Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 207

Chapter 207: Ambushed


It was only through the sacrifice of countless experts that the Pure Lands guild had finally managed to corner the three players from the Quan Zhen Sect only to have them escape so easily...


Lone Blossom angrily kicked the door of the store.

But this was a private store owned by another player and according to the system's specification, this store was impenetrable.

The door of the shop opened slightly, just wide enough for Ming Du to stick his handout, curling his finger as though he was inviting Lone Blossom over as he taunted: "Bossom, why don't you come in."

Lone Blossom was so blinded with rage that he actually stepped forward, walking towards the door as he opened it even wider.

Suddenly, four large hands shot out from within the store, dragging Lone Blossom in as well.

"Oh my god! Quickly, save me!"

Lone Blossom panicked, shouting to his guild members as the hands that grabbed him started beating him repeatedly.

Under the swift blows from both Boson and Crotch Lord, Lone Blossom was reduced into a ray of white light even before his guild members even had the chance to react...

"Quan Zhen Sect, only one of us can exist in this world!!!" Lone Blossom angrily shouted from the respawn point.

The crowd of players from Twilight City shook their heads as they watched this scene.

Half of them shook their heads in pity for the Pure Lands guild, why did they have to offend the Quan Zhen Sect...

The other's shook their heads at the stupidity of the Quan Zhen Sect it seemed as though those bastards never learned their lesson...

"What do we do now? They have the store surrounded..." Mu Zi Xian asked.

"No problem, they'll probably leave soon and think of another strategy to deal with us. For those of you that are in the store, you should go to the nearest teleportation formation when it's safe. Everyone other than Iron Bull, meet me at the church." Fearless instructed.

"Then what should I do?" Wang Yu dejectedly asked.

"From the time being, shouldn't you be hunting down Lone Blossom? Not only did he order his men to shoot your wife, he even tried to touch her..."

"The f*ck! That son of a b*tch! Just wait till I get my hands on him!" Wang Yu roared.

"..." Everyone was speechless. Who would have thought that Fearless would be that ruthless to his enemies.

As Fearless had predicted, the players from the Pure Lands guild outside the store quickly left. Since they knew that there was no way that they could trespass on a piece of private property like the store, they had decided to disperse and hunt down the other players of the Quan Zhen Sect.

Fearless was in the respawn point within the church, surrounded by a team of twenty five elite players from the Pure Lands guild.

Within the next 10 minutes, the Pure Lands guild had once again surrounded all the teleportation formations and respawn points in the city.

This way, there was no way to leave the respawn points or leave the city. Lone Blossom thought that this would be the best way to corner the Quan Zhen Sect...

This was the first time that the Quan Zhen Sect had ever been forced into such a desperate situation by their enemies.

It was just wishful thinking if the Quan Zhen Sect tried to fight the Pure Lands guild head on. Thus Fearless made the decision to have the rest come and get him first, that way, they would be able to concentrate their fighting forces.

Other than the players at the city gates, the other players of the Pure Lands guild had formed fifty teams, scattering across the city to find the Quan Zhen Sect.

Even Lone Blossom himself was leading a team of elite players to patrol the streets.

The respawn point in the church was currently guarded by Amitabha and Hollow Law, along with their team of twenty men.

Knowing how strong Wang Yu was, Amitabha had handpicked twenty players for his team, each not the slightest bit weaker than he was.

Amitabha confidently thought that he would be able to easily kill any opponent that came his way, even if it was the entire Quan Zhen Sect.

Standing guard was an exceedingly boring task, causing the men to quickly grow bored of it. Amitabha and several other players were even sitting on the floor and chatting with one another. They thought that as long as Fearless wasn't an idiot, he wouldn't come blindly running out of the respawn point to his certain doom.

But Fearless suddenly slammed open the door of the church, pointing his middle finger at the players from the Pure Lands guild as he strutted out of the church.

"What the f*ck! That idiot's just asking for it!" Hollow Law shouted as he activated [Charge], accelerating towards Fearless.

Fearless gently smiled as he casted [Terrify] on him, quickly casting another green light on Hollow Law as his health started to steadily decline.

There were two Magicians in this team of Pure Lands guild players. One was called Dust Free while the other was called Impurity Free. They were both level 20 experts, even though they had not completed their job advancement quests.

The grudges that these two bore against the Quan Zhen Sect was even greater than Lone Blossoms. Without waiting for the signal to attack, they had already raised their staffs and readied several spells to kill Fearless.

"Ah! Ah!"

But before they even had the chance to attack, Dust Free was pierced through the throat by a dagger while Impurity Free was stabbed through the chest. Both immediately turning into rays of white lights.

"It's an ambush!"

The only reason Fearless had even stepped out of the church was to draw the attention of the players from the Pure Lands guild onto himself, diverting their attention from what was happening to their rear. Only after they had heard the scream did they turn around, only to see an Assassin killing their back line.

The Assassin was Frost Blade, not only were his equipments top notch, but his skills were great as well. Ever slash drew the life of a Magician or Archer. By the time the players from the Pure Lands guild had recovered from their shock, Frost Blade had already killed the last Archer and disappeared with [Stealth].

"Stand with your backs against each other! Someone is imitating me!"

"The f*ck? Who are you?"

Two similar voices shouted/

The players turned around... only to find two Amitabha's shouting at each other.

"Huh? Why are there two of the,?"

"He's imitating me! Just ignore me, everyone stand with your backs against each other! Watch out for that Assassin!" One of the Amitabha's shouted.

"Quickly kill him for me!" The other shouted.

The players from the Pure Lands guild stared with their mouths ajar as they started to stand with their backs against each other...

They were at a loss as to what to do next...

Suddenly, one of the Amitabha's leapt backwards, disappearing from their sight as the spell [Distortion] suddenly wrapped around the clump of Pure Lands players.


A large cloud of green gas spread out from amongst the players, causing their health bars to gradually decline...