying to rally the players against them!

What incensed Ming Du even more was that there were two other players next to the Warrior that were helping to stir the pot.

Having been motivated by these three, the other players morale suddenly began to rise and they stared at Wang Yu and Ming Du with gazes full of killing intent. At this point, they were ready to strike at any moment.

Looking at the chests of these players, Ming Du noticed that they all had the same emblem as Dust Free had. With a wave of his staff, a fireball landed at the feet of the three of them and turned them to ash.

"I'd advise everyone to consider carefully" Ming Du growled.

This was the difference between Ming Du and Wang Yu If it were Wang Yu, he would have first tried to reason with the players. Only if negotiations broke down would he retaliate. Ming Du, on the other hand, would directly kill another player as a threat However, the results of his methods were evident.


Following the deaths of the three players, the rest quickly settled down.

This scum's magic attack was so high that he could even insta kill a Warrior And he still had AOE spells at his disposal They couldn't even deal with him and they still had to worry about the even more demonic Wang Yu behind him Even if they succeeded, their losses wouldn't be light

These players generally only cared about their own personal gain. If the quest had a 90% success rate then maybe they would have taken the risk. However in a situation where there was virtually no chance of success,then even attempting it was nothing but a joke!

Thinking of this, the players couldn't help but sigh: "Forget it then We'll reject the quest"

"Thank you, everyone!" Dawn's First Ray and the rest emotionally bowed. The matter did concern the success of their own quest after all. Now that the players had rejected the Whispers Of The Demon King, the could finally relax a little.

"This It's only natural" The others blushed. They really hadn't even singe anything at all anyway.

"Brother Ming Du, Brother Bull thank you so much for your help!"

"I did it for myself, no need to thank me." Wang Yu lightly coughed.

"I don't need your empty thanks! You better compensate me for giving up such a valuable quest!" Ming Du darkly chuckled.

"Of course!" Dawn's First Ray gritted his teeth and smiled.

At the same time, Dawn's First Ray inwardly cursed: "Motherf**ker! I better be careful when I talk to this f**king scumbag in future!"

With that, the final hurdle in the escort mission was finally finished and Dawn's First Ray and the others happily lead the group into the Chevalier Camp.

Atticus was the leader of the Chevaliers and an incredibly strict commander. However, in his own tent, he was wearing casual clothing without his grey armour or his weapon. Seeing thus gave Wang Yu even more confidence in stealing the Killer's Soul.

"Praise the lord! It truly is glorious that such loyal and devout followers like you exist!"

Taking the bottle from Dawn's First Ray, Atticus spouted a few lines about the grace of the lord. When he had received the bottle, a ray of light descended from the sky and signified the quest was completed.

Ming Du lightly signalled to Wang Yu who then nodded and bolted towards Atticus. Raising his fist, Wang Yu heavily punched Atticus in the face, stunning him and almost knocking him to the ground.