Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Assimilation Skill

The entire Twilight City was utterly shaken by the news that the Quan Zhen Sect was attempting yet another suicidal stunt.

A Hell tier dungeon wasn't like the rest.

A Hell tier dungeon was an actual physical location. This level of dungeon did not have the restriction of lower tier dungeons. Players could challenge it as many times a day as possible and there was no restriction to the number of parties challenging it at any given time.

Hence, every time there was a party challenging a Hell tier dungeon, the words 'Challenge in progress' would appear at the dias.

This was the most flourishing time for the dungeons, where every player in the city sought to challenge it to gain fame, money and experience points alike. But who would have thought that they would see the words 'Challenge in progress' at the Hell tier dungeon entrance.

"What the f*ck!"

"Is this for real?"

"Who could have done this? Why would they challenge a Hell tier dungeon?"

The crowd stared at the words on the dias, momentarily forgetting what they had even come here for.

"It's real, I saw twenty players entering the Hell tier dungeon earlier when I was about to challenge a dungeon myself!" A player suddenly spoke up.

"What the f*ck! Which hero is it?" The crowd gasped.

"I think it was the Quan Zhen Sect..." Someone mumbled.

"The Quan Zhen Sect? No surprise there."

The crowd fell silent after hearing it was the Quan Zhen Sect.

Even though players from other cities did not know of the exploits of the Quan Zhen Sect, the players from the Twilight City were very familiar with these tales. Tales of Wang Yu solo-ing the Sanguine Alliance, warding off Evil Rampage and so on.

"You can't be serious right? They only have eight members." Someone doubtfully asked.

"I think I saw Darknorth Fisher amongst the party...Maybe he brought his men along too."

"Darknorth Fisher? Che! I'm not sure if you guys have heard, but that man is just a piece of trash now. All his followers betrayed him to join the Pure Land guild and have even been hunting him down I doubt he has any men to bring along."

"I'm not too sure, but other than the members of the Quan Zhen Sect, there was a group of ladies as well..."

"Ladies? Ha Ha Ha, the fellows from the Quan Zhen Sect really are crazy, who would have thought that they would bring ladies along with them..."

The crowd buzzed with a sense of excitement as they gossiped about their own speculations.

"Hmph! A bunch of useless trash like them dare to challenge a Hell tier dungeon? I'm afraid they all be wiped out in a matter of seconds!" A few players loudly laughed.

"Ha ha, you gentlemen aren't natives to Twilight City am I right?" A Pugilist chuckled as he asked.

"How did you know?"

"Because a player from Twilight City would never say such words! That guild has the strongest Pugilist in the entire game!" The Pugilist boasted, puffing out his chest with a sense of pride.

"Hpmh! Pugilist? It's just a trash job!"

"You!!!" The Pugilist angrily roared as his companions held him back, quietly advising him: "Just leave it be..."

"Pure Lands guild?" A player gasped as he stared at the guild emblem on the chests of these players.

Inside the dungeon, Clinton had already been smashed into a pile of bones, his sceptre and sword lying on the ground as the players received a system notification.

There were many dungeons in the world of <>, on type of dungeon was known as a Team Dungeon and it was a massive dungeon which would take players a few dozen hours to complete. Thus there were save points created for dungeons that required more than twenty players to participate in.

After saving their progress, this allowed the players to return to it if they had been killed. But this was only a one time occurance.

Searching the corpse for items came after saving.

"Who wants to give it a try?" Wang Yu asked: "Since no one volunteered then I will do it!"

"No no no, don't you fucking touch that thing!" The players from the Quan Zhen Sect hurriedly shouted.

This man probably had the worst luck in the entire game. If he managed to find a piece of equipment meant for other classes it would still be alright, but if he found one meant for a martial artist...

"You should give it a shot Fearless!" Spring Halo suggested.

"So generous?" Fearless skeptically asked: "You're not trying to f*ck with me are you?"

Among this group of hoodlums, it wasn't like they had never played tricks on each other before.

"Of course not! You're the boss so it would be best if we give you some face in front of the outsiders!" Spring Halo replied.


"Really!" Spring Halo nodded.

"Then I won't hold back!" Fearless grinned as he reached out, pulling a skill book from the pile of bones.

[Orphans of War](Active): Uncommon skill. Summons an army of Skeletal Warriors to serve you. This skill is able to assimilate with similar skills.

Job requirement: Demon Shaman (What a Dark Shaman becomes after job advancing)

"Able to assimilate with other skills?"

Half of the players, like Wang Yu, did not understand what this meant. But the other half of the players understood how lucky Fearless was.

There were many types of skills in <>, other than the uncommon [Double Hand] skills, there were also uncommon skills that could be classified special skills.

Since there wasn't a Summoner job in <>, summoning skills were all considered to be special skills. Special skills were extremely strong and the system limited each player to only be able to learn one.

This made many players extremely angry. After slogging away from hours to find these skills, the ones that already possessed special skills were unable to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

In order to overcome this problem, there was this the assimilation system.

Two skills that were similar to each other could be assimilated into one skill.

In more layman terms, this meant that if there were two apples and a player could only eat one, the player could merge these two apples into a large apple and eat that one instead.

During the beta testing period where the drop rates of items and skills were extremely high, the most popular assimilation skills came from Thieves. They were able to assimilate the skills [Poison Slash] and [Tempered Poison] to create a skill called [Toxic Cut] which was extremely overpowered.

"Ha ha ha! Thank you Fearless! I'll be taking this! I just knew you wouldn't let me down!" Spring Halo happily laughed as he stared at the skill book.

The other players remained silent. Before they had even entered the dungeon they had already discussed how the loor would be divided. The loot would be divided based on their contribution and the job requirements for the loot. If their contribution were about even, players from the same job would roll the dice.

There were only two Dark Shamans amongst the twenty players, the other was a girl called Sanguine Azalea who had merely been spectating during the fight. If she really dared to vie for this skill book, even someone as good natured as Wang Yu would immediately kick her out of this party.

"Such is life..." The others sighed.

Since the Blood Soaked Church was a darkness attribute dungeon it was only natural for the loot to lean towards this attribute. Added to the fact that this was the first time that anyone had challenged a Hell tier dungeon, the loot would naturally be even better than it normally would. But who would have thought that they would even find an uncommon skill that could be assimilated. The loot from the Hell tier dungeon really did live up to the hype.