Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Kiting

"No way! There's no way that'll work! A certain someone here is a piece of trash, I think we should just retreat!" Ming Du angrily shouted as he pointed at Ivory Emperor.

The grudge between Ming Du and Ivory Emperor started a long time ago and it wasn't something that either party could easily let go of. Previously when they had been fighting Clinton, there were a few instances where Ming Du had almost sabotaged Ivory Emperor but was stopped by Wang Yu.

The thought of having Ivory Emperor do a task that he couldn't greatly angered Ming Du. Even though they were playing different jobs, didn't it mean that he was useless if Ivory Emperor could do something that he couldn't?

"Go f*ck yourself! You got a problem with me? Do you dare to challenge me or not? Why don't we compete to see who has the higher DPS?" Ivory Emperor roared.

"Do you dare to fight me in Specter Valley?" Ming Du shouted as he pointed his middle finger at Ivory Emperor.

The other players shook their heads in amazement. These two guys really were as shameless as each other. The three headed Gasol was practically immune to magic damage, but the monsters in Specter Valley were impervious to physical damage... they were simply trying to take advantage of the other party's weakness.

"Can you both shut up!" Wang Yu bellowed, glaring at the both of them..

"Er..." The duo immediately kept their mouths shut.

The other players heaved a sigh of relief. The deterrence effect of Wang Yu was simply too great. He was probably the only person in the gaming world that could make this pair of enemies stop arguing.

Of course, this was because Ivory Emperor was afraid of Wang Yu's power... Ming Du on the other hand was afraid that Wang Yu would simply kick him out of the party right before they completed the dungeon... Wang Yu would naturally not do something so insidious, but a petty person like Ming Du would naturally assume the worst of everyone around him.

"It'll definitely work! This lady is pretty skilled!" Wang Yu explained to Fearless.

"This..." Fearless was caught in a dilemma.

"They'll have to lure Gasol to the fountain, can they do it?"

The fountain was a special landform in this map and was even circular in shape.

"Relax! It's definitely possible!" Wang Yu laughed.

"Right?" Wang Yu asked Yang Nuo.

"Hmph!" Yang Nuo coldly snorted as she glared at Fearless, darting ahead of the rest of the party straight towards Gasol.

"Hey, you can be serious right? Are you trying to get yourself killed?" Fearless sighed when he realised that this Archer had chosen to run straight up to Gasol instead of shooting arrows at it from afar.

"It's alright, that the way she is..." Wang Yu explained.

"Regardless, that's too dangerous! I'll go drag here back!" Fearless stated as he began running in the same direction.

"No worries, just watch!" Wang Yu laughed.

The three heads of Gasol howled as they watched Yang Nuo draw close to them. The head in the centre glared at Yang Nuo as it spoke: "Despicable worm, hell is not a place you can enter so easily!"

Yang Nuo stopped in her tracks when she was about three metres away from Gasol, raising her bow and shooting an arrow at it.


A silver arrow flew through the air, landing in the jet-black head of Gasol.


A row of white numbers surfaced above Gasol's head.

"Holy...holy damage?" Fearless gasped in shock.

Holy attribute attacks could deal bonus damage to monsters of the darkness attributes. When a player dealt holy damage to a monster of darkness attribute, the damage would be shown in white instead of the usual red colored numbers.

An Archer that could deal holy damage was simply inconceivable!

The jet black head of Gasol's spat out a cloud of black gas after it had been shot by Yang Nuo. Yang Nuo nimbly stepped out of harm's way as she walked below Gasol, shooting the beast as she lured it towards the fountain.

The other members of the party immediately ran towards the fountain, setting up their formation.

"This woman is really strong!" Boson gawked as he watched Yang Nuo single handedly lure the boss towards the fountain.

"That's, that's right!" Crotch Lord stuttered as he watched this display.

Yang Nuo's movements became more apparent as she got closer to the other players, increasing the awe that they had for her.

"Is she kiting it?" Spring Halo asked in disbelief.

"That's right... she's kiting it!" Fearless nodded.

Kiting, was something that players in MOBA games did to kill their enemies.

Regardless of whether it was in <> or a normal keyboard and mouse game, Archers would always fight their enemy while trying to maintain the distance between them. Kiting was a high level move where the player would retreat and shoot their enemy, balancing their attacks and their movements in order to kill the opponent without being touched themselves.

But because of the way that the system was designed, kiting was extremely hard to perform in <>. This was why most long ranged players chose to attack their opponents from a far instead. Even in normal games, other than a few top class players, kiting was a virtually non-existent art.

This was an entirely different matter in <> altogether. The system was designed in such a way that there would be a short pause between a players physical movement and attacking the monster, since the player need to draw their bows. This made the thought of kiting a forgotten concept in <>.

Who would have thought that the lady that they were all looking down upon could actually perform such a legendary art!

"Uncle Bull, I'll glad I didn't offend her..." Vainglory sheepishly said. He had always been a person that looked down on female players, who would have thought that they day would come that he would actually meet a female player that was league ahead of him in terms of skills.

"This is impossible this is impossible..." Ivory Emperor mumbled incoherently. As the only other Archer in the party, his ego had taken a huge blow as he watched this nameless young lady kite the boss.

"F*ck this shit! How is this even possible? Even if she is using the Independent mode how is it possible that she is so fluidly attacking and moving at the same time? How is she kiting that boss?"

"Oh? That's right!" Only after they heard ivory Emperor's words did they realise something was amiss. The assisted mode in the game made it so that player's could not cancel their movements at the last second and attack instead.

"Look at her movements!" Darknorth Fisher suddenly shouted.

"What the f*ck! This b*tch is really doing it!"

As one of the top Archers in the game, Ivory Emperor immediately realised what Yang Nuo was doing.

Yang Nuo was not cancelling her movements at all, she was just able to perform the preparatory motion for shooting her arrow in a split second after her foot had touched the ground... this was even more shocking than the fact that she was kiting the boss!