Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Nebulous Sphere

The martial art that Wang Yu had just used was known as the nine chained revolutions. If this had been real life, Wang Yu would have been able to spin a complete round. However, because of the limitations of his attributes in game, four kicks was more than Wang Yu had expected to be able to deliver.

A Magician stood absolutely no chance against a Martial Artist at such a close range

Since he was a high-grade NPC, Kashmir naturally understood this principle so he desperately tried to escape the moment he landed on the ground.

Without panicking, Wang Yu leisurely charged towards Kashmir again and swept his leg backwards, causing Kashmir to stumble and crash onto the ground.

Following this, Wang Yu leapt into the air and heavily landed on top of Kashmir's body. Wang Yu then violently slammed both his fists onto Kashmir's body and launched himself into the air and then used [Eagle Stomp] and [Thunder God's Stomp] in quick succession.

Duang, duang, duang! Boom!

All four of his attacks landed right on the back of Kashmir's head.

"Sssssh..." Although everyone knew that Wang Yu was just doing his best to suppress this boss, they couldn't help but feel that his actions were too tyrannical. There wasn't even a sliver of hesitation in his eyes when he was stomping Kashmir underfoot.

Under Wang Yu's barrage. Kashmir wasn't able to find a single opening to retaliate or even escape from Wang Yu. Every move that he made was met with a fist or a kick from Wang Yu.

One after another, numerous blood red numbers floated above Kashmir's head. Next to the damage, there was another large number showing that Wang Yu had currently just performed an eighty seven hit combo

Within 3 minutes, Kashmir ended up being beaten to death by Wang Yu All throughout his ordeal, the desire to battle had never been extinguished. Even before he died, he had an indignant expression on his face. He simply couldn't understand how someone as strong as Wang Yu could exist without hacking

The names of all nineteen of them were blasted across the entire sever a total of three times before it finally ended.

"Heh look! The Quan Zhen Sect really did attempt and even clear the Hell tier dungeon!" The fans of the Quan Zhen Sect standing outside the dungeon shouted. To them, their idols clearing the dungeon was no different from them clearing it!

In the Elite dungeon, the Pure Lands players who were pitifully slugging it out with Andrea froze when they saw the world announcement and were nearly wiped out as a result.

"Are you f**king kidding me? That group of retards actually managed to clear the Hell tier dungeon??"

"That's right If the Elite tier is already so hard I really can't imagine what the Hell tier is like..."

"Hmph, so what! Our Pure Lands' elite team will clear the Hell tier soon anyway! Those bastards just got lucky!"

"But they got all the first kills..." Someone grumbled.

"It's just the first clear if a level fifteen hell tier dungeon anyway! Only a pathetic guild like theirs would even celebrate it!"

"That's true, that's true..." The others nodded to comfort themselves.

Meanwhile, Sanguine Rose who was sitting inside the Han's Inn felt incredibly vxed when she saw the world notification flashing in front of her.

Sanguine Rose was an incredibly petty and narrow-minded person. Although these three sisters had entered the dungeon together, she was the only one that had died and got ejected from the dungeon. When Sanguine Azalea and Primrose had excitedly shared the good news with her, the only thing that she replied was "K."

Although she might not have thought anything of her actions, Sanguine Rose's reply had caused her two sisters to feel like something was off.

However. Before the two of them had any time to discuss her peculiar behaviour, Sanguine Warflag had already impatiently sent a message: "So? How was it? Did you learn their formations?"

"This No We didn't..." Sanguine Primrose awkwardly replied.

"Then how did you even clear the dungeon?" Sanguine Warflag asked in confusion.

After giving it more though, Sanguine Primrose replied: "It's not that we didn't see what they did. It's just that it's not something that we can ever learn!"

"We have the same jobs as they do so what is it that we can't replicate?"

"Just watch it yourself!" Sanguine Primrose impatiently sent the entire recording of their dungeon clear toSanguine Warflag.

After the initial shock from their victory had worn off, everyone began crowding around Wang Yu and praising him. After this fight, their respect for Wang Yu's abilities had reached new heights. At this point, they were practically numb to all of Wang Yu's miracles.

"You're all over praising me. If it wasn't for your help, I couldn't have finished him off either..." Wang Yu humbly replied.

Wang Yu wasn't simply trying to appear humble. If it hadn't been for Defiant Tiger, Spring Halo and Ming Du, he wouldn't have had the chance to solo Kashmir like he just did. With all the spell orbs that had surrounded Kashmir, Wang Yu wouldn't have been able to start a combo at all.

Even though they all knew this, their opinion of Wang Yu's accomplishments didn't change in the slightest. There was definitely only Wang Yu ion the entire game who could solo and even kill a boss while his back was facing one.

Since Wang Yu had contributed the most to throughout the entire dungeon, the honour of rolling Kashmir's corpse for the items naturally went to him.

Even if his luck was horrible then so be it. If it wasn't for him, they wouldn't even have the chance to roll for any items anyway.

Wang Yu excitedly ran over to Kashmir's corpse and placed his palm on it.

: Quest item. </p> <p> Since this item was the main reason that Wang Yu had entered the dungeon anyway, it naturally went to his inventory. </p> <p> The second item </p> <p> <Despair's Sting (Fist Weapon) (Ancient) (1/8)> </p> <p> "Thank you Old Bull!" Vainglory immediately shouted when Wang YU showed the item to the party. Vainglory had just gotten the first fragment a few days ago when they had slain the Nian Boss so he hadn't expected to get another piece so soon. </p> <p> Thinking of the Ancient tier weapon that Yang Nuo wielded, Vainglory couldn't contain his excitement. </p> <p> "Call me uncle first!" Wang Yu chuckled. </p> <p> "Uncle Bull is the best!" Vainglory cupped his fists and shouted. </p> <p> Looking at the fragment in Wang Yu's hands, Ming Du teased: "Call him grandpa first! Shown some sincerity boy!" </p> <p> "I'll f**K your grandfather!" Vainglory shouted and lunged towards Ming Du. </p> <p> The third item. </p> <p> <Nebulous Sphere (Ring) (Obsidian)> </p> <p> Physical Attack: 7-15 </p> <p> Magical Attack: 37-42 </p> <p> Effects: </p> <p> [Shattering Halo] (Passive): Reduces the magic resistance of all enemies in an eight meter circle by 20%. </p> <p> [Devil's Righteousness] (Passive): Reduce the cooldowns of all skills by 20%. (Cooldown reduction cannot exceed 30%) </p> <p> [Nebulous Law] (Passive): Increase spell casting speed by 10% </p> <p> [Nebulous Transmission] (Active): Teleport to a fixed location in a five meter area around the user. </p> <p> Job Requirement: Magician </p> <p> Level Requirement: 20 </p> </p> <br><div><center><script async src="//"></script><!-- 300x250 --><ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display:inline-block;width:300px;height:250px" data-ad-client="ca-pub-2347204794553358" data-ad-slot="6528224103"></ins><script>(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});</script> </center></div><hr><!-- Rating --><script src="/themes_seo/novel/rs/js/jquery.min.js"></script><div style="width: 100%; text-align: center;"> <div style=" display: inline-block; margin: 2px;"><div class = "ratingthis hidden-xs"><span class = "rating" id = "default-demo" data-id = "292" style = "cursor: pointer;" data-score = "4.24" data-readonly = "" ></span><div class="rating-result" itemprop="reviewRating" itemscope itemtype=""><span><span itemprop="reviewAspect" class = "rate-title" title = "Gorgeorus">Gorgeorus</span></span><span id="countrate">17 </span> votes : <span rel="v:rating"> <span ><span itemprop="ratingValue" id="averagerate"> 4.24</span> / <span itemprop="bestRating">5</span> <span style="display:none" itemprop="worstRating">1</span></span> </span> </div> <script type="text/javascript" src="/themes_seo/novel/rs/plugins/raty/jquery.raty.min.js"></script><script>var readdddonly; 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