Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 189

Chapter 189: True Colours

After they cleared the dungeon, Li Xue and the other three bade farewell the the Quan Zhen Sect and returned to their guild headquarters to continue crafting.The four of them had really dedicated their life to crafting

""What about you Miss Snow? Do you want to stay and join our Quan Zhen Sect?" Fearless suddenly asked Yang Nuo.

Since they all knew that Fearless was a lecher, Boson would have already stopped him had this been any other girl. However this time, no one dared object his offer to Yang Nuo.

After they had all witnessed Yang Nuo's skill against Gasol, everyone was completely convinced of her skill.

Before Yang Nuo even had the chance to reply, Wang Yu loudly suddenly shouted: "She's not joining!"

Their relationship and interactions were already extremely awkward and forced. If she actually joined the Quan Zhen Sect then wouldn't Wang Yu be playing with fire every day? If Evil Rampage ever saw it that loudmouth would definitely end up spreading rumours to the four clans somehow.

"What's this have to do with you? Go take care of your wife first before you start caring about other women!" Fearless coldly scoffed.

The moment he finished speaking, he noticed the dark expressions on Wang Yu and Mu ZI Xian's faces and quickly ran to hide behind Crotch Lord.

Yang Nuo had always been playing alone since she started the game. The only time she had formed a party was the one with Mu Zi Xian. Although she didn't have any intention of joining a guild, when she heard Wang Yu's reply she quickly said: "The Quan Zhen Sect huh Interesting Since there's someone who doesn't want me to join then all the more I want to join!"

"Why are you just looking for trouble with me!" Wang Yu frowned.

"It's just a game anyway. If I don't have friends then there's a lot of content that I can't clear!"

"Fine! Then my wife will be joining as well! I'm sure no one has any objections right?" Wang Yu huffed.

"This..." The others briefly looked back and forth between Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian before finally relenting: "No objections..."

However, in their hearts, everyone was whining about the fall of their elite team.

Although Wang Yu was part of the reason they relented and accepted Mu Zi Xian, it wasn't the sole reason. Mu Zi Xian's true abilities were her knowledge and her ability to comb through and process seemingly useless information. If it wasn't for her, they definitely wouldn't have been able to even find the final boss of the dungeon. Such an ability could have been argued to be even greater than Wang Yu's battle prowess.

After adding both Mu Zi Xian and Yang Nuo into the guild, Spring Halo asked: "It's the last day of the event, should we go hunt the Nian Boss again?".

"Oh, that? Nah, just forget it If we try to fight with the entire city and all the large guilds for it, it'll be too much trouble." Fearless chuckled.

"Then where do we go now?"

"Just do whatever you want! I'm going to meet Sanguine Primrose in Han's Inn to drink a few cups!" Fearless beamed.

"How about you Iron Bull, do you want to go farm those muskets?" Spring Halo turned to Wang Yu and asked.

"Oh please, Old Spring. Why would anyone choose you over their bombshell of a wife?" Ming Du sarcastically remarked.

"Urk That's true..."

"Let's just go turn in our quests first. I'll find Boson to craft his equipment later so I'll message you if I'm free." Wang Yu laughed.

With that, Wang Yu and Mu Zi Xian bade farewell to the rest and returned to Twilight City.

"Little Sister Snow, do you want to come train with us?" Ming Du offered.

However, before Ming Du had even finished speaking, Yang Nuo had already begun chasing after Mu Zi Xian. "Sister Xian wait! I wanna go back too..."



After returning to Twilight City, Yang Nuo and Mu Zi Xian strolled around to shop for a bit before logging off.

"Shopping Women are so weird How could shopping be more fun than actually playing this game?" Wang Yu sent in the guild chat.

"Shopping to them is like rampaging for us!" Fearless replied.

"What are you doing now?"

"Accompanying a woman to shop!" Fearless replied.

"F**k me, are you for real? You're actually interested in her?" Wang Yu gasped.

Wang Yu had come into contact with the three of them a few times so he was somewhat familiar with their personalities. No matter how he looked at it, WangYu couldn't wrap his head around the idea that Fearless would actually be interested in Sanguine Primrose

"Nope! This is just a process! After we reach the inn, the real show will start!" Fearless cackled.

"... You're plotting something again aren't you..." Wang Yu gulped. There was never a good ending for anyone that crossed the members of the Quan Zhen Sect

After reaching the City Lord's Manor, Wang yu handed the title deed over to Count Wylie.

After the system notification appeared, a ray of golden light enveloped Wang Yu's body as he rose to level 21.

After levelling up to level 21, Wang Yu simply stood there and waited for Count Wylie to give him the reward for the quest.

"Hey, I've completed the quest so where's my reward?" Wang Yu impatiently asked.

"Haven't you already received the experience points?" Count Wylie innocently asked.

""F**k didn't you say that you'd give me a shop if I completed the quest?" Wang Yu had always assumed that Count Wylie was one of the rare few honest NPCs. What he didn't expect was that Count Wylie would show his true colours only after meeting two times

Then again this was not unexpected. For someone to reach such a high level in the government meant that he would have some shrewdness in him.

"Ohhhh the shop! You'll have to buy a title deed for that." Wylie shamelessly laughed.

"Didn't I just give you a title deed?"

"That's right, you'll have to buy this title deed from me. If it was anyone else then it'd be 10 000 gold! But for the hero of Twilight City, 5000 will be more than enough!" Wylie nodded.

"But I gave you that f**king title deed!"

"What are you saying child! This title deed is in my hand so how could it be yours?" Wylie laughed.

To add insult to injury, Wylie turned to one of the guards and asked: "Hey guard! Can you verify that this title deed was passed to me by our fero?"

How could a low grade AI like the city guards even understand Wylie's words? After hearing Wylie speak, they simply surrounded Wang Yu with their weapons drawn.

"You motherf Forget it! Do you have a cheaper one? I only have 2000 on me" Wang Yu gritted his teeth. Although he was unwilling, he was still to weak to deal with so many city guards at once.

"There is one outside the city gates. It'll only cost you 1000 gold!"