Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 190

Chapter 190: Evasion Skill

A small convenience shop

Wang Yu actually recognised the shop that Wylie was referring to. When he was helping Li Xue with her hidden class quest, he had passed by a small shop like that

Fortunately, this shop was situated rather close to the city gate. Since players were generally rather lazy, they would prefer to buy their necessities from a shop that was nearer to the city gate so they would waste less time. Who would want to waste their precious time running all the way to middle street anyway?

Thinking of this, Wang Yu happily handed the money over to Wylie and obtained a title deed to the shop.

After he left the City Lord's manor, Wang Yu didn't immediately go to the new shop he had bought. Instead, he paid a visit to a nearby inn and made his way towards Middle Street to turn in his quests.

As per usual, the Informant was ungraciously snoring away on a pile of trash. When Wang Yu popped open a jar of alcohol the Informant immediately shot up and smiled: "What's the matter boy?"

"I'm here to turn in my quests!" Wang Yu replied as he took out the Martial Artist's Dedication and a pile of materials.

After he saw the items in Wang Yu's hands, the Informant lightly chuckled: "No bad boy, not bad at all! I really didn't misjudge you! Hand me your weapon and ring!"

Having just been scammed by Count Wylie, Wang Yu was much more cautious than before and suspiciously asked: "If I hand them to you will you return them?"

"Of course! Do I look like that sort of person?" The Informant glared.

"Very much so actually..." Wang Yu mumbled.

"Hey! I'm a very moral and upright NPC! I'm nothing like those dirty scum that you've met before! Count Wylie is part of the government so of course he's a dirty motherf**ker!" The Informant confidently replied.

"..." Wang Yu really didn't know how to respond to the Informant's boasting so he simply handed the items over to him.

The Glory Of The Martial Artist was rather average so if the Informant decided to scam him then Wang Yu would still have been fine. The Martial Artist's Regret, on the other hand, was Wang Yu's bread and butter. If it was really stolen from him then Wang Yu would have suffered a great loss.

A few seconds later, a red and white light shone from the Informant's hands and the Martial Artist's Dedication disappeared.

"Take it boy!"

Physical Attack: 100-100

Magical Attack: 100-100

+ 15 Strength

+ 15 Dexterity


[Haste] (Passive): Attack speed is increased by 30%

[Spread] (Passive): 15% of physical damage dealt to the target will hit the monsters surrounding it, up to a maximum of 65% of the original attack.

[Battle Fury] (Passive): Every 5% of health lost grants one stack of Battle Fury. Each stack of Battle Fury increases attack by 1%.

Special ability:

[Swallow] (Passive): This equipment can merge with other equipments of the same time, to repair itself and advance its grade.

[Fluidity] (Passive): Based on the user's desires, this weapon can change its shape. Current forms: pole. Additional skills: [Hinder].

Level Requirement: 10

Job Requirement: Martial Artist

In <>, players could freely swap between their main weapon and secondary weapon during battle. To most players, having two different weapons was already more than enough. However, for Wang Yu, it was far from acceptable.

Wang Yu was a martial arts expert and was used to changing his weapon and fighting style depending on the opponent and terrain. Although his fists and the pole were very versatile, Wang Yu still felt that they were extremely limited.

With this new special effect, Wang Yu's Martial Artist's Regret could freely change from a fist weapon to a pole, thus giving him the leeway to use another weapon type as well!

"Hmph stinky kid..." The Informant chuckled to himself as he turned his attention to the Glory Of The Martial Artist and the pile of materials Wang Yu had handed him.

With a flash of a ray of blue and black light, The informant returned the Glory Of The Martial Artist to Wang Yu.

Physical Attack: 20-20

Magic Attack: 20-20

Physical Defence: 20-20

Magic Resistance: 20-20


[Ocean of Knowledge] (Passive): The user has a fixed chance to learn the skills of his opponent during battle.

[Virtuous Domination] (Passive): This item has 200 item slots. Items stored inside will not be dropped upon death and do not count towards the total weight of items carried.

Repair Progress: 1/10

Job requirement: Martial Artist

After being repaired, the attributes of the ring had doubled and even had two hundred item slots! Any other player who saw this would definitely have been overcome with greed.

All players started out with only twenty item slots. Everytime they levelled up, they would gain another two slots At the moment, Wang Yu only had sixty slots available!

Of course, players could always choose to store their items inside the bank for safekeeping. The only difference was that the bank only had one hundred slots and players had to constantly return to the bank should they need to retrieve any items.

Most importantly the items inside the ring wouldn't count towards the weight of everything Wang Yu was carrying! In this game, the more items a player had in his inventory, the slower he would move. Therefore, an item like this ring was a godsend for a Pugilist.

However, being the greenhorn that he was, Wang Yu didn't really understand how great an item his ring had become.

"This How does this even work?" Wang Yu asked the Informant.

"Who gives a f**k! As long as the system says so then it's fine!" The Informant impatiently replied.

'Alright then!' Wang Yu sighed as he took the ring and equipped it.

Wang Yu didn't have many items on him but most of them were very valuable. All of his uncommon materials and rare equipment ended up being shoved into the ring at one shot. When he came across the skill book for [Tumble], Wang Yu took a screenshot of it and sent it to the guild chat.

"I want it!" The moment Wang Yu sent the picture, the entire Quan Zhen Sect immediately began clamouring for it.

"This is actually worth money?" Wang Yu gasped in shock.

"Of course it is! It's an evasion skill!"

Wang Yu was a martial arts master so rolling and flipping were as natural as breathing so he naturally didn't really care about this skill. For the other players however, even with the system's assistance, they would have barely been able to roll away from any attack.

Thus, for ordinary players, a skill like [Tumble] was worth it even if they had to pay anarm and a leg.

"Well then whoever needs it the most can have it!" Since they were all so interested in the skill, Wang Yu wasn't worried that he couldn't sell it. What's more, since they were all friends, no one would try to rip[ Wang Yu off anyway!