Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Burial Site

Wang Yu was immediately surrounded by the city guards the moment he stepped into Hades City...

This was the second time the past two days that Wang Yu had been surrounded by city guards, nervously exclaiming: "For f*cks sake! Don't I have 100 merit points?" Wondering to himself if he should have taken off the Mask of Concealment in the first place...

Just as he was about to run away, the shout of the city guard at the front stopped him right in his tracks: "Noble God Slayer! Lord apostle has been expecting you!"

"Apostle... expecting me?" Wang Yu muttered.

While on the way to Hades City, Wang Yu had already done enough research about the faction of darkness to know that the strongest masters in this faction were the seven elders that had received the baptism of the demon lord. These seven elders were officially recognised as the seven apostles of the Sanctum of Darkness. To think that an apostle was waiting for him... did they know he was the successor of the seven heroes?

"Follow me!" The city guard instructed Wang Yu.

"Er..." Looking at the legion of city guards surrounding him, Wang Yu decided that it would be best for him to follow them.

The architecture of Hades City mainly featured jet-black and crimson red buildings, giving a demonic and domineering feeling.

Hades City and Vatican City were similar in that they were the capital of their respective factions and were extremely vast cities. The game designer had specially programmed several teleportation arrays in the city to reduce the traveling time within the city itself.

Within moments, Wang Yu had already followed the city guards through several teleportation arrays and arrived before a grand and archaic structure.

According to the system notification that he had received, Wang Yu had arrived at the headquarters of the Sanctum of Darkness.

The faction of darkness respected strength above all. It seemed as though the apostles were not only the religious leaders, but the ruling figures in the faction of darkness as well.

"Noble God Slayer, you've arrived!" A frail, shriveled old man approached Wang Yu the moment he stepped into the building...

Wang Yu immediately looked at the figure's attributes.

Wang Yu could not read anything other than his name and title. It seemed that this old man was the same as Zeus, a legendary end-game figure...

But Zeus had treated Wang Yu like how one would treat a friend... who would have thought that a legendary end-game boss would treat Wang Yu in such a manner. The difference really was like heaven and earth in comparison to how the Church of Light had treated Wang Yu...

"Greetings Lord Dwayne!" Wang Yu respectfully greeted, repaying respect with respect.

"No need to be so courteous God Slayer. You've really done us a huge favor with your recent assassination of Atticus! Is there any way we can repay you?" Dwayne smiled.

Wang Yu was dumbfounded... this was obviously the orchestration of the system, he never had such intentions... but since Dwayne had given him such a tempting offer, there was no way that Wang Yu would stand on the occasion, immediately asking: "The reason that I came to Hades City was to find the 'Abyssal Bones'!"

"Abyssal Bones?" Apostle Dwayne stared intensely at Wang Yu when he heard those words: "Oh you are a Martial Artist! No wonder you have such heaven-defying strength!"

"Er... is there a correlation between these two matters?" Wang Yu asked.

"Martial Artist..." A vacant look filled Dwayne's eyes as visible fear surfaced on his face: "Who would have thought that his successor would appear after so many years..."

"Martial Artist, are you looking for the Abyssal Bones?"

"Yes, I am!" Wang Yu nodded, this old man had finally decided to broach the topic.

"Go to the Burial Site then!" Dwayne replied before proceeding into yet another lengthy monologue: "Many years ago, this was a city ruled by a Demon Lord. But a Martial Artist appeared out of the blue, defeating the Demon Lord. As he was on the verge of defeat, the Demon Lord dragged the Martial Artist to hell with him... only then did the Martial Artist spare him..."

"Why did he do that?" Wang Yu inquired.

"Because the Martial Artist saw the desolate state of hell. It was then that he realised that the Demon Lord had done what he did with the best interests of his subjects at heart. Even though demons and humans existed in the same realm, the humans were enjoying prosperous and flourishing lives while the demons were suffering to even survive...

Wang Yu nodded as he heard Dwayne's explanation before finally speaking: "What you're saying is reasonable, but that doesn't change the fact that you guys are fundamentally evil!"

"Is there really such a thing as something inherently good or evil in this world?"

"But you guys encroached on the lands of others, this itself is an act of evil no matter how you look at it!"

"Is it now? The previous Martial Artist said the same thing as well..." Dwayne indifferently replied: "At the end of the previous war, he did not pursue us to the point of extermination. Rather, he granted us this plot of land and hoped that we would be able to exist here peacefully... we truly are indebted to him!"

"How complicated..." Wang Yu's mind was spinning. Wasn't the Martial Artist one of the seven heroes? Why exactly did he help the faction of darkness?

"It's not complicated at all. The Martial Artist often said that chaotic times bred heroes. But who was the true hero? Who was on the side of 'justice'?"

"So you're saying, throwing away the notion of race and trying to establish a sanctuary for all races was the true 'justice'?" Wang Yu asked.

"That's right! You really are quite intelligent, you will definitely obtain his approval! That Demon Lord ended up becoming the Martial Artist's best friend, the Abyssal Bones you seek in the Burial Site are precisely his bones. But be warned, the Demon Lord's spirit is eternal, even though he doesn't have a physical body anymore, his powers are by no means weak! Be careful Martial Artist!"

"Many thanks Lord Apostle!" Wang Yu cupped his fists and respectfully bowed to express his gratitude.

"No need to thank me, you should thank yourself for being so righteous! If your answer had been unsatisfactory, I would have had to exterminate you for the sake of the faction of darkness!"

"Exterminate me? What do you mean?"

"In the words of your kind, I would have beaten you back to level 0... I really can't risk allowing such a dangerous opponent continue existing."

"Oh..." Wang Yu sucked in a breath of cold air. This system really was brutal, even testing him under such circumstances... no wonder people said that the forces of darkness were the best at acting.

"But you did great! I wish you all the best!" Apostle Dwayne chuckled as he waved his hand, sending Wang Yu with a ray of darkness.

Shortly after, Wang Yu received a system notification.

At the same time, a black vortex appeared before him...

As Wang Yu hesitantly stuck an arm into the vortex, a strong force suddenly pulled his entire being in.

Acquiring the Abyssal bones within an hour, completion rate 60%
Destroy the spectre of the Demon Lord and acquire the Abyssal Bones within an hour, completion rate 100%. Granting the player +100 merit points in the faction of darkness

Failing to complete the quest in the stipulated time

(Failure to complete this quest will cause the player to lose 100 merit points in the faction of darkness.)