Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 198

Chapter 198: The Real Culprit

The entire Twilight City had already descended into chaos while Wang Yu was still busy forging equipments.

The Sanguine Alliance and the Pure Lands guild were both one of the top ranked guilds in the entire country.

Even though it was only in the early stages of the game where each guild could only have a maximum of five hundred members, they still had their allied guilds, allowing their numbers to swell to several thousand.

It really was a spectacular sight to behold to see two guilds of several thousand players going toe to toe against each other.

The Pure Lands guild had originally intended to ambush the players from the Sanguine Alliance. But in their haste to attack, they were tricked by a player from the Sanguine Alliance.

The Sanguine Alliance quickly gathered their forces to counter ambush the Pure Lands guild at Dusk Lake.

Southern Yama had previously easily killed several members of the Sanguine Alliance in the Inn. This piece of news had made the players from the Pure Lands guild extremely complacent, looking down on the Sanguine Alliance that was even toyed with by a small guild in their own home turf.

It was only when they had actually engaged in battle that the Pure Lands guild knew that the Sanguine Alliance's rank as one of the top guilds in the country was no exaggeration.

There were many experts in the Pure Lands guild that were ranked on the leaderboards in their home district, such as Hollow Law, Southern Yama, Dust Free and so on. This was leagues ahead of the Sanguine Alliance who barely had anyone on the leaderboards.

It was only during their battle that the Pure Lands guild found themselves very evenly matched.

"What the f*ck, your information is extremely unreliable Yama!" Lone Blossom messaged Southern Yama. The longer they fought the Sanguine Alliance, the greater his unease.

"Didn't you say that the Sanguine Alliance was trash? But why are they so strong now? Could it be that you are just too strong?" Southern Yama asked.

"They really are trash! I managed to kill four of them even though I am just a Priest! Apparently, they got done in by an eight men guild twice!" Southern Yama explained.

"It's the Quan Zhen Sect after all... I met them when I was in Desolate City, those guys really are brutal. But do you really think that they can beat the Sanguine Alliance?"

"I'm not too sure..." Southern Yama honestly answered.

"Ai..." The situation continued to deteriorate as time went by. Lone Blossom grew increasingly depressed as he fought, starting to regret his decision to come even come to Twilight City.

It was an unspoken rule amongst players that they would not start any guild wars during the early stages of the game. It was very illogical that the Sanguine Alliance would voluntarily provoke them in the first place.

"Speaking of which, how did you get ambushed by the Sanguine Alliance?" Lone Blossom asked.

"I'm not too sure myself, but I think that the leader of one of the Sanguine Alliance's allied guild thought I was trying to poach their player, so she attacked me." Southern Yama scratched his head and replied.

"Oh? You were trying to poach their player?" Lone Blossom asked.

"I was just trying to to buy a piece of equipment from her. She had a Gold tier Priest armour so I personally came down to trade with her. Who would have thought that the Sanguine Alliance would be so unreasonable." Southern Yama sighed.

"Gold tier armour? But that's already one of the top tier armour in this stage of the game. How did an ordinary player like her even get her hands on it?" Lone Blossom asked.

"How would I know..."

"Can you contact her to ask about the origins of that armour?" Lone Blossom asked again.

"I can try!" Southern Yama said as he opened his friends list, sending a message to Sanguine Rose.

After chatting with her for a while, Southern Yama finally spoke:" She got it from fighting a Hell tier dungeon..."

"Hell tier dungeon? The only people with the capability of clearing that now are the players from the Quan Zhen Sect!" Lone Blossom mumbled.

"Mm, they're the only ones that have cleared it at this stage of the game."

"They've only cleared it a few hours ago, how did you even know that this lady had this piece of equipment?" Lone Blossom was determined to get to the bottom of this.

"Er... my friend told me about it." Southern Yama sheepishly replied.

"Your friend? What's his name? Which guild is he from?" Lone Blossom continued asking.

"Frost Blade! I think he's part of the Quan Zhen Sect!"

"Were there any other players present when you were making the trade with that girl?"

"Yes, the guild leader of the Quan Zhen Sect, Fearless. He was together with the leader of the Primrose Militia. They even attacked me when I was trying to run away!" Southern Yama recounted.

"What the f*ck!" Lone Blossom shouted.

How could he not be suspicious of the Quan Zhen Sect when their names were mentioned so many times throughout his investigation?

After hearing Southern Yama's recount of the incident and matching it with his own knowledge, Lone Blossom was almost completely certain that the Quan Zhen Sect was behind this whole fiasco. The only thing he did not know was their exact motive behind inciting a guild war between them.

Did they want to weaken both the Sanguine Alliance and the Pure Lands guild?

Such a ploy was not unheard of in the gaming world, but what could a small guild like the Quan Zhen Sect possibly achieve from a fight between them? Even if they were to weaken, it wasn't as if the Quan Zhen Sect could take them down right? There was definitely some other reason.

"No, I need to have a chat with Sanguine Warflag."

Lone Blossom immediately opened his friends list, sending a message to Sanguine Warflag.

"Warflag, are you an idiot? Do you really want to wipe us out?" Lone Blossom messaged.

"Bullshit, you guys came looking for trouble first!" Sanguine Warflag replied.

"What the f*ck do you know? We've definitely been tricked. Get your men to stop fighting."

"F*ck off, what will I do if my men stop fighting and your men continue? Are you trying to trick me?" Sanguine Warflag angrily replied.

"Do you not understand my character? Fine then, I'll get my men to stop first. Let's meet up and discuss this in person!" Lone Blossom replied as he ordered his men to stop fighting.

Seeing the other party's sincerity, Sanguine Warflag ordered his men to stop fighting as well.

Lone Blossom and Sanguine Warflag walked to the frontlines, instructing their men along the way: "Kill those fuckers if they try anything funny!"

"Speak, who set us up?" Sanguine Warflag asked when the two had finally met up.

"I suspect the Quan Zhen Sect is behind this!" Lone Blossom answered.